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The Amazing Race 11, February 18th – Peru Is Nice

Oswald and Danny arrive and decide to Wrangle It. Oswald says he always wanted a career in beauty, so he figures if he can cut the nails of a horse, he can sure cut someone’s hair and give them a manicure. I’m thinking with the horse, though, you don’t have to worry about him getting mad at you if if doesn’t look good. Romber finishes and receive a clue telling them to head to the pit stop, Mirador Cotopaxi. The last team to arrive will be eliminated. Oswald and Danny finish quickly. Maybe he does have a career for him in beauty.

Teri and Ian think they are the first team to arrive, and say that would be a miracle, after asking God if he is listening. Rob and Amber arrive on the mat, and eying Rob, Phil says, “Rob, you can smile, Man.” Telling them they are team number one, Amber says, “Shut up!” The good news for them is they are receiving a Travelocity trip for two to Canada, with skiing, gourmet dining, and spa treatments. It’s here they show a gnome getting a massage. Was that really necessarily. They tell Phil when he said go, it was on.

Arriving, Teri and Ian decide to wrangle it. Eric and Danielle are happy that they seem to have caught up to the 7:15 teams, as Eric says he’s competitive and doesn’t like losing. Like he said earlier, it’s going to be a lot different doing this as a romantic couple rather than with his buddy. Oswald and Danny arrive on the mat in second place, and Mirna and Charla are driving back to the north end. Drew says, “Peru is nice,” and Kevin answers that he’s sure it’s nice in Peru, but they’re in Ecuador. Kind of bad to only be on the first leg, and already forgetting what country he’s in.

Mary says on the first leg, she doesn’t want to be out, and tells David if he didn’t have her holding his hands, he couldn’t do anything. John Vito and Jill ask for directions again, and realize the guy they followed took them the wrong way. Mirna asks Charla sweetly if she thinks they’ll be driving like this all night. There seems to be a concerted effort on Mirna’s part to not seem as harsh this time around. Seems like she’s been reading message boards and forums.

Teri and Ian finish wrangling, and run onto the mat, taking third place. Kentucky is driving behind Kevin and Drew, but passes them, with Mary saying to David, “This is fun for you, ain’t it?” Someone beeps at Jill driving, and she’s not looking too happy. They finally reach Cotopaxi, but it’s the south entrance. They’re told they can reach the park from there and carry on, as Mirna and Charla did. As Eric and Danielle are trimming a horse, Danielle notes she’s “touching poop right now.” Team Guido trims the nails on a horse, noting the nails are longer than Guido the dog’s.

Mirna and Charla aren’t even sure they know where they’re going anymore. Eric and Danielle finish in fourth place, as Charla complains she doesn’t see anything but rocks. Team Guido runs in for fifth place. Charla notes there’s a team behind them, so they know they aren’t totally out of it yet. It ends up being Kentucky behind them. Charla thinks they can take Kentucky in a foot race, and Mirna says, “Yeah, right.” Kevin and Drew get more bad luck with a flat tire, and Drew decides not to change it, thinking the loss of time driving on a flat is a wash with the loss of time fixing a flat.

The beauty queens finish wrangling their horse, and run in to take sixth place, as Uchenna and Joyce take seventh. David and Mary decide to Wrangle It, as do Mirna and Charla. Mary says she can cut hair, and that’s about all she can do. Both of the teams finish, and run to the pit stop. Jill still has her eye on the prize, and keeps on driving. Pulling in to the Detour, Kevin thinks it might be something on horseback, making it be right up Drew’s alley. Mirna and Charla do indeed take Kentucky in a foot race, as they arrive on the mat in eighth place, and David and Mary in ninth. Kentucky talks about being big fans of all the others teams, and now they get to meet them. It especially tickles their fancy that some of the other teams might even like them. Mirna gives it up right back at them, implying it’s mutual.

Kevin and Drew run in, taking tenth place, and that leaves John Vito and Jill. They wrangle it, but they may as well spend the rest of the day searching for a button in a field. As soon as Phil said “Go,” they ran out and felt like a team. It felt right, and felt great. However, they arrive on the mat, and Phil now tells them, “Sorry,” as they have been Philiminated. They talk about how they can’t believe they’re out, as they wanted it so badly. Their relationship is also mentioned, as it’s the race that brought them back together again, and Jill seems more than hopeful that they’ll be more than just friends again.

This looks like it will be a wild one, as it always is with All-Star shows. Romber seems out for blood, and Joyce and Uchenna seem to be out for a Sunday drive. It was surprising to see John Vito and Jill out first, but that’s what happens in this Race, as one wrong move can end your season. Relying on others for directions is always an iffy situation. David and Mary screwed up, but somewhat redeemed themselves as they prevented their rivals from getting too far ahead of them. Kentucky doesn’t do well at playing catchup, though, so they probably shouldn’t make too many more mistakes. I don’t see Kevin and Drew lasting real long, as Drew could be the only person more accident prone than Boo on Survivor.

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