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The Amazing Race 10, December 10th – We Won the Game of Life, and Now We Won TAR.

If you follow theories of who [i]should[/i] win this season of The Amazing Race, it should be Tyler and James. Of the teams left, they’re the most physically able, have come in first more often, and have made the least amount of mistakes. They’re not really anybody’s favorites, though, they just seem to be the team no one would mind if they won … well, Lynn, Karlyn, Rob, and Kimberly might mind.

The final three teams are taking off from their pit stop in Barcelona, Spain. The first to leave are Rob and Kimberly, at 11:09 PM. Rob says for himself and Kimberly to be final three is an amazing accomplishment. She says being on the Race has helped her to be able to trust Rob and his decisions, but now he’ll have to learn to trust her as well to win the million dollars. The first clue of the last leg of the race is forcing the teams to do a little research. They need to find the church that has been under construction for the past 124 years. Don’t hire that contractor! They ask before taking off for the name of the church, and find out it’s the Sagrada Familia, and once they get there, they’re quite impressed with it. They search through a park, and realize they’re searching the wrong one. They want to hurry up and find the clue in order to keep their lead.

Lyn and Karlyn (I just realized I’ve been calling her Kimberlyn the past few weeks … wrong reality show) leave at 11:44 PM, with Lyn asking who would’ve thought that these two girls from Alabama would find themselves in the final three. Karlyn wants to win for her daughter, as it would make such a significant change in their life, and she also wants to win for Lyn’s family, as she knows it would change their lives as well. They, too, stop to ask for the name of the church. They’re the first all female team to make the final three, and want to be the first to win.

Tyler and James leave just a little after at 11:53 PM, saying right now it’s every team for himself (themselves?). They’re the strongest team physically, and the other teams shouldn’t doubt them. They ask for the name of the church and hop in a taxi right away. Rob and Kimberly find the clue, and it’s a picture of the Eiffel Tower, meaning they need to fly to Paris, France. Lyn and Karlyn are searching the wrong park as Rob and Kimberly had, when Tyler and James arrive, doing the same thing.

Rob and Kimberly arrive at the airport just as Tyler and James find the clue, but Alabama is still searching the wrong park. Rob and Kimberly are told the ticket agents don’t open until 4:00 AM. Tyler and James arrive at the airport, and wonder about buying the tickets on the internet, but that’s something that needs to be done twenty-four hours ahead. They run into Rob and Kimberly and wonder what happened to Alabama. They’re still searching the wrong park, but eventually find the right park and the clue.

Lyn and Karlyn catch up to the others in the airport, waiting for that magical 4:00 AM. Once the ticket agents open, Tyler and James are the first in line, with Lyn and Karlyn behind them. Rob and Kimberly are in a different line altogether trying to procure tickets. Rob and Kimberly are the only ones that make it on the first flight out at 6 AM. Tyler, James, and Alabama all head for other airlines to get tickets. Pessimist James is brooding, saying they should have done something last night, and Tyler is trying to tell him there is nothing they could have done. They book a flight leaving at 7:05, but Lyn and Karlyn are given a choice of landing in Orly or Charles de Gaulle. They ask which is closer to the Eiffel Tower, and are told Orly. Even thought this flight leaves later at 7:25, they book it, hoping to make up some lost time.

Rob and Kimberly’s flight lands, and they find it’s faster to take the train than a taxi because of the traffic. When Tyler and James land they find the same thing, but end up waiting in a very long line to catch the train. Lyn and Karlyn’s flight lands and they grab a taxi, and don’t spend any time at all in traffic, and decide the driver is doing a very good job of driving. They must have found the only one in the whole world that can accomplish that feat. Riding on the train, James says it’s definitely faster than a taxi.

Rob and Kimberly arrive at the Eiffel Tower and are shocked to see Alabama’s bags sitting out, while Lyn and Karlyn are on their way up to the third floor of the landmark. They arrive first at the clue box, with Rob and Kimberly shortly after. The clue sends them by train to the Caen Airport to find their next clue. Tyler and James still aren’t there yet as Alabama arranges tickets for the 12:25 PM train. Rob and Kimberly get the same tickets. Tyler and James eventually arrive, and everyone ends up on the same train to the airport. That bit of research definitely paid off for Alabama, as it equalled the playing field again.

Tyler and James are the first to get to the clue box, and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will tandem skydive with an instructor while their partner is treated to a surprise aerial nosedive. The skydivers will land on the sands of Omaha Beach, one of the landing sites for WWII, and then will be taken to a train station where they will be reunited with their partner. What’s with all the trains in France? It will be Tyler doing the skydiving as James has done more Roadblocks on the race. Lyn and Karlyn arrive at the clue box second, and as they’re reading the clue, Rob and Kimberly come running in, and she takes a header right into the clue box. Call me sadistic, but I totally cracked up at this.


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