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The Amazing Race 11, February 18th – Peru Is Nice

The American flight, carrying John Vito/Jill, Romber, Oswald/Danny, Mirna/Charla, and Teri/Ian arrives in Quito, and they need to travel by taxi to Plaza de San Francisco. Oswald and Danny are in the lead, and Mirna breaks out the Spanish again, with a “Mas rapido. Step on it.” She had extensive language skills before, no matter what country they are in, but all she knows today is “rapido?” Oswald says he has clammy hands and his face feels like it’s going through menopause. Interesting.

John Vito and Jill pass Mirna and Charla, yet Romber are the first to the Plaza. Their clue tells them to find Pim’s Restaurant, and to pull a number which whill give them one fo three departure times for the next morning, either 7:00, 7:15, or 7:30. Oswald and Danny arrive second, John Vito and Jill third, and Mirna and Charla fourth. They’re excited to go to a restaurant, as they’ll be eating. Teri and Ian arrive in fifth place. Lucky for them, there’s another flight coming carrying more teams.

Romber credits their driver with getting them to Pim’s first, and get a 7:00 departure. Amber says if you ask them who they want to race again, there really isn’t anybody, but she thinks they are the one team that everyone else wants to beat. Gag me. As John Vito/Jill, Mirna/Charla, and Oswald/Danny get 7:00 AM departures, and Teri and Ian get 7:15, Mirna admits Romber is the team to beat, as they’re fierce competitors. John Vito and Jill say they have had enough of Romber, and thinks America has also.

The Copa flight arrives, and Dustin and Kandice are the first to get to the Plaza. Team Guido suggests that the people that raced in the last Race aren’t even tired yet, and refer to themselves as Grannies. Kevin and Drew get there last, but note they’ve gone from worst to first before. The American flight people are eating dinner together, and Rob said the fact that the others teams aren’t there yet is making his heart bleed. I think it’s bleeding green, as in money. Amber gives the other teams hugs when they arrive at Pim’s, but it will take Kevin and Drew a little longer, as Drew trips and falls at the clue box. I have to say this one wasn’t nearly as much fun as watching Kim run in to the clue box and fall last season.

Kevin tells Drew to get up, and after he drags himself to the taxi, he says he thinks he dislocated his shoulder or something. Dustin/Kandice, Team Guido, and Uchenna and Joyce all get 7:15 flights, the others all get 7:30. Mary calls taking the first flight a big mistake, as it could cost them the whole game. Kevin and Drew are in the taxi with Drew still bemoaning his shoulder, although he thinks it might be feeling better, and they nearly miss their stop. Seeing another team, they demand the taxi stop, and they of course get the last 7:30 departure.

The next morning, the teams are provided with a map, and are to retrieve cars from a nearby garage, and drive to Hacienda Yanahurco, an ecological reserve in the Cotopaxi National Park. They are advised to enter through the north entrance, and this is our tipoff that this is going to come in very important. Oswald and Danny are out of the garage first, and Mirna is having problems, saying she doesn’t drive stick shift too well, as she makes the sign of the cross. Teri and Ian talk about having really tough competition, and think the others don’t see them that way because they’re “all old-looking.” John Vito and Jill ask for directions and follow a taxi, as do Oswald and Danny.

As David and Mary are heading to a car, David slides in and grabs the key while Drew is trying to get it. Once Drew and Kevin get a different car, Drew is pissed, and they decide to block Kentucky a little so they can’t get out, but nothing comes of it. Mirna and Charla pick up a local to act as their guide, and Charla says that’s one of the things they are good at, interacting with the locals. They aren’t afraid of them, and actually enjoy it. She means she and her cousin aren’t afraid of the locals. The locals could be afraid of them; I’m not sure.

As John Vito and Jill are following someone, Rob and Amber arrive at Cotopaxi, the north entrance, and Rob remarks that it looks like they’re doing a little offroading. They don’t see anyone else, and think they’re in first place. John Vito and Jill are told it’s still going to be another hour for them to get there, and they left at the same time, so something’s not right, as Oswald and Danny arrive at the north entrance. Mirna and Charla’s local takes them to the south entrance, and rather than go all the way back, Charla says they’ll just continue on from there, and she’ll figure something out. It seems those with guides aren’t doing so well. I think they forgot to tell the guides and people giving the directions they needed to go to the north entrance.

Teri and Ian think they’re halfway there, and Team Guido says it’s so nice being in a car, and being able to concentrate on what they’re doing. Romber is the first team to the clue box, and find a Detour – Wrangle It or Recover It. In Wrangle It, the teams will help local cowboys to lasso, tie down, and groom a wild horse. The hooves are so long, they can’t walk properly, so the teams will trim the hooves, mane, and tail while they’re there. In Recover It, one member of each team will put on a historical uniform and the two will search the field for three items missing from the uniform – epaulet, sword, and button.

Romber decide to do Recover It, and Rob puts on the uniform and finds a sword right away. They think about switching, even though they usually opt to not do the tasks with animals involved. Eventually Rob says enough is enough, as they could spend three hours walking around the field looking for the button, which is what I was thinking. They switch to the horse, and still not seeing another team, hope all the others teams are behind them.


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