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The Amazing Race 11, February 25th – Mary Gets a Clue

Kevin tells Drew to not let anyone else pass, as they are operating under the idea they are still under a 40 kph speed limit, despite the fact it is now 50. David and Mary pass them, as do Charla and Mary. But when Charla and Mirna then try to pass Kentucky, Mary gets quite upset, saying she couldn’t believe the people she thought were her friends were trying to pass them. Kentucky decides to turn right, because Mary says, “It has the most words.” C’mon, Mary, you figured out the Roadblock so quickly, keep your head in the game. Mirna and Charla follow them, as do Teri and Ian. Dustin and Kandice stop and ask a park ranger and turn around the other way. Teri and Ian see this, and figure they are now in the right, so follow them.

The beauty queens arrive on the mat, arriving in 6th place … again … while Teri and Ian arrive in 7th place, and say it was a rough leg. Drew turns around, and Mirna pleads with a taxi to allow her to follow him. Kevin and Drew cut them off, driving in front, prompting Mirna to scream at Drew, telling him he’s driving like a girl. Now is this really helpful to the rest of us females? They all end up around the mats at close to the same time, and Charla and Mirna arrive in 8th place, followed by David and Mary in 9th. Phil asks Mary if she’s alright, and she says she is very dissatisfied. He asks why, and she chooses to keep it to herself. She tells the camera later that for two races all she’s done was help people, and after what went on today, it’s the last time she’ll help anybody. Perhaps that ton of bricks finally fell on her. I think she finally got it.

Kevin and Drew appear on the mat, and as Phil is telling them they are the last team to arrive, Drew starts to leave. Kevin asks him to be a good sport. Phil informs them they have been eliminated and Drew leaves again, saying he needs to put his hat on. Kevin realizes Drew has been doing all the driving and has had more pressure on him. Drew says he can’t breathe, his back hurts, and his feet hurt form the driving, and now his voice is going as well. He didn’t quit, though, and tried his hardest. Kevin stepped up and held them keep it together, and while it was such a great opportunity, it’s still bittersweet.

So, yeah, they probably shouldn’t have come on the race with Drew’s health the way it was. Don’t they have doctors giving them physicals to be sure they can withstand this fast-paced travel and drama? Rob and Amber are probably even more hated and loved, after going from first to last to first, and Kentucky seems to have finally gotten a clue. This is what people have been saying about them since the beginning, that they’re nice people, but that’s not what the race is about. It will be interesting to see what happens with them now, having decided not to help anyone anymore. It might be in Mary’s nature, though, and she might not be able to help herself.

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