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American Idol, February 14th – In the Idol House!

My local gal, Gina Glocksen, is in next. She’s been working hard since last year when she made it to Hollywood, but didn’t make it to this lone wooden chair. But this year she worked her butt off all through Hollywood week. She’s kind of nervous today, but her hopes are really high. She sang the same song as Brandon as her final in Hollywood, and I have to say she sounds great. Paula tells her it’s tough and not a fun process for any of them. As Gina says okay, Paula says she knows it’s okay, as she’s gonna be seeing more of them. Gina says, “Shut up!” and Randy confirms she made it. Gina then runs out of the room holding her red high heels. Perhaps she’s off to find Kellie Pickler for a duet.

Jimmy McNeal, the Ruben-esque singer is told he didn’t make it, as is Errick Johnson. He’s all dressed up in a tie and suspenders, looking quite spiffy for the event. He says it’s about moving on and not giving up. It doesn’t matter how rough it gets for him; he’ll keep up. Jimmy is just trying to figure out how to tell his mom.

Haley Scarnato impressed Simon in Hollywood week, and tonight Paula tells her she’s a sweet girl and pretty talented. She made it. While I thought this was the first person to make it through that we didn’t get to see previously, I did a search on my previous articles and notes, and can’t believe this is the same person. Haley is one that Paula made a crack about the way she dresses, saying something about shopping at the “Hoochie Mama” store. It’s a good thing, though, if she’s come that far to disconnect herself to not be recognized by that anymore.

There’s no doubt we’ve seen Philip Stacy before. He’s the new daddy whose wife went into labor while he was gone on his first audition. For his final Hollywood song, he, too, sang Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman, and tonight Randy brings out one of the colloquialisms, telling him it’s definitely the moment of truth. They ask about his daughter, and he says they named her Mikalah. Randy asks if he’s ready for the truth, then says, “Dude, you made it through.” No matter how you look at it, this will be a banner year for Phil. New baby, on American Idol. Wow.

Recently the show took the final forty on a publicity op, and treated them to screening of the Simpsons movie, directed by David Silverman. They also got to visit the studio where The Simpsons are drawn, and got pictures drawn of them. Chris Sligh says it’s cool to see how it’s all drawn. Fox pats itself on the back here, giving both their contestants and their movie some cross promotion.

Now that he knows how The Simpsons are made, its Chris’s turn in the lone chair. Once again, he uses his humor, saying, ” I suppose you’re probably wondering why I called this meeting today.” Everyone always liked his sense of humor, but his voice has always stood out as well, especially on the group number with the other three guys. He, too, sang Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman as his final audition song. Simon tells him he was probably among the contestants that were the most popular. He has a great personality, and everyone seems to like him, but he wasn’t one of the better singers. Yes he was! Sorry, I got caught in an argument there. Simon ends this by saying Chris will be seeing a lot more of them. Whew!

So what about his groupmates? Did they make it as well? Blake Lewis, aka the Beat Boxer, is reminded by Simon that it’s a singing competition, and that decisions had to be made on that alone. As Blake starts to looked dejected, he’s told he made it. Unseen anywhere other than in the group, Thomas Lowe doesn’t make it, and Rudy Cardenas, originally from Venezuela, sang Georgia On My Mind, and it wasn’t really that thrilling of a rendition. Simon voted against him in his first audition, and thought he was “okay” in Hollywood, but when it comes down to it, he made it, meaning Simon was outvoted, I presume.

Paul Kim, the guy that thought he could represent Asian singers better than William Hung, has the same rituals he keeps doing, and it’s keeping him together every time. He’s always been barefoot, and says he will be as long as he’s in the competition, whether he’s wearing a pinstripe suit or jeans. He also wears the same underwear, he says, so let’s just hope he’s washing them every time. He hopes his lucky drawers get him through. Paula tells Paul it was split decision, and she’s really sorry, but he’s going to have to come back and see all their faces. Is it the lucky drawers or the bare feet?

Jordin Sparks, now 17, is the gal whose father is the former cornerback of the New York Giants. Randy says they remembered her to be one of the brighter spots in Hollywood, but she got a little nerved and fell apart a little bit. She is shown singing Some Kind of Wonderful, and Randy tells her she made it. All the way down in the elevator, this girl can’t stand still. She’s so excited.


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