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American Idol 6, February 7th – Rest of the Best or Filler?

Lesson 5 is “Shake Your Moneymaker,” and we see clips of auditioners dancing on the table, doing the sprinkler, and doing butt shakes. Alexander Nazario, 28, of Nashville, Tennessee, but originally of Puerto Rico, walks into the audition and admits he can do weird things with his body, showing a little bit. Sounding like a XXX film, Paula says, “Wow, you are flexible,” and when she asks where he learned that from, it turns out it was from one of her videos, although she doesn’t remember doing that move.

Alexander sings Making Love Out of Nothing At All, and can get to a falsetto, and he really isn’t too bad, but it’s not nearly good enough. After he oddly comes up dancing and slams his hand down on the table, Simon stops him. Paula calls him flexible, but very different. He admits he didn’t have enough money to learn to sing, but he walks about his house and practices. Simon asks Randy if Alexander was in his office and asked for advice, what he’d say. Randy would advise him to work in a theme park. Simon tells him honestly the whole thing was a nightmare, and Alexander asks if he does have a voice to sing. He’s told no. He gets hugs and handshakes and leaves out the door.

Lesson 6 is “Clarity.” If you’re singing a classic tune, you have to make sure the judges know what it is. We play a little game called “Name That Song,” and are urged to call 555-919-TONE DEAF. All of these songs are unidentifiable, but Chantilly Lace, I wouldn’t have guessed if I’d heard the whole song, it was so out of tune, and the lyrics weren’t very clear either.

We segue into Lakisha Jones, 26, of Fort Meade, North Carolina, but she’s never misunderstood, so I don’t know why she fits here. She says her voice is very important to her, as it’s a gift she wants to share with the world, and her 3 year old daughter. She sings Think by Aretha Franklin, and is wonderful. At the end on the last “Think,” she points at Simon. Simon says he loves her, and she’s a good old-fashioned belter. He says she has a great voice, and is very likable. Randy likes that she’s not afraid to come out and do it. Paula calls her brilliant, and guest judge Carole Bayer Sager approves as well. Lakisha is on her way to Hollywood. She sits outside and cries with her little girl.

Before we leave the audition entirely, we see snippets of the “favorite” moments, including Ryan wearing a wig and Paula spitting a cough drop or piece of hard candy out at Simon. We also see what looks like Paula and Randy leaning in for a tender, romantic kiss, and Ryan trying his hand at juggling. We then move into previews of next week, and aren’t show anyone being happy they made it, just everyone breaking down, because it’s so tough. I can’t wait.

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