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American Idol 6, January 16th – Apollo Creed and the Lion

Dayna Dooley, 27, of Inglewood, California, tried out in Pasadena, but didn’t make it. Her boss was so shocked, and he just happened to be going to Minneapolis for a wedding, so he flew Dayna and her sister out to audition here, because he believes in her. Randy asks if she and her boss have a special relationship, and she says no, but her and her sister both work for him, so he flew them both out. Simon picks up the ball and runs with it, saying, “They ran out of rooms! We all gotta share. I’m gonna kill that reservation computer operator.” Dayna sings Tell Me Something Good, and the singing is definitely not something good. Paula suppresses her laughter, and Randy tells her she’s been in Minneapolis long enough, as it’s starting to rub off on her. Simon notes she was screaming without a melody, and Randy puts in a request to meet her boss. Gary Owen comes in, and he’s puzzled why they don’t like her, saying they love listening to her sing around the office. His wife does too. Dayna sings again, this time Fever, and sings directly to Gary, and sounds much better. Randy suggests she carry a picture of Gary around with her. After she is dismissed, Simon figures the soap opera out, saying it wasn’t Gary that wanted a little something out of her and her sister, it was Dayna being in love with Gary.

Matt Sato, 16, of Maplewood, Minnesota, is here without his parents, and says it kind of sucks to see everyone else there with their families. He tells Ryan that his years of performing have put a lot of financial stress on his family, to be in show choir, and travel around to competitions, so they are skipping this one. They choose to skip the one on TV? That makes no sense. He sings California Dreaming, and I hear an RJ Helton quality coming out of him. Simon calls his voice good and mature, and Jewel adds she was surprised with his softer warmer notes. Randy wants him to shake his nerves off and just let it go. He makes it through to Hollywood, and calls his mom. He cries behind his “golden ticket,” and breaks my heart when he says, “She’s proud of me.”

Rachel Jenkins, 21, of Minnetonka, Minnesota, grew up working in her parents’ body shop. It’s fun for her to work on cars. Her husband, Daniel, is stationed in Baghdad, so she worries about him. After 9/11 she joined the Army reserves, knowing it was a huge possibility she’d have to go some day, but she’s ready. She walks into her audition, telling the judges they’re all cute, and says her husband has been in Iraq since December 4, 2005. She called him this morning to tell him she was auditioning, and he was so proud he told his whole unit.

Singing His Eye is On the Sparrow, Rachel does surprisingly well. Simon says she started off well, then kind of fell apart towards the end. He likes her, though, and thinks others will too. Jewel agrees with Simon, and Randy liked Rachel’s tone. She is sent through to Hollywood, and shakes everyone’s hands before walking out, as well as telling Paula she’s beautiful, and telling Simon she just loves his personality. Jewel thinks you might have to through boot camp to be able to say that. She gets out a picture of her husband, tells him she made it, then explains his silence is because he’s not in a talking mood right now. Okay.

Sarah Kruger, 19, from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and going to school in Duluth, auditions, singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and I honestly like this much better than Katharine McPhee’s version. Paula calls it very nice, while Simon calls it very good. He likes the control she had over her voice. Jewel says she’d put her on, as she has her own personality, and connects with a nice warmth. Randy calls Sarah very refreshing, and way cool. He votes definitely yes, and Sarah is through to the next round. That was quick and painless.

Jason Anderson, 16, of Burnsville, Minnesota has been dancing since he was 5, and singing since he was born. He wants to go to Hollywood, as he’s never been, and all the famous people he knows perform there. Umm, no, that’s Hollywood and Vine. Different place. He walks in to his audition juggling, and sings something that is so bad, I can’t even tell what it is. Simon thinks it just sums up this whole audition city, telling him even the juggling was pathetic. He then launches into his “real” juggling, and proceeds to drop it. Randy suggests Jason should be on American’s Got Some Talent. Jewel and Simon vote no, while Randy and Paula vote him onto America’s Got Talent. Jason offers up that he dances, too, and proceeds to do something that can only be explained as “Shuffling Off to Buffalo.” Jason leaves, swearing, then says it was so unfair as he he just wanted to start off being famous. Well, takes more than that. You don’t just “become famous.” Simon thinks he took it in good spirits.

Brenna Kyner, 24, of South Holland, Illinois has watched all the Idols, including Pop Idol, Australian Idol, and Canadian Idol. Auditioning, she can not scratch this off her things to do before she dies. Is she planning on going anytime soon? She’s 24. She tells the judges she’s a superfan, and says they’re like BFF, explaining it means Best Friends Forever to Simon. Has he never been in the 7th grade? Her favorite contestant is Ace, and when the judges pretend to not know who that is, she explains he had the great hair, and he wants to be her father figure. Yeah. She meet him once, and he drew her a tattoo. People think she’s intimidating, and she doesn’t know why, so she had him draw her a heart, and she turned it into a tattoo so she could wear her heart on her sleeve. I’m frightened.

Singing Under Pressure, by Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, she says there is no one out in the waiting room or on any previous season just like her. Yep, she’s right. She is told she is more suited for musical theatre, and Simon complains about the intro, which was more a big whine. He says he hated the audition, and it’s pointless. Brenna doesn’t understand, and Simon explains because he just heard her sing. Brenna says she has ten years of training, and wonders why no one told her this ten years ago, if she’s that bad. Jewel explains someone took her money, and Simon says because he wasn’t her teacher. Jewel tries to make it better, saying, at least Brenna got to be on her favorite show. Still trying, Brenna says she has a degree in vocal performance. Nope, not helping.

A montage is shown of everyone singing Prince’s Kiss, and totally murdering it, including the monotone cowboy and the lion girl. And yes she puts that lion voice tremor thing into it. Perla is back, too, singing, and saying she’s going to “shake a little shake” at the end. Randy says Prince will never be on the show again. That’s okay, as his tardiness is getting very old anyway.

Josh Flom, 20, of Chisago City, Minnesota says his dad has pushed him some and is a big influence on his life, as he’s been listening to his dad sing in the shower since he was three. He’s not going to call his dad fantastic, but he’s still an inspiration. Kind of rude and nice at the same time. His dad says he can sing like a bird, although he expected his son to be a goalie. He’d prefer he’d be on target for an NHL contract, but that’s okay. Josh thinks Chris Daughtry opened up doors for rockers like him.

Walking into the audition, Josh sings Bad Day by Fuel. It’s kind of like a raspy, throaty, poor man’s version of Daughtry. Randy thinks he only heard the same notes over and over, and doesn’t think it was “him.” He didn’t believe it, and has a hard time with fake rock people. Simon’s problem is wondering what Josh would do during ABBA week, but Josh thinks he’d take a song and make it his own. Simon offers him a challenge to come back in fifteen minutes singing an ABBA song. He leaves to go find a song, and … tries to go through the wrong door.

Josh walks out asking if anyone out there knows ABBA. He comes back, saying he’s going to be known as Dancing Queen after this for years, but it’s worth it, if he can go on to Hollywood. He sings Dancing Queen for the judges, and sounds the same as he did before. Simon says every week, it’s going to be the same, and Josh offers to do Barry Manilow, and sings “Her name was Lola,” and sounds the same still. He talks about being in a band for years, and everyone advises him to stick with that. Jewel asks if he writes songs, and when he says he does, she advises him to stick with that. Simon mentions he needs a transplant, but the first three times I listened to it, I thought he said, “TrimSpa.” He leaves dejected, and saying he could try next year, but his voice isn’t going to change or anything.

And out of the 10,000 that were in that stadium, by the end of the day, only 17 made it. Tomorrow is Seattle, and it’s supposed to be really bad. Watching the previews, I’m definitely frightened. I’m thinking even Frasier Crane couldn’t help that bunch.

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