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The Amazing Race 11, February 18th – Peru Is Nice

Phil notes that none of these teams should take another for granted, and that while some are friends, some are enemies. The camera immediately shoots to last season’s Kentucky and beauty queens. There will be eight elimination points along the race, and when he gives the word, they are to run to their bags, read the clue, and jump into one of the cars that are waiting for them. The first to cross the finish line will win a million dollars.

As the teams reach their bags, they find they’re going to Ecuador. Kevin yells to Drew to keep up, while Mirna tells Charla she’s doing great. Oswald and Danny are the first ones to make it out in their cars, and can’t believe it. Danny says this is a huge edge for them, as he lives here. Duh. Uchenna and Joyce make it to their car in sixth place, and Joyce can’t believe they’re doing it again. She calls this a chance of a lifetime, and they’re now getting a second chance at it. During their season she was forced to shave her beautiful hair, and somehow looked more beautiful. She now has really cute short hair, and looks more beautiful than ever before.

Danny says he needs to catch his breath while he’s driving, and Oswald says he told him, “Less martinis, more cardio.” Jon Vito says it’s good to be back, and Jill believes they still have the caring for each each other they had in season three. We’ll see how long that lasts. Team Guido says it’s a good thing they come to Miami every few years. Dustin and Kandice don’t want to be just the beauty queens that got fourth place. They want to be be the first all girls’ team to win.

Danielle says she is excited and nauseous to be back, and Eric says as soon as she realizes he’s in charge, they’ll be fine. She smiles and responds, “You’re the boss.” Ick. :bleh: Ian says he feels like he’s back chasing drug dealers in the 80s again. It’s hard to imagine this guy with the Don Johnson look, but he’s a retired narcotics officer, and says it caused him to think on his feet a lot. They pass Uchenna and Joyce, as well as Danielle and Eric.

Mary’s tells David to get up there in the pack with the others driving, and Uchenna points out that it’s Kentucky that passes them. Mary is wearing a shirt that says “MISSING Cho Brothers” with a picture of their former alliance members. Kind of gives me the warm fuzzies. They’re happy to be following Teri and Ian to the Miami airport, since they’re Floridians. Danielle is wondering why someone just got off at the last exit.

Mirna and Charla can’t believe Charla outran Drew, and he feels he looked like an idiot running, yet notes he can’t run with a backpack. Well, he’s in the wrong place then. Rob says he and Amber didn’t drag their asses back to finish in second place again. “Mark his words.” Is he eying third or fourth place?

Danny doesn’t think they’re in the right place to park at the airport, and Oswald says that’s what happens when you let someone else lead. Jill gives a “good job” to John Vito for getting to the airport quickly, and they’re the first to board the shuttle bus. Romber run and make it, and Rob thinks at first to not allow Oswald and Danny on, but decides to ask the shuttle to stop for them, saying it kills him to help others, but wants it noted he did. As they all exchange pleasantries, Danny asks if they have their own cable channel. :lol3:

Mirna and Charla pass Teri and Ian, with Teri referring tot hem as Mirna and Schmirna, and mentions it’s nice they all come with names this time. Ian has no idea who they are, but he hopes it the “Big Kahunas.”

Phil pops in to tell us what the teams need to figure out, is that of the two provided flights they can take to Quito, Ecuador, American leaves later, yet arrives earlier. Romber go to the American counter first, and are told it’s the quickest to arrive. They quickly arrange for tickets. Mirna and Charla are hopping in a shuttle, and Mirna is already breaking into her extensive language knowledge with a “rapido,” despite still being in the States. Kentucky takes the next shuttle, as Team Guido and the beauty queens take the following one.

Joyce says the route they’re taking to the airport is “so fricking wrong,” and Kevin and Drew feel they’re driving around in circles. David and Mary pull a bone-headed move, and take the Copa flight before checking to see which is faster. The beauty queens show up at the same counter, and Mary, remembering Dustin and Kandice’s play last time, lies and says it’s the faster race. Mary doesn’t mind lying to them, saying she doesn’t like them as they lie, backstab, and cheat. Dustin and Kandice get in line for Copa tickets, then see Mary and David tip off Teri and Ian about the faster American flight. Dustin and Kandice see this and ask which is quicker. I ask, which is more bone-headed. Kentucky for not checking before they book the flight, or the beauty queens for initially listening to people they know don’t like them?

Oswald tells Mirna and Charla he’ll take care of them if someone tries to push them out of the way, as they stand in line for American. John Vito and Jill secure the American flight, as do Oswald and Danny. Eric and Danielle just arrive at American behind the others, and say “We suck.” Mirna and Charla get American tickets, as do Teri and Ian. American is then sold out. Meaning Kentucky was stupid to miss out on the flight, but prevented a known enemy from getting it either. They then run into Romber in the airport, and David introduces himself to “Rob and Kim.” Oops. Wrong season. Leave it to David to make the first faux pas.


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