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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Nerds Meet Babes, A Hit Ensues

Ashton Kutcher is a genius. Who doesn’t want to watch buxom babes take care of nerdy guys? I, for one, have watched for two seasons and am working on my third. I hope you have been enjoying Beauty and the Geek as much as I have.

You’ve got the brains. You’ve got the look. Let’s make lots of money. So goes the theme song for this clever little show. The premise, in case you’ve somehow managed to miss it which is near impossible considering the amount of air time it gets on two different channels, is that a group of girls with very low booksmarts who are very very pretty get paired with a group of guys who excel in booksmarts but not in social wisdom. Learning ensues. Everyone becomes a better person.

The standout from season one is Richard, the uber nerd who wears very large pants, white sneakers, and is over-the-top loud and awkward. The winners, Chuck and Caitalyn (or however she spells it), worked together to build rocket ships and get girls’ numbers to earn their prize of 250K.

In season two, everyone hated Chris, the guy who made his own shirts and greeting cards. He wasn’t exactly nerdy in that bashful kind of way. He was just plain mean and idiotic when it came to socializing. Thankfully, he didn’t win.

Now in season three, we have a few Star Trek guys and a few girls who talk with really high voices and have lots of boobage and long hair.

Again, what’s not to love?

Actually, there is something, one thing, terribly wrong with this show. The host. The first host, Brian McFadden, was fine. He was hip and cool and could speak. The second host, whatshisname, is a tool. I want to host this show. I really truly do. It’s the only way I could be on it because I’m too booksmart to be one of the girls and, well, I’m not a guy so get out your pens and write to Ashton Kutcher that I should host the show.

A lot of the contestants say they’re there for the experience more than anything else. No. NoNoNo. When that much money is involved, you’re there for the money more than anything else. And then you’re there for the experience, which I’m sure is invaluable. If you didn’t get any money, you wouldn’t be there. That’s what’s pushing you to do the kinds of things you wouldn’t normally do. If money weren’t involved, you’d pack up and go home once you were asked to go outside of your comfort zone.

That’s what the show does. It pushes people outside of their comfort zone to show them new boundaries and another side of life. That’s the real reason I love this show. It makes people grow and learn as adults. I’ve often made note that people lose curiosity and settle for the familiar. Beauty and The Geek revitalizes curiosity and lets people discover new things about themselves.

[b]And THIS is why I love reality tv[/b]: It shows you the world outside of yourself that maybe you’d want to know more about.

I’m sure that’s what Ashton Kutcher was thinking when he created the show. That and maybe the fact that people love to see dumb girls and awkward guys make fools of themselves for a while.

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