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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Dance Like A Lopez

I’m usually averse to involving myself with anything that has to do with Jennifer Lopez, mostly because she calls herself J-Lo and that irks me to no end. However, I can’t keep away from Dance Life. I, along with many others, am a sucker for a reality show about dancing. It has all the moves of So You Think You Can Dance and Dirty Dancing and Dancing With The Stars. It has all the thrill of American Idol and Rock Star. It has all the judgment of Celebrity Duets and Project Runway. It has all the drama of Beauty and the Geek and The Real World. It has all the excitement of I Love New York and Hell’s Kitchen. Dance Life is what reality television is all about.

The dancers are incredibly talented. They don’t just dance; they do gymnastics and they give attitude. They do things seemingly impossible to do with the human body without permanently damaging it. Some pirouette ten times without falling. Some do back flips and land in a split. Some act naughty. Some act nice. All dance their asses off over and over.

The judges are incredibly talented. Jennifer Lopez I actually do admire as a dancer. The woman can’t not dance. If she ever tried to dance badly, she couldn’t. She knows what she’s looking for and she’s giving back to the dance community by having this show. She does remember where she came from. She also wears sunglasses inside and big hoopy earrings and her hair all over the place, but no one is perfect.

In one of the first episodes, you might have noticed the midgetized man sitting next to her with a skullcap. That would be her husband. Marc Anthony. Who does not dance the way they’re all dancing here so he’s here basically as a trophy husband. The kind of trophy you win in a contest where everyone gets a prize. And the contest is run on a low-budget.

The behind the scenes are very much like The Hills and sort of similar to Making The Band. We see dancers down on their luck in their tiny apartments. We see dancers have car trouble. We see dancers working in a store that sells only denim. We see other dancers come into the denim store and brag about the auditions. We see dancers get called back. We see dancers get rejected. We see dancers living their lives. Hence, Dance Life.

In the Blake v. Nolan debacle, I fall on the side of Nolan. Blake is annoying. One of the BEST moments of the show so far, though, is when Blake has a bad day and had to dance it out. It’s intercut with Nolan asking his landlord not to be evicted. Priceless drama right there.

[b]And THIS is why I love reality tv[/b]: Dancing and dreams always make for a good story; when it’s true life, it’s even better.

If you can explain to me why Marc Anthony is participating in this show, please email me by clicking on my envelope above or chat about it in the forums. See how I’m an [url=http://www.newsday.com/impulse]All-Star![/url] or revisit [url=www.xanga.com/recappinit]Beverly Hills, 90210[/url] for a smashing good time.


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