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American Idol, February 14th – In the Idol House!

Olivia Quiba-Hurst, Tatiana McConnico, and Monique Vieras all receive quick nos. Tommy Daniels is just hanging out downstairs waiting, having been confident throughout the whole process, to the point of some saying he’s cocky. He says it’s not hard to do the waiting, though, when he gets to sit next to a beautiful lady. That would be none other than Antonella Barba. Apparently she’s doing alright without her best friend with her.

AJ Tabaldo sang Until You Came Back to Me for his final Hollywood song, and Randy tells him today whether he likes them or not, he’s going to have to put with them for quite awhile. Stephanie Edwards sang the same song, and Simon asks her today if he should just get it out of the way. She answers, “Yes, please” she hasn’t failed and is making the final 24. She exclaims, “Oh my God!” We hear Leslie Hunt had her best performance on the last day, but I’m not too impressed. Yet, she makes it. Also making it is Nicholas Pedro who had quit in Hollywood last year. He’s the only one of these four we had seen before. He calls his little sister to wish her a happy birthday and say he made it. She screams and says she knew it.

We haven’t seen Alaina Alexander before either, but she tells us she’s very emotional, and win or lose she’ll cry, but she hopes it’s tears of joy. She walks in and asks if she has to sit down, as she’s so nervous she wants to stand. They allow her to stand, but then she sits. Randy asks if she thinks she did good enough, and we see a clip of her singing Can’t Live. She seems like she’s singing offkey to me. She feels like she did her best, and she has room to grow, although she really hopes she was good enough. Randy says they thought about it long and hard, but she’ll be seeing a lot more of them. She promises to work hard and take all criticism. Might be a promise she can’t keep. She asks if there’s anything they can tell her, and Simon suggests just that she blow her nose.

Chris Richardson was the one that reminded me of Jon Peter Lewis a little bit in his first audition, with his emoting. After singing I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know on his final day in Hollywood, he makes it to Hollywood. Sabrina Sloan says the whole experience, having watched the show, is just incredible. She is another that sang Some Kind of Wonderful in her final audition. Simon tells her they had decided not … to exclude her, and she makes it through. Paula gives him the nastiest of looks. Was Sabrina not supposed to make it

And now for another barrage of those that didn’t make it. Jerome Chism, Joelle James, and Princess Johnson don’t make it, and joining them is Matthew Buckstein who was in Hollywood last year, singing with the turkey farmer as one of the cowboys. Paula lets him know they were rooting for him though, and they feel he’ll be successful, but not there.

Lakisha Jones is the one that did the wonderful version of Think in last week’s auditions. We hadn’t seen her since, and have all been wondering if she made it. Now we know she’s at least in the top 40. We see her singing her final Hollywood song, Until You Come Back to Me, and Simon asks how she thinks she’s done. She replies pretty good, and she thinks she made them proud of her and their decision to move her on. She’s asked what will happen if she doesn’t make it, and she says she’ll go back to her daughter and the job at the bank. Simon is sorry to tell her that … she’s going to be seen a lot more of them. He also tells her she’s a great singer. Paula tells her the icing on the cake is she is a wonderfully, beautiful girl. Randy exclaims that Lakisha is in the Idol house!

There are just seven people left. Nicole Tranquillo sang This Is It for her final song and made it through, as does Jarrod Cotter who sang Cupid for his final song. Amy Krebs sits in the chair and says the last day of Hollywood was the the most fun she’s had. She felt like she was at home singing with the background vocals and the piano. It would be embarrassing to find out now she didn’t make it, but she does. She pulls through.

It’s now 8:00 at night. And the final two guys and final two girls are left. Marissa Rhodes looks like she is going to puke. She had been in that group with Gina and Perla in Hollywood. She and Antonella wish each other good luck and give each other hugs in the elevator on the way up. Marissa it seems did well, but Antonella who forgot her words on the last day is the one who makes it through. In the elevator on the way down, Marisssa collapses and Antonella consoles her. She says she wasn’t expecting it, and says everyone in there thought if one made it through, it would be her. Man, this is brutal at times.

It’s now Sundance Head’s turn to look like he’s going to puke. He and Tommy Daniels ride up in the elevator and wish each other good luck, and Tommy starts jumping, not being able to contain himself. Sundance is told he was weak in Hollywood, whereas with Tommy, they liked him since they met him. Yet, with only one spot, it’s Sundance going on. Tommy is told he is brilliant and “going to be doing your thing” by Paula. They all shake hands, and Tommy congratulates Sundance in the elevator. Sundance says if he was going to be in the last two with someone, he’s glad it’s this guy, yet, downstairs with Ryan, he says if he ever needs a bodyguard, he’s calling Tommy. Umm, I think he’d rather sing. It’s a little insulting. Yet Sundance is even shorter than Ryan.

On to the end where we are re-introduced to our final 24, and they all do a little quick dance for the camera, and I just have to ask one thing. Just what the hell was Leslie Hunt doing? I can’t wait for Paula to attack her “dancing.” Next Tuesday, it’s the final twelve guys’ first time to impress us. If you’re not happy with someone that made it through, now is you’re chance to do something about it. I like the guys, but I do wish Tommy had made it. Although who I’d replace, I’m not sure. The girls that we just met tonight, I’m totally unsure of, so I’m waiting until next week to let them prove their stuff to me.

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