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American Idol 6, February 27th – Trying to Sing Crappy-less

Paula disagrees, saying if you pick a song that you can feel in your heart and sing, you don’t have to oversing it. Brandon has a beautiful voice and no on can tell him how it feels to dedicate something to a woman that inspired him. Randy again says he liked the dedication to “Grams,” prompting Simon to ask if they can take it back to a singing show. He loves grandmas, just making a point, and backing up to what Brandon said about feeling it in his heart, and all that “rubbish,” because it’s a singing competition. Paula says it’s not rubbish, and Simon counters, saying you have to come out when you’re as talented as Brandon is, and like four or five girls last week, make an impact and show why you are a great singer. Brandon interrupts, talking again about the dedication, and Simon says he keeps saying that, but he wants to hear it, as he knows he’s a good singer.

Ryan mentions to Brandon that he’s guessing it is extremely difficult to be thinking of what the dedication means to him while singing. Brandon says he walked out with his ears covered, so he wouldn’t break up hearing the taped piece about his grandma. Brandon adds in a quick happy birthday to his dad and says he felt great, like he put his heart out there and he hopes America liked it. Simon points out it’s his mum’s birthday in November so wants to wish her a happy birthday in six months. He also likes puppies. I think he’s getting a little testy with all the emotions, as he seems to see talent and that’s it. I’m not sure if Brandon will be here next week. His status is up in the air.

Chris Richardson is also making a dedication to his grandma, or as he calls her, his Big Mama. To have someone like her in his life is awesome. She is spunky and energetic, and lives like she’s 20. She doesn’t get a chance to see him perform, but when she does, she’s opinionated. Chris will ask, and she’ll tell him straight up, making it what he admires so much about her. She won’t beat around the bush. He knows she’s watching at home and probably won’t get a chance to come out and see him on American Idol, but he knows she’ll be supporting him 100%. Tonight he sings Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz, and while it’s not my type of thing, I think he has mad talent to pull this one off. Certainly not everyone could do it, and probably only himself and Blake of the ten guys tonight could.

Randy pronounces Chris in it to win it tonight, and says for him, it was even hotter than the original. He’s loving him tonight. Paula loved it too, and wonders if Chris’ grandma even knows what Geek in the Pink is. Chris says he knows she wanted a country song, but she loves dancing and needed something upbeat. Paula puts something that is pink on Simon and says it must have been dedicated to him. He says when they first met him they thought he was someone to watch, and for him tonight he was the best, by a mile. Ryan asks what Chris thinks Big Mama is thinking right now, and Simon puts on a Southern accent, and says, “What the hell’s that song?” Chris wraps it up here doing a great person of an elderly woman dancing. He’s definitely safe. What Chris got, that Brandon didn’t, is you can dedicate the song, but not have to have music and lyrics mean everything. Sometimes just doing a fantastic job is enough.

Sundance Head needs to really pull something out here, because while he survived last week, it was still, “Danger, Will Robinson. Danger! Danger!” He’s dedicating tonight’s song to his son, Levi, and he says when he first auditioned, his wife was pregnant, although now Levi is 2-1/2 months old. He didn’t think he’d get this far in the competition. When Levi was born, it changed his life and everything turned his life upside down. Yep. It changes every perspective you have. Being away from his son is extremely hard, and his wife told him Levi is starting to smile now. Sundance wells up with tears and says that’s the kind of stuff he misses, but he wants him to have a good shot in life, and maybe one day they’ll sit back and watch the show together and laugh.

Knocking it out of the park, Sundance sings Mustang Sally, and damn, this is what we’ve been waiting for from him. Was it the absolute best, no. But he’s on the right track, and he put everything he had into it, showing the power and rich vocals we knew he had in him. He’s proving to all his detractors from last week, just why he’s part of final 24, as Paula gives him a standing ovation. Randy gives Sundance several wows, and says that’s what a difference a week makes. He welcomes him back, and says he has to show people what he has, which is that bluesy soulful thang, and he dropped the bomb on everyone tonight. Randy calls it hot, and Sundance says he wants to thank America for keeping him around for another week. Randy says that’s the guy they fell in love with, and the reason he’s there.

Paula says he has to bring it like that every week, as no week is safe. As for his range, they didn’t now he had a range like that. She sees it as the best vocal they have heard from him. Simon’s glad to have Sundance back as well, saying he really, really likes him. Yet, he doesn’t want to get too carried away, as a song like that is very popular and has everyone on their feet, but he thinks Sundance can do even better. Sundance tells Ryan it felt great, and he needed that this week, as he’s been in some type of box since the LA auditions. Ryan admires the dedication to Levi, and shows him how he looks now, showing the baby picture we saw before, but with Chris’ goatee added to it. Yep. He’s Safe.

In danger on Thursday night will be Brandon, Jared, possibly AJ or Nick. The others are definitely safe. Let’s see how the girls answer this one tomorrow. Also of note, the reason Jeff Foxworthy was shown repeatedly is because he’s the host of a new show premiering after American Idol, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? My daughter is taking great offense to this.

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