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The Amazing Race 11, February 18th – Peru Is Nice

Like most All-Star seasons of a show, this season of The Amazing Race is left with questions of how could certain teams be included in All-Stars, and certainly how could certain teams be omitted. Nevertheless, the eleven teams on this season of The Amazing Race All-Stars are what we’re left with, and many popular favorites are there. This is who they are calling the “Best of the Best,” so it should be an exciting season. I started watching the show towards the end of season three, so some of the teams I haven’t “met.”

Here’s who we have leaving from Miami, Florida:

Kevin and Drew, lifelong friends from New York. They were on the very first season of the Race, and have had a lot of changes in both of their personal lives. They have both gotten married, and feel they are more out of shape. Kevin says they were circles then, but he thinks they’re now more oval. They came in fourth last time.

Rob and Amber were the runners-up in season 7. Since then, they have gotten married on television, and had their own reality show, Rob and Amber: Against the Odds. They feel being on the show last time was great, but they only came in second place, and this time have a whole new bag of tricks. Amber says the other teams our now trying their old tricks, while they have new things up their sleeve. Rob can’t believe what he created with her, yet I think they’re both stuck in Pokerville.

Uchenna and Joyce, husband and wife as well, were the winners during that same season. They feel they are now growing apart, because of the fact they haven’t had a child, failing in vitro. It’s caused some stress in their relationship. Joyce says they’re still trying to uncover the secret of a happy lasting relationship. If you ask Romber for tips, they’ll tell you it’s never leaving our airwaves.

Dustin and Kandice, ex-beauty queens, came in fourth last season, and say that this time the teams are really out of blood. Everyone has experienced the race and learned from it. It’s somewhat intimidating to them. I spent half of last season trying to distinguish one from another, and finally had it, and now I find I have forgotten.

Joe and Bill, life partners, came in third during Kevin and Drew’s season. They are nicknamed Team Guido because of their dog. They say they aren’t like other alpha teams, as they are two gay grandpas. I love the dog. He’s funny-looking enough to make you laugh, just looking at him. I can say this as my childhood dog won 2nd place in an ugly mutt contest. Guido could’ve been a contender.

Charla and Mirna (aka Mirna and Schmirna), cousins, came in sixth place during season five. Charla says that as a little person, she’s always had attention from people, but since The Amazing Race, people look at her in a more positive way. Mirna says they’re going to be tough and win this time around. They were much maligned before, but I had some respect for them, and on their way out, it seemed even Phil was holding back tears.

Joining the beauty queens from last season are David and Mary, sometimes referred to as their state, Kentucky. Like Mirna and Charla, they were somewhat maligned last season, and also came in sixth. They’re kind of love ’em or hate ’em type of team. I fall into the love ’em camp. David says being on the Race has opened a new door for Mary and brought her more confidence in herself. She has a new strategy this time. She now longer feels she needs to have an alliance to win.

Teri and Ian are married parents, and were runners-up in season three. I always liked them last time around, but I have to admit I thought they were older. Ian says they were kicking butt out there. He says they disagree and bicker, but that’s who they are. She believes they will race harder and come in first this time. Ian says, “We’re back.”

Oswald and Danny, best friends, came in fourth place during season 2. They had a falling out since their first race, but have gotten over the rough patch, because they respected each other. They refer to themselves as platonic husband and husband.

When John Vito and Jill came in fifth place on season 3, they were dating. After her brother passed away on 9/11, it was John Vito that was helping her through the dating process, which led to them getting together romantically. The next step was to get engaged and then married, but they ended their relationship instead. They’re open to anything now, and feel it’s opening up for them one day at a time.

In season nine Eric and Danielle were on separate teams. Eric had raced with his friend Jeremy and came in second, while Danielle was partnered with her friend, Dani, and came in seventh. When she first met him, she thought he was just a casanova who wanted to get in girls’ pants, but now romantically involved with him, she sees him as a gentleman, which she doesn’t find in New York very often. Eric says he’s more anxious running the race last time, as before it was with his best friend, but now with Danielle, it can make or break their relationship.


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