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American Idol, February 14th – In the Idol House!

Let me start throwing some colloquialisms around. It’s the moment of truth. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It all comes down to this. Do I sound like Ryan Seacrest yet? I’ve been practicing. That’s exactly what tonight is, though. All those auditions and that really quick Hollywood round all led up to tonight, the announcement of the final 24.

Just as it happened the past few years, the remaining contestants are put in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, and are led upstairs in an elevator that opens to a large rooom holding only an empty chair facing a table. Peering at the contestants as they walk off the elevator are judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell. The contestants each sit in the chair, and find out if they are one of the remaining 12 guys or 12 gals.

I figured they’d start out with someone who didn’t make it, so I was a little upset to see Sanjaya Malakar be the first one up in the elevator I want him to make it. He’s a cutie, and I don’t mean necessarily with his looks. A clip is shown of him singing a jazzy version of Some Kind of Wonderful on his last night in Hollywod. He says it was a lot easier for him throughout all these months as he had his sister with him for emotional support, and that’s what made it hard since finding out he was part of the final 40, because his sister wasn’t. He feels like the final 40 has been a two-headed monster for him. If he makes it through here, he’ll be ecsatic with a lot of mixed emotions. Simon asks if it was satisfying to make it when his sister didn’t, and Paula is shocked he’d say that. He’s going through, though, so he’s told he’ll have to lean on her for more support.

Whew! This could be a fun night. The very tall Anna Kearns is in next. Will she now be the first gal to make it? She tells Simon she heard his giraffe comment he made at her audition, and he apologizes and knows he’ll probably do a lot of that today. She tells him there is no need, as a giraffe is a beautiful animal, and Simon replies he meant it as a compliment. Liar. Randy tells Anna the truth is she didn’t make it this time, and she wants confirmaiton, asking if he’s serious. Randy tells her it’s a “see you later time” which just seems a little … rude. Anna tells the judges they never had a body liked hero on the show, and she means height and otherwise. She leaves … shocked.

Next in is Bernard Williams from Birmingham. Paula had thought he was offkey in his original audition, but Simon liked him and Randy put him through after Bernard pleaded, calling Randy “Dawg.” Paulla tells him he did well, but just didn’t cut it. Randy gives him a “Sorry, Man,” and Paula tells him to come back again. When he goes back downstairs, eveyrone down there is shocked he didn’t make it.

Forgive me if I get this name wrong, I couldn’t hear what Ryan had said. I think he said Eric Davis from Memphis. He hasn’t been shown at all so far, so there’s no reference for who he is. He and Tami Gosnell, the penny cab driver, don’t make it. Tammy is a hard one to see not make it We liked her becuase she was so different.

Melinda Doolittle is up next, and says it’s been a huge awakening for her, as she’s been singing background for so long that she didn’t know how to step up front. Simon tells her the reason why she’s a backup singer is normally someone is better than her. Taking all that into consideration, he says she may be surprised when he tells her she’s good enough to stand in the front of the stage. She’s no longer a backup singer, as it was unanimous that she be part of the final 24. She gives Simon kisses, and when she goes downstairs, she give s a big thumbs up.

Melinda’s male counterpart, Brandon Rogers, says it’s always a weird feeling to be the backup, and and to always feel you should be the star, yet be stuck behind someone else. He sang a song that Chris Daughtry had sung in the competition last year Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman as his final song in Hollywood. Randy tells him that singing backup with a bunch of people has finally earned him a spot as leader singer. He made it through. He dances on his way out, and also gives thumbs up downstairs.


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