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The Amazing Race 11, February 25th – Mary Gets a Clue

While Rob and Amber wait for their connecting flight, Oswald and Danny arrive to take the same flight, only for both teams to find out that flight has been delayed. The other teams are all boarding their flight, and Drew is irritated that David and Mary have stowed their backpacks in first class, so he pulls them out and dumps them on the floor. David sees it and complains while the others on the flight laugh. Drew informs David he needs to put his stuff where his seat is, with David finding a place for his bags, then saying, “He started it. So it’s on.” He’s kind of mild-mannered, so I wonder what he’ll do now that he’s upset.

Their flight lands, and they board the next flight that will have them landing at 2:30, Romber and Danny and Oswald decide they need to get on that flight, and while Rob pleads, “Por favor,” they are denied a seat on that flight, having to take a later one, putting them now fifteen minutes behind the other teams. Rob says, “Miserable game, this race,” as he laments going from first to last place.

The others arrive in Santiago, and Uchenna and Joyce are the first to reach the Codelco building, and they find a Roadblock. One member from each team will need to go to the building’s ground floor and search the boardroom for letters that are on display on those attending the meeting. They will then need to unscramble the letters and figure out that it spells out one of the ten destinations that are inscribed on the plaques on the wall. Showing it to the security guard, they’ll get their next cue.

Joyce decides she’ll do this Roadblock, as she’s a very detailed person. Eric and Danielle arrive, and it will be Eric doing it, and with Dustin and Kandice arriving as well, it’s Dustin doing it. She seems to be just copying what Joyce is doing, though. Team Guide arrives, and when Bill goes in to search the boardroom, the first thing he notices is there are letters on everything. He excitedly mentions it was him that put the initials on all their clothes! I suppose he’s trying to say that’s why he’s the more detailed one.

Kevin and Drew arrive at the Roadblock, and Kevin decides to do this task. Can I ask why this makes sense? Drew isn’t very healthy, and is having a hard time with physical activities. Since the members of each team need to complete a certain number of Roadblocks, why not have Drew do the less physical challenges? Joyce attempts a guess, but is wrong and starts over. Dustin notices the pictures on the wall, and starts putting it together. She matches the letter to the only plaque on the wall that it could be, and asks if she’s right. She is. Her clue tells her and Kandice to fly to Chuquicamata, a copper mine, and find the next clue.

Dustin hopes no one saw her looking at the picture, but Eric did, and thinks he now knows what the answer is, but is denied. Romber and Oswald and Danny’s flight arrives, and Bill gets the idea to go to the only picture on the wall with a Q, and after he eliminates the extra letters, he finds he’s right, while Joyce attempts again, and finds herself wrong … again. Teri and Ian arrive, and Ian decides to search the boardroom, with Teri figuring that’s the right decision, since he’s an ex-cop. Mirna/Charla and David/Mary arrive, with Mary and Charla deciding to do the search. The first thing Mary did was write down the names on all the pictures on the wall. I think she can be deceptively clever.

Romber arrives, as do Oswald and Danny, with Oswald and Amber doing the searching. Mary and Charla compare notes and look for the picture on the wall with a Q. Mary is right, and as Kevin says good job, David thinks he was eavesdropping. If he was, he did a poor job of it, as he was wrong on his next guess. However, on his way back in the room, he tells Charla that Mary was right with her answer, and she quickly goes out with the same guess. Kevin then figures it out, and as Amber is helping Oswald, they make it look like they’re going to compare notes with Eric, but leave him in the dust once they figure it out. Eric finally figures it out, and Uchenna is going nuts. Eventually Joyce gets it, as does Ian, with Joyce making excuses, saying usually she’s good with attention to details.

All ten of the teams eventually file into the airport they left just a short while ago, to book the flight out of Santiago. Eric comes from the back of the line to the front of the counter, ticking off Rob. He says he’s mainly just trying to stir the pot in confronting him about it, but Amber tells him not to get so upset. He tells her he’s just setting the tone. Later, Rob says what upset him most about the whole ordeal was Amber not having his back. He urges her to realize there is a method to his madness. There always is.


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