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The Amazing Race 10, December 10th – We Won the Game of Life, and Now We Won TAR.

Karlyn will do the roadblock, as will Kimberly, and Rob is not happy with it, saying it’s the one thing he wanted to do. As Karlyn is pleading with her instructor to not be crazy, Tyler makes his jump and James takes the nosedive. Karlyn makes her jump, and as Lyn makes the nosedive she scrunches up her face in fear. Kimberly jumps, as Rob is loving every minute of the nosedive. Back on the ground, he’s still saying how jealous he is. Tyler and James meet up again at the train station, and receive a clue saying to go back into Paris and make their way to Place de la Concorde to search for the next clue.

Lyn and Karlyn arrive together at the train station, as do Rob and Kimberly, and everyone books the same train that leaves at 5:23 PM. Rob and Kimberly decide to change their American dollars into Euro and are told to go to the post office. While they’re gone, the train comes. Tyler, James, and Alabama make sure the train is headed the right place, and it is, yet it’s only 5:10. Rob and Kimberly get back and can’t figure out what happened to everyone else. They catch the train at the correct time. Somehow, though, they all wind up arriving at the same time on the two different trains. Maybe it looped around and came back, hitting the same station twice?

Off the train, Alabama and Rob and Kimberly catch taxis right away, but by that same odd quirk of fate, Tyler and James have to wait much longer. Rob and Kimberly reach the clue box first, and it’s a Detour – Art or Fashion. In Art, teams will need to pick up a painting from a gallery and deliver it to an artist. In Fashion, teams will travel on foot to a fashion studio, then create a jacket by cutting it and fitting it to a mannequin. All three teams decide on Fashion, but Lyn and Karlyn somehow take longer to get there than the others.

Rob asks Kimberly if she expects him to just stand there and watch her make the jacket, and she says yes. He begs to at least do the sleeve, and Kimberly refuses. She says she’ll tell him when she needs his help, and his reply is, “Okay, Boss.” Lyn and Karlyn believe they have the wobbliest mannequin on the planet, but finish first. However, the judge tells them their pleats aren’t good. Rob and Kimberly finish, but are also told no. As both of them keep trying, and are consistently told it’s not right, Lyn thinks they’re working with the fashion gestapo.

Tyler and James get it right the first try, and Kimberly and Rob figure it’s because they’re models. The next clue has them traveling back to New York City where they will need to find a news building with a giant globe. Lyn and Karlyn finally have their jacket approved, and while Rob waits he puts a sash on his head. I don’t think he’s meant for the world of fashion. Lyn and Karlyn take a gamble and decide to go back to Orly, figuring the other teams don’t know about it, and hope their good luck with it strikes twice. Rob and Kimberly finally get their jacket approved.

Tyler and James say they go to New York City every year, so it feels like home turf to them. On the way to the airport, Rob is still bitching about not skydiving. Does he ever give it a rest? Never mind, it’s a rhetorical question as we all know the answer. Kimberly tells him she thought they were doing the race to win a million dollars, not just to skydive. She then decides she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore and that she’s done with him. Yeah, right. Just like how Rob didn’t want to talk to “foreigners” anymore, and that was weeks ago.

Tyler and James get to the airport, Charles de Gaulle, and say they need to get to New York City as soon as possible. There’s a flight that leaves at 8:25 AM and flies direct, landing at 10:15 AM, but there’s no seats left in economy and the rules state teams must fly on economy. There’s also a flight that leaves at 9:55 AM and arrives at 11:55 AM in Newark. There’s way too many on the waiting list for the first flight for the models’ comfort, so they wait.

At Orly Lyn and Karlyn find there is no direct flight out to New York from that aiport, but they do hear about the 8:25 from Charles de Gaulle to JFK. However, they are told it’s full and they aren’t able to get on the waiting list from that airport. The gamble apparently isn’t paying off this time. Rob and Kimberly find the same fate with the 8:25 flight, but beg to get on. The agent talks to the manager and gets them on the flight. They see no one else there, and hope it’s good news for them, that they will be the only ones to make it.

The models get to the gate and ask to be put on the waiting list, followed by Lyn and Karlyn. The end of the Race is coming down to the plane ride. James is called up to the gate, and he and Tyler are told they will be making the flight. They can’t wait to see the looks on Rob and Kimberly’s faces. Lyn and Karlyn ask the agent if there isn’t just two more seats, but no go. While waiting for their next flight, Lyn says the fat lady isn’t singing, since she starved so much on this race she’s not even fat anymore.


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