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The Amazing Race 11, February 25th – Mary Gets a Clue

All the teams end up on the same flight to Calama, Chile, and as they all take off, it’s a mad dash with everyone passing each other. Charla knows this is going to be a wonderful day. Uh-oh. More ominous tone. Arriving at the copper mine, they don safety gear before they learn that directly ahead of them is a Detour – By Hand or By Machine. In By Hand, teams much choose one of the two-ton tires and properly align the bolts and washers to finish securing the tire. I never paid attention to this in driver’s ed, so I’d have a hard time. In By Machine, each member must take turns driving one of the huge front-loaders to transfer gravel to cover the line on the stick.

Rob was in construction for ten years, so he knows he can drive a front-loader. It’s an easy choice for them, and Rob thinks it’s kind of cool to see Amber behind the wheel. Dustin and Kandice figure screwing on bolts and nuts can’t be that hard, so they try By Hand. Kevin can’t drive a stick shift, so they decide to do By Hand. Oswald and Danny decide to do it by hand, as do David and Mary and Mirna and Charla. Charla can’t reach and needs a stepstool, providing an argument with Mirna who can’t see the reasoning behind wasting the time to find one. Dustin and Kandice think it’s just the cousins’ style to be abrasive with so much stress and drama. Uchenna and Joyce decide to do By Hand, as do Teri and Ian. Team Guido decide on By Machine.

Rob and Amber are done first, and receive a clue telling them to drive a marked vehicle through he landscape of the Valley of he Moon, where they can’t drive any faster than 40 kph, Once out of the Valley of the Moon, they can drive 50 kph again, and will search for Valley of the Dead, their next pit stop. As everyone else is still working, David is working on the huge tires and flies backward when trying to torque down a bolt. Oswald and Danny finish, as do Uchenna/Joyce and Eric/Danielle. Danny knows his manicurist would be angry if he saw what he was just doing.

Team Guido think they are done, but aren’t, as they have to do scoops. They argue about it, and Drew is off to the side taking some medicine, making Kevin upset that he stopped. David and Mary finish, but are told it’s not right with just about all the bolts being wrong. Team Guido finishes, and Charla falls off her stool while trying so hard to tighten down a bolt. Kevin/Drew and Teri/Ian finish, although Teri and Ian can’t figure out which way they are supposed to leave. Charla/Mirna and Dustin/Kandice finish, with Mary urging David to hurry up. It seems they were in that same spot often on their last race.

Because of the way he divided and conquered the task, Danny feels he must have been a man in his previous life. David and Mary finally finish. Mirna and Charla give a taxi driver all their money to follow him, prompting Mirna to get incensed when the beauty queens think they can just follow them. Mirna pulls over, prompting the taxi driver and beauty queens to do so as well. She tells Dustin and Kandice either they can split the fee for the taxi driver, or she and Charla will just hang out and wait for Dustin and Kandice to leave. Charla gets upset telling them to hurry up and decide what to do, and Dustin tells her to chill out. The beauty queens then ask if the taxi driver will draw them a map, but Mirna refuses to allow it.

Kandice and Dustin leave eventually, once the other teams get closer, but it seems the taxi driver now wants more money from the cousins. As Teri/Ian and previously last place David/Mary pass them, Mirna throws her backpack at the taxi driver, yelling, “Muchos gracias, Amigo,” and bows, urging him to take whatever they have. They eventually get going again, but it appears they lose the taxi at some point, and they’re so angry that the beauty queens were just trying to use them, with Charla saying beauty is only skin deep, but to have morals, it isn’t easy to make it up. It’s a race, and there was nothing wrong with them following you. Had you just kept going, you’d still have a lead on them, along with all those other teams.

Oswald cries from the back seat, telling Danny, the landscape is so beautiful, and says, “Oh my God, I feel like such a bitch!” Uchenna and Joyce listen in as Eric and Danielle arrive at a gate and get directions about where to turn and about driving 40 kph. Rob and Amber have already made it through, and appear on the mat in first place. Phil tells them they have each won offroad motorcycles to enjoy after the race. They have truly gone in this one leg from first to last to first again.

Oswald and Danny arrive as team #2, as Kevin and Drew get directions at the gate. Dustin and Kandice don’t like waiting, so they go around them. Uchenna and Joyce reach a fork in the road, and aren’t sure which way to go, and turn right, while the others go left, as they had all been told to go left. Team Guido arrives, becoming team #3, Eric/Danielle team #4, and Uchenna/Joyce correct themselves to take #5. Kandice and Dustin make the same mistake of going to the right that Uchenna and Joyce had originally made, and that’s why they should have listened at the gate instead of passing.


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