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The Amazing Race 11, February 25th – Mary Gets a Clue

The buzz surrounding The Amazing Race: All Stars after just its first episode, revolved around a few things. The first was Rob and Amber, as this Race seems to have made the feelings of them even stronger, if you don’t like them, you hate them now, and if you like them, you love them now. And Rob appears to be enjoying every minute of it. While there’s still a few of us Team Kentucky supporters out there, the overriding belief seems to be while they’re great people, maybe they don’t deserve the distinction of “All Star.” Some have also been saying that Kevin and Drew shouldn’t have ever come on the Race, as it’s apparent Drew isn’t healthy, and to make matters worse, he took a bad fall last leg, hurting his back. Being that this is not only All Stars, but also The Amazing Race, anything can happen.

Starting off tonight’s Race, Phil informs us that at this first pit stop in Quito, Ecuador, Drew required medical attention for symptoms of altitude sickness. He received oxygen four separate times. This isn’t good. He’s already not feeling well, then hurt his back, and now he’s having to get oxygen? Should he really be cleared to continue?

Drew continues to get a bit more rest as Rob and Amber are the first ones to leave at 7:42 AM.Rob says half the teams don’t know what they’re in for facing him. He doesn’t want them to be afraid so much as preoccupied. He wants to distract them from what they’re doing. Romber receives a clue telling them to fly to Santiago, Chile, then travel by taxi to the corporate headquarters of Codelco, the largest copper mining company in the world. Mining? This might be good for Team Kentucky.

Oswald and Danny leave at 7:53, with Oswald says they’ve proven so far that they’re there to compete. Driving away, Danny jokes that maybe they should pull over and wait for the others teams. Oswald doesn’t think so, saying he likes them, but not that much. As Ian and Teri leave at 8:17 A.M, he says that they plan to race this time like they did the first time, with their motto of “stop, look, and listen.” Leaving 7 minutes later, Eric tells Danielle not to break her ankles and play Humpty when she runs down the hill. She’s confused to as to what that means, and he says, “Dumpty Dumb Ass.” This one’s a charmer, Girls! I’m thinking he should be warning Drew instead. He continues, saying they met on the Race, so he can see how people in a relationship in the Race face added pressure, but so far they haven’t had any problems.

Team Guido leave at 8:25, with Bill asking who says that gay men can’t drive, as they plow along the countryside in their car with Joe driving. They decide this is “gay four-wheeling.” Dustin and Kandice leave at 8:34, with Kandice saying they weren’t thrilled when Phil told them they were in sixth place after the first leg of the Race. This time they need to be sure to take all the right turns. Well, that sounds ominous. Uchenna and Joyce leave one minute later, and she says when they did their first race, they learned a lot of lessons together, while Uchenna says he can’t have any misses, as he can’t have Mrs. Right without being Mr. Right. He has to pull his own weight, and trusts she will too. What is that supposed to mean?

Charla and Mirna leave at 8:50 A.M., and David and Mary leave one minute later. They seem to be starting a mutual admiration society, as Mary says she thought she wouldn’t like them, but from the time she met them, she liked them. Charla and Mirna wait for them, and they drive together. When Mirna gets their car stuck, David gets out and tows them out. Mirna says they owe them. This is the part where we all smack Kentucky in the head for getting in another alliance because the people are nice.

Kevin and Drew leave nearly an hour later, at 9:44, and it’s Drew doing the Humpty Dumpty impression Eric was looking for, as he falls. Kevin says he knows Drew is trying his hardest with his ailments, but it’s frustrating for Kevin. Drew gets their car stuck, and there’s no other teams to help pull them out. Instead Kevin harnesses himself to the car, and he pulls them out. He’s nearly run over then, as Drew starts driving again, not realizing Kevin is still strapped in, and he’s pulling him.

Rob and Amber arrive at the Quito International Airport, and arrange for tickets that have them landing in Santiago at 1:50 AM, and they are assured it’s the quickest. Oswald and Danny get the same results, landing at 1:50, but take different initial connecting flights. Eric and Danielle arrive at the airport and arrange for a flight that has them landing in Santiago at 2:30, as do all subsequent teams. Teri and Ian wonder where Rob/Amber and Danny/Oswald are, but figure they must be hanging out around there somewhere, unless they know something everyone else doesn’t. Bill asks if he can shower in Santiago, and Joe tells him he needs one. There are no showers in Quito? Mirna asks the ticketing agents about her “amigo” Rob, and is told they will arrive in Santiago at 1:50.


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