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American Idol, January 23rd – Sundance, Not Only a Film Festival

Janita Burks, 20, of Memphis, wearing a very low cut tight dress, leaving not too much to the imagination, says style is very important to her, as it boosts her confidence. She believes in dressing sexy, but not too over the top. She believes the judges’ first impression will probably be that she’s innocent and well put together, and really neat, assertive, and very sexy, but all I can see is boobs, so I can only imagine what Simon and Randy will see and think. She sings Disco Inferno, and she bends down at the waist to dance, with her boobs flopping all over, and nearly popping out. Paula issues her a warning to watch herself when she bends, then subconsciously buttons her own self up. Randy laughs, as Simon jokes she was quite a “handful.” Randy straightens up, and says if he’s being honest, he has to say no, as the vocals weren’t good enough. She begs to sing something else, and every time she tries, even she doesn’t like how it sounds. I’m not sure what happened at the very end of the audition, though, as the show was interrupted by black for a few seconds.

Sean Michel, 27, of Brant, Arkansas, says everyone tells him he either looks like Osama Bin Laden, Jesus Christ, or Fidel Castro. I’m going with Castro myself, yet if he had a good shave, he’d look like Ben Affleck. He’s just a homeless bum, but says he thinks all of us are homeless, and a little poor inside. I may be a little poor, but I know I have four walls, a ceiling, and a floor. And they’re not made of cardboard. He sings Johnny Cash’s God’s Gonna Cut You, Down, and Simon believes that cheered everyone up, but I think he’s being flippant. Paula tells Sean he had a nice tone, and it was a little shocking, as she didn’t expect it to be kind of soulful. Simon says he expected something about a revolution, still not taking this seriously. Yes, they all vote yes, with Randy saying it doesn’t matter what he looks like, as he can blow.

Professional background singer, Melinda Doolittle, 28, of Brentwood, Tennessee, says she’s so excited, she’s trying to sit on her hands to stop them from shaking. She doesn’t know exactly what to expect, but likes new things. She tells the judges she does session work, traveling for nine months of the year, prompting Simon to ask if she hates every single person she sings background for, and if she wishes they’d fall off the stage and break their leg. She says no, as she’s in her comfort zone then, and can just do her thing while they do their thing. And for her, she wants to get over that fear. Good for her!

Melinda sings For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder, and the nerves don’t seem to be affecting her too much, although she doesn’t look totally comfortable. Paula tells her she’s good, really good, and that she has it. Randy tells her she looked scared to death, and he’s always had this thing about background singers that do it for too long. He’s not sure if she can really come up front, as most lead singers have a Simon Cowell thing where they can only think of themselves. Simon, though, agrees with Randy, saying so many people come in there with a lot of ‘tude and confidence, but aren’t good. She walks in with no ‘tude and no confidence, but she’s a brilliant singer. She’s what it’s all about, but he’ concerned about her lack of confidence after being in the background. He says she’s in the top two percent of good singers this year, and Randy calls her sensational, saying he believes it was one of the best ever auditions vocally, and he asks her to believe in herself, as she knows she has it. She’ll be a fun one to watch.

We knew it would get to Elvis eventually. We are shown some of Graceland, and told there’s a pretender to the throne, Robert Lee Holmes, 21, of Memphis. He believes he sounds just like Elvis (uh-oh), although he’s only sung one rock ‘n roll song (more uh-oh). Ryan asks if he can dance like Elvis, and he says no, he just does a little moon dancing. He feels he should be the next American Idol as he has an outstanding voice and outstanding vocals. I’m not music expert, but aren’t those kind of the same things?

Robert tells the judges he can sing, dance, act, and write stories, and of course, his stories are about music. Simon asks how the current thing he’s writing ends, and Robert deadpans “with a period.” He sings Burning Love, and Simon asks what he’s supposed to say. Robert adds, “Yes.” He says he loves Elvis so much, and Simon replies they didn’t love his audition very much. Paula passes, saying it wasn’t that good, and Randy calls it terrible. Robert walks out and rips off his number.

Of course, now we get that montage of everyone singing the same song, and it’s Burning Love, assumably because they’re trying to prove someone in Memphis can do Elvis. They show Timika who has just as much excitement as before, another girl saying she’s been having an anxiety attack all day because she forgot her medication, the garland guy, and a garland girl. There’s one guy ripping a hand towel out of the front of his pants.

Philip Stacy, 28, of Jacksonville, Florida, is a little tired, as his wife woke him up with a phone call at 4:00 AM saying she delivered their baby girl, and he missed it. He wants to sing Let’s Get It On, as he’s absolutely positive that’s the last thing his wife wants to hear out of him right now. I love that sense of humor. Walking into his audition, he’s told congratulations, and Randy asks for a cigar, but the baby wasn’t expected this early, so he is unprepared. Simon asks what’s more important, going to Hollywood or the baby, and Philip says the right thing, the baby.

Singing My girl, and dedicating it to all his girls, he yells a little too much as he sings, but he has good runs. Randy liked his voice, but he doesn’t see the star persona from him. Paula wishes she could have heard him sing a different song, as he ended up singing good, but the beginning was a little weird. He launches into Let’s Get It On, and Simon says he can’t start the songs well, but Paula and Randy both thought this was better. Paula and Randy say yes, and Simon says while he would have said no, Philip is through. He rushes off to finally go see his new baby. I wish he would have started off with Let’s Get It On but not just because it was better, but to use that line he used earlier. He’s got a sense of humor and should use it. I hope he shows up in Hollywood with the box of cigars, so they’ll remember him, and the sense of humor.

All in all, twenty-two more contestants made it to Hollywood from Memphis, but I have no idea whether that means twenty-two other than Philip, or twenty-two other than the ones we’ve already seen put together. Start spreading the news, as tomorrow is New York!

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