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American Idol, February 13th – Short and … Brutal?

Gina’s group is practicing again while they wait, and she said if Perla falls apart, it will be that much clearer they are together. Perla knows they’re seeing her as the weakest link, but her job right now is to prove them wrong. Gina flat out admits she may sound like a snob, but she doesn’t care about anyone else but herself. They begin singing for the judges, and Perla just sounds terrible. It’s clear Gina is the bigger star here. It’s bad news for Perla, though. She says “Ciao Guys, behave,” as she leaves, and something tells me that plane ride back to Florida will not have her expecting the star treatment.

Next up is the group with Chris, Rudy, Thomas, and Blake. They sing How Deep Is Your Love, and Blake adds some beat boxing to it. I never would have thought you could mix beat boxing with Bee Gees, but for some reason it works. They absolutely bring down the house. All four go through.

Sundance Head is in a group with L’Paige Bedford and Robyn Troup, who was last seen as the person winning My Grammy Moment, and getting to sing onstage with Justin Timberlake at the Grammy Awards. Sundance knows yesterday he was less than perfect so needs this badly. Simon had told him he looked boiled, as his face was so read. L’Paige isn’t good at all, and Robyn does quite well. Despite the fact Sundance misses some of his words, he has better star power than the other two. I can only imagine that’s the reason he stays, while the other two leave. He knows he better get something right the next day, or he’ll be gone.

Baylie, Amanda, and Antonella are in the bathroom preparing for their performance, and make a prediction they will all be friends afterwards, no matter what. Uh-oh. Baylie asks Amanda to help her with the words, and Amanda says she can’t, as when she does, it screws her up. Onstage, Antonella is quite good, but Baylie forgets absolutely all her words, except for the chorus. Amanda helps her out, then as promised, it screws her up with her own lyrics. Randy states that to say it was rough is an understatement. Paula notes they all look nervous and disappointed, and sends Baylie home, She tells her mom, it is not okay. She then says it’s unfair, as she worked harder than the others. Yuck on that attitude. Good riddance. Amanda says they made it because God likes good people. Can’t she leave with Baylie? The three girls confront one another, and Amanda says they don’t flirt with boys like Baylie. Excuse me? Ick. Get rid of all of them. Also seen going home, as if it’s an afterthought, is Sean Michel.

We aren’t privy to any of the last day performances, as that will come tomorrow night, w hen we find out the final twenty-four, but the remaining fifty-six are separated into three rooms, with two making it, and one going home. The first room holds Blake and Chris. The second room contains Antonella, Sundance, and Sanjaya Malakar. Both rooms make it. The third room, holding Sanjaya’s sister Shyamali, Amanda, and it looks like Jamie Lynn, are told it’s the end of the road.

Once the two rooms making it get togehter, Antonella realizes Amanda didn’t make it, and is sad, but knows she’s happy for her. Sanjaya doesn’t stick around to celebrate. He runs down the stairs to console his sister. TIVO ran out on me for the last few minutes, but I trust I didn’t miss anything important here.

Tomorrow we find out which 24 of the final 40 will make it to the semi-final performances next week. This seemed to go a little too quickly tonight. It’s the first time I can remember them doing it all in one night. I would have preferred to see a little less of the auditions, and more of Hollywood, but I appreciate the show trying something different. They just seemed to go the wrong way with it.

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