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About Face! Dismissed! – Nashville Star Season 5, Episode 2

I was completely unaware that Nashville Star had already started this season. So, my dear readers, I apologize for missing the premiere, but like any good writer, I’ve done my research and I’m ready to roll for Season 5 of Nashville Star! I will give some background information I dug up (okay, so I just went and read their bios on the official site and listened to their clips from last week) on the contestants as they perform tonight. I was a bit perplexed, however, at how many of them already have record deals on this show. I thought this was about finding undiscovered talent. Those of you who have read my Last Comic Standing recaps know that I despise when people who have careers already get a place someone else could have had. What are the producers thinking?

Before we start this week, I will bring you up to speed on the insta-losers. The judges already booted two people last week and one more leaves tonight as a result of the audience vote. Speaking of the judges, they are a bit different this year. I am extremely sad that there will be no Phil Vassar this year on the judging panel. My husband and I saw him in concert last month and that man knows his stuff. He’s a great singer and songwriter and one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. I am, however, very happy to see that Blake Shelton is on board for this season. If you’ve never seen or heard an interview with this man, you are missing out! He is hilarious and his comedic timing is impeccable. I expect some great things from him. Another new addition to the judges’ panel is Randy Owen, former lead singer of the country music legends Alabama. If I don’t get distracted by his uni-brow, I think he will have some good advice. Of course, Anastasia Brown is back for another year. Cowboy Troy is also back for a second season of co-hosting and Jewel takes over as the main host of the show.

Now, on to last week’s rejects. From what I can tell from the official website and its video clips of the performances, the judges definitely made the right decision. They booted the 36 year old Tim LaRoche who described himself as a cross between Kid Rock and Joe Dirt…and he hit the nail on the head with that one. He did a pretty sad version of “Devil Went Down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels and I am not sad he will not be back this week. The other ousted contestant was an 18 year old blonde named Rickiejoleen (yes, it is supposed to be all one word). She obviously was put on the show for eye candy because the girl’s singing was flatter than pre-Christopher Columbus world maps. She had an unfortunate choice of songs. She chose to sing “Boondocks” by Little Big Town. That song is all about the harmonies, so singing it solo is just not right. My television is very glad she was kicked off last week because now I will not have to throw things at it when she is on the screen.

Alright, let’s get to this week’s performances. We are first treated to a live performance by Season 1 reject Miranda Lambert. I love Miranda Lambert, and if she were on any other season of this show, she probably could have won the thing. It really doesn’t matter because she has a good career going now. She sings her latest single, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” sporting some pretty big hair for her normal look. She was Red Carpet from the neck up with the big hair and bigger earrings, and honky tonk from the shoulders down with her shirt and blue jeans. Strange combo, but she sounded great.

Jewel tells us how heart-broken she was last week when they had to send two people home. Cowboy Troy tells everyone how to vote and then they introduce the judges. Blake Shelton wants to judge Miranda Lambert and Anastasia rambles about how the girls were better than the boys so they need to step it up. Randy Owen is wearing a jacket that looks like the remnants of the brown suede couch in my grandma’s basement. The first performer of the night is Joshua Stevens. He’s my early favorite simply because he’s from Iowa. In fact, my husband went to college with him (they didn’t know each other, though). They have clips of Joshua doing some yoga because Blake Shelton told him he needed to learn to breathe.

Joshua has a guitar this week and sings “Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You” by Brooks and Dunn. He does a decent job. Anastasia tells him that last week he had established himself as the male front-runner and this week he was truly a musician and he’s in it to win. Randy Owen said Ronnie Dunn would be really proud of him for that song and he’s now having more fun. Blake disagrees with Anastasia and says last week he was the second best male but now he’s tied for the lead. He’s glad Joshua took his advice about the breathing and hopes he will do some ballet next week. Jewel makes some random small talk to fill time and finds out that Joshua also plays saxophone and piano (which I already knew from the official bio pages). Then Jewel becomes completely ignorant saying he should incorporate some saxophone because that hasn’t been done in country music before. Yeah, okay, Jewel. You keep living in your own little world.

Cowboy Troy then tells Whitney Duncan she is up next. She was my favorite female from the clips on the website. Anastasia told her last week that she needs to connect with the audience more. Whitney watches tape of her performance and says she’ll try to smile more. She plays the guitar on “Tulsa Time” by Don Williams. Blake Shelton tells her she’s his favorite but she’s damn ugly. Anastasia says she loves her, the song choice, the guitar, and the stars in her eyes. Randy tells Whitney he was concerned for her last week but he’s not concerned anymore because she’s kickin’ ass now. Can you say ass on TV? Whitney tells Jewel she’s been playing guitar for 9 months because it helps with song writing. Jewel makes some other strange comment about not knowing what to do with her hands when she doesn’t have a guitar.

Next week’s special guest singers will be Little Big Town. That’s awesome! They were with Phil Vassar at the concert last month and they are absolutely flawless live. Their harmonies are just amazing.