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American Idol 6, February 6th – So?

This leaves Paula to be the sane one in the group, holding it all together. Yes, you read that right. Take from that what you will. She tells Jasmine it wasn’t the best audition, and says it seems like she’s really sad. Jasmine shoots back it’s because they are being rude, and don’t know anything about her. Simon, calling her Sweetheart, says everyone comes in believing they can sing, like her, and Jasmine argues back it doesn’t mean they have to be negative. Simon asks how can they be positive after that audition, and Jasmine answers they’re entitled to their opinion. Right. That’s what makes them the judges.

When Haley is leaving, Randy tells her it just wasn’t good, and she asks what he does. He replies he plays and makes records, and she says she hadn’t heard of him until American Idol. He tells her to look at the charts, and she points out he plays in the background, so hasn’t done anything. As she walks out, Simon dryly says, “Okay, yes or no?” Jasmine walks out and talks about going in and trying her best and the judges just being negative in return. She asks who Simon is, and her mom says he needs to back to France. Finding out he’s British, well, she just wants him to go back to wherever he’s from. Jasmine starts slamming Randy as well, and Ryan tells him those are his friends, “well, two of them.” Her mom decides they can all kiss her … it’s bleeped out here, but I think it’s safe to assume she said ass.

Small town girl Baylie Brown, 16, of Krum, Texas lives on a farm with seven horses, two lambs, two cats, and twelve steer. She isn’t country at all, and says sometimes the horses scare her, like they’re going to come up and eat her or something. Huh? These are horses, and she’s grown up on this farm. I think this is a little contrived for one reason or another. Her dad says she doesn’t go out in the barn often, as it’s hard to walk out there in her high heels. Her interests lie in fashion, and she just doesn’t feel like a country girl.

Randy loves it when Baylie walks in and says, “Hi y’all.” She sings Stronger by Faith Hill, and she’s not too bad. For someone so interested in style, I’m not fond of her makeup. Neutral look or heavy eye makeup, not both. When she’s done, Randy asks her about living on a ranch, wanting to know if there are any bulls. She says they have two, and Simon says Kaylie is a girl born to be a pop star, as she looks great, her personality is fantastic, and her voice isn’t great, but he’s sure it will be in two or three years. He calls her commercial with a capital C. Paula notes the fashion thing she has going on, and says it’s unique for living in a place where there’s more cows than people. Sorry for the bad joke, but it has to be said. That’s a town where there’s obviously a lot of bullshit going on. Kaylie gets yeses across the board, and as she walks out, Paula announces she wants her name to be Baylie. … Okay.

They do a bit about the locked door thing. All season with the double doors leaving the audition room of whatever city they were in, the door on the left has always been locked leading to problems of people trying to get out, Paula trying to get out on one occasion, and Simon trying to get in on one occasion. Why is this? Some have said they were trying to be mean on purpose, and I began to wonder if it was all just a set-up so they could do this elaborate bit on it tonight. Angela from one of my American Idol groups wonders if they do it for a certain camera angle as people come out of the room, and that suggestions holds a lot of merit as well.

The next two people up to audition are cousins, Akron Watson, 23, and William Green, 25, of Dallas. They live together and feel they’re the opposite of each other like Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk. William says Akron’s mom took him in when he was 14, and she never asked for anything from him, and he appreciates it. All the while Akron is playing a fake violin for him as backup to his story. They’re both unemployed, and William says he has the three dollars in his pocket riding on this. I like them. They’re fun.

William walks in for his audition, and taking off his shades, launches into a baritone, not remotely in tune, version of Amazing Grace with Randy and Paula having a hard time holding in their laughter. When he’s through, Randy says he thought it was going to to take a couple days, and Simon adds he could have had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then flown back to LA, and when he got back, William would still be singing. William explains he’s normally a hip hopper, and he came to support his cousin. Asked who is better, he says it’s definitely his cousin, and Simon is glad he said that. He gets the expected three nos, and when he thanks them for their time, William says he’s going to talk a little trash on the way out for the cameras. He yells out, “Don’t make me come back in there, and tell you again!” The three judges erupt in laughter. Again, he’s fun.

This leaves Akron not too sure about his own audition, and Randy asks him if he was outside listening to what was going on. He said he tried listening, but he couldn’t hear. He sings Changes Gonna Come, and sounds pretty good, with some great emoting. Simon tells him he’s a good singer, but has a massive personality charisma problem, and admits he was bored. Paula says when he opened up to sing it was a very nice surprise, but Akron interrupts her, noting he doesn’t want to be boring. Paula advises him then to do something to make Simon not be bored. He sings again, this time Let’s Get It On.> This does the trick for Simon, and he says yes, as he thinks he has a good voice. Paula thinks it’s worth him coming back, and Randy welcomes Akron to Hollywood. He jumps up and shouts, and the judges tell him that’s what they want to see. He gets a huge hug from William and the rest of his family. Yeah, I like them. I would love to see Akron as a finalist, and William in the audience supporting him every week.


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