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American Idol, February 13th – Short and … Brutal?

It doesn’t help. Nicole is gone, and out of the forty-five girls to go home, not among them are Melinda Doolittle the backup singer, Gina Glocksen who had a mad crush on Simon, Tatiana McConnico from a performing arts school, and has seen every single episode of the show, and Jamie Lyn Ward, whose father is paralyzed after shooting his wife and himself. I feel bad for Nicole, but part of being successful is making the right choices, and shutting out the opinions of others, no matter how well-meaning they are.

The next day it’s the guys’ turn to sing. Sundance Head thinks it could work out great for him, being that there is twice as many girls as guys. Brian Miller, who had auditioned and made it to Hollywood before, hopes to work it to his advantage, but admits it’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster to go through it all again. But for just being 19, to have it again, he feels is amazing. Navy man Jarrod Fowler explains the reason he auditioned in his uniform was that he was ordered to by the Navy. He’s dedicating the rest of this to them, and wants to thank them for their support.

Jarrod sings You Raise Me Up and waits for the verdict. Matt Sato is up next. He’s the 16 year old whose parents didn’t want to waste their time with the audition after spending time and money on all his singing pursuits. He admits they weren’t particularly supportive of him before, but now his mom is proud of him, and was waiting at the door for him to come home. It was awkward, though, as she doesn’t hug him on a regular basis, but grabbed him in a big hug after he made it to Hollywood. He felt loved. When he sings, it sounds a little too breathy for me. Matt, a guy named Michael, and Chris Sligh, the Jack Osbourne look-alike, are told to step forward. They make it through, meaning the others, including Jarrod, don’t. Matt calls his mom to tell her he made it through again, and she tells him she loves him. She never says that either to him. Matt, I want to adopt you.

By the end of the day, the other notables seen making it through are Blake Lewis, the beat boxer, Nick Pedro, Philip Stacy who had missed the birth of his daughter, and Sean Michel, the Fidel Castro look-alike. A lot of people are pulling for Sean. It’s good to see he hasn’t changed up his look yet.

There are now 92 contestants left, and they are now asked to get together in groups of their own choosing for a group performance tomorrow, where they will be able to choose one of nine songs. Having a hard time finding a group are a girl who goes unidentified, and Matt Savo. The girl is asked to sing with others, but Matt still struggles. Matt Buckstein finds a group, and hopefully it does better than last year. Last year he was in the “cowboy” group, along with the turkey farmer.

Working on their choreography are a group with Chris Sligh, Rudy Cardenas, Thomas Lowe, and Blake Lewis. By 11:00 that night, the rehearsal still hasn’t begun for Baylie Brown’s group. She’s with best friends Amanda Coluccio and Antonella Barba. Baylie is kind of caught in the middle, and pantomimes shooting herself in the head as she sits and waits for Amanda and Antonella to finish arguing over which song to sing.

Another girl group is having problems back at the hotel. Gina, Jessica, Marissa, and Perla. The other girls start to complain about “one person” not being quite as talented with harmonies as the others, and it’s obvious it’s Perla. They say they are not comfortable going to bed yet. Also up still are Baylie, Amanda, and Antoella. They’re singing This Old Heart of Mine, and Baylie can’t remember the lyrics. Amanda goes off to flirt with some guys that are still up, and eventually Baylie and Antonella call it a night. Amanda says she should be practicing, but she’s sick of it. Back in the other girl group, they’re still arguing. Gina gets upset with Perla, telling her she wants to know when she’s off key, yet when she tells her, she gets mad.

Everyone is gathered back together for the group performances at 8:00 AM. Simon’s last words to the contestants are to not forget their words. Jose Laguna quickly forgets his, and is gone. Just like that. Matt Sato had found a group of three girls to sing with, and he forgets his words as well. He’s gone as well, calls his mom again, and this time she’s not hugging him or saying I love you. Again, Matt, I’ll adopt you. I’ll say I love you every day, even when you fail.


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