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American Idol 6, February 27th – Trying to Sing Crappy-less

Let’s just say the guys on American Idol couldn’t do much worse, as a whole, than they did last week. They have nowhere to go but up. And the girls really showed them up, so they’ve got a whole lot of work ahead of them tonight, a lot of proving to do. And if that’s not enough pressure for them, Ryan Seacrest opens the show with a huge congratulations to season three’s Jennifer Hudson, who although she was eliminated in seventh place, has just won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Effie White in Dreamgirls. Update on Jennifer And each of these guys knows there was a young woman by the name of Lakisha Jones who could sing them all under the table, in the same way Jennifer could, on the show last week. They should be afraid, very afraid.

I can’t figure out why comedian Jeff Foxworthy is in the audience, but they keep showing him, so I suppose there’s some significance. Ryan asks Randy Jackson what he’s expecting of the night, and he says he knows the guys are going to be a lot better than they were last week. Paula Abdul advises them to just have fun and own the songs they’re singing, saying they are now all celebrities. Ryan says, “Speaking of celebrities,” and mentions Simon Cowell, saying he is worldwide, and “huge.” Simon is asked for one final thought on the upcoming evening, but just decided to leave it with Ryan’s thought that he’s worldwide and huge.

Tonight, each contestant is asked to make a dedication with their song to someone special. Phil Stacy is dedicating his song to Navy Band Southeast, his command back home. He joined the military after 9/11 to show his support for the efforts of the country. To join the military as a singer gave him an opportunity to give what he has to offer to a good cause. His command has been extremely encouraging to him throughout this whole process, and he says they are all amazing people, serving our country and dedicating their lives to making this country a safe place. Wow. I think even if he sings terribly after this, we’ll still like him.

What Phil does sing is Missing You by John Waite, and I think he definitely has the right voice for it, although when he has to hit both the lower and higher registries, it doesn’t work too well. Hearing this song takes me back. I can feel my straight hair perming up just thinking about it, and I have a strange desire to go find my husband’s old Members Only jacket. Randy thought last week Phil had the best vocals, and he’s happy to say that tonight he started it off right. He says Phil can “put it on blast,” and says he was showing his power. Paula says every week she is hearing how great the tone of Phil’s voice is, and she can hear him on the radio.

Simon is not jumping out of his chair, figuratively or literally, yet he thinks Phil is very popular and the film piece were terrific. Phil is a very nice guy, yet he has a completely unoriginal voice, and he’s still not hearing anything unique, just a very, very good karaoke singer. Yet, Simon liked the bit towards the end of the song. Randy argues it wasn’t karaoke, and as Ryan asks what abilities are going to help Phil right now, Simon explains he’s not going anywhere anyway, and will be back next week. I’d agree to that. Ryan also notes that Phil got a “hot” and a “3 yeah” from Randy.

Coming back from a commercial, Sundance Head is asked by Ryan what people were talking about to him this week. He says they pretty much said to him not to be so crappy, and he’s going to give it a try. This makes Ryan ask if it means he’s going to try to sing “crappyless,” and Sundance replies with a “yes, sir.” AJ says people were giving him mixed emotions, but maybe he means mixed reactions, and he says it’s so unpredictable. He does feel the judges were fair, though, and sees this as his chance to redeem himself.

Asked what he’s trying to accomplish, Jared Cotter says Simon had told him to be more adventurous, so he’s doing Marvin Gaye, and he’s even channeling him some with the suit he’s wearing. He’s dedicating tonight’s performance to his mom and dad, his mother because she’s the whole reason he’s here. She woke him up the day of the first audition, as he had no idea about it. She made him get his butt up out of bed and go. His father is the reason he does music, as he’d put on Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathway records, telling him to listen. It cultivated that talent in him, and it’s the most amazing feeling to have that type of support behind him.

Jared sings Let’s Get It On, and he’s kind hot hot tonight with this. He has the right tone for this song and falls onto his knees after the bridge, and really pours it on. He’s definitely trying to win it this week, that’s for sure. He does an odd thing at the end running his hand down his face, and it appears way too staged. Randy says he doesn’t know if he took chances, but kind of liked it. However, it was pitchy in spots and started rough, but he liked the whole face move. Randy might have to borrow it, as it was a little steamy. He asks Paula if she likes it, and she says she does when Jared does it. Randy suggests he and Simon do the move together and is accused by Simon of actually being funny … for once.


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