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The Amazing Race 10, December 10th – We Won the Game of Life, and Now We Won TAR.

In New York City, Kimberly thinks she and Rob are going to do well. Their cab driver doesn’t know how to get to the Daily News building, and they tell him to keep following Tyler and James. The models tell their driver they want to ditch the cab behind them and he takes a quick exit to lose them, but Rob and Kimberly’s driver flies over at the last minute. As the tollbooth approaches, Tyler and James’ driver gets in the EZ Pass lane, but Rob and Kimberly’s driver doesn’t have an EZ Pass, and he loses the other driver. Tyler figures Rob is pissed, and he’s right. At least it made him forget about the skydiving thing.

Tyler and James find the clue at the Daily News building, and it tells them to make their way on foot to the East Village to find the Alamo sculpture that is pictured on the clue. They are to locate a woman in a yellow cap that will hand them their next clue. Their legs are burning as they run, but they need to run all of thirty blocks. Rob and Kimberly reach the clue and start running as well, saying this is what they ran and trained for.

Tyler and James wish for a skateboard, but eventually make it with a slow jog to the woman in the yellow cap by the sculpture. Their clue tells them to convince a NYC cabdriver to drive 56 miles to Garrison, New York to the St. Basil Academy. The first team to arrive will win the million dollar prize. The first cab doesn’t know where it is, so they try another. Finding he doesn’t know either, they decide to use him anyway, and find out the directions on the way. This hasn’t worked well for Tyler and James in the past.

Rob and Kimberly arrive at the sculpture, get their clue, and find a cabdriver right off the bat that knows where the Academy is. As Tyler and James’ cabdriver gets directions to take 202, Rob and Kimberly’s driver that knows how to get there says he needs to take 202. A cab pulls up in the Academy, and a team runs up to the mat, and we see that it’s Tyler and James!

Phil tells the models that after four continents, thirteen countries, and over 40,000 miles, they are the official winners of The Amazing Race. James says it’s shocking the places he’s been and the people he’s seen. It’s going to be with him the rest of his life. Rob and Kimberly then run in, and we hear Rob say under his breath, “Damn, the boys won.” Asked by Phil about their relationship, Rob says he absolutely wants to be with her. Phil also adds this just means Kimberly will now have to wait for that “big rock.” That’s nice. Way to put it in perspective, Phil.

Lyn and Karlyn run in, with Lyn saying it’s a dream come true to finish the race and make history as the first female team to do so. Karlyn now knows she can do whatever she sets her mind to, and calls it the best blessing. She talks about a butterfly coming from the cocoon, and says it’s definitely something to give to her daughter. Something tells me her daughter will get more out of the experience than the money anyway. Kimberly says the Race is definitely one of the hardest things she’s ever done, and she’s proud. Most relationships don’t get put through this, but they have a great relationship. Hmm, hours ago she was never going to speak to him again. Rob says it turns out he’s in love with her. This despite the fact she got to skydive rather than him.

Phil mentions that Tyler and James talked about the tough times they’d been through, but what he doesn’t say is that they spent nearly every moment of the first three or four episodes talking about nothing but. He tells them he knows their families would like to hear from them, and has them call their families on a Sprint picture phone. Tyler calls his mom and says, “James and I just won The Amazing Race,” and she calls it a miracle. James’ family happens to be in the same place, and he says, “Pops, we just won a million dollars,” and his dad says they’ve been praying for them. I love it when people call their fathers “Pops.”

The 6-Pack, reunited again, share hugs, as do the other teams. Tyler says he feels like he just went through a time warp with all the things he went through. He adds that ever since he turned sober, how life has been too good to be true. It sounds trite, but he then utters the title, “We won the game of life, and now we won The Amazing Race.”

This has been one of my favorite seasons ever of the show, but I didn’t start watching until a few seasons in. We’ll all get a chance to catch up with our favorite racers, though, as when the show returns in February, it will be a special All Stars season. Some racers are still a mystery, but confirmed so far are Romber, Kentucky, Uchenna/Joyce, Mrs. Paolo and son DJ, Colin/Christie, and Myrna/”Chmyrna.” See you there.

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