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The Amazing Race 10, December 3rd – Hey, I'm Up a Giant Chick's Skirt.

It’s Rob and Kimberly that get to the Town Square first to throw tomatoes. Seeing all the tomatoes, and then getting pelted with them, Kimberly declares the task stupid, and says they should go do the other one, but Rob tells her just to look for the “damn clue.” Kimberly says she just doesn’t understand it, why they’re going to sit here and get hurt. All the while they’re being pelted, and I can only think how fun this is going to be with Alabama.

Dustin and Kandace are looking for the giant costumes and can’t find the bridge, saying it doesn’t look like one. Kimberly is still very upset with the tomato throwing, and she screams, not yells, screams, “Listen to me!” When he still won’t listen despite that display she’s putting on for him, she says she’s going and she’s done. He yells at her, but she leaves anyway. Rob asks why she can’t be tough, and says they’ve only been there for five minutes. Kimberly says she’s not going back in there to get hit in the face again. He says, “Way to go, Kim. Way to cry, just because you got hit by a bunch of tomatoes. You just blew it. You just threw in the towel.” Well, that’s a switch. It’s usually him throwing in the towel and giving up.

In a sudden reversal of fortune, Rob and Kimberly go back to the tomatoes and find the clue, which sends them to Palau Nacional of Montjuic, the next pit stop. Dustin and Kandace complain of pouring sweat inside the giant lady costumes as Lyn and Karlyn arrive to toss tomatoes. One of them is calling the people throwing them bastards, but I’m not sure who. Tyler and James find the Giant costumes and have a lot of fun with it, saying they look like hot giant chicks. We also are forced to listen to this exchange, “Hey, I’m up a giant chick’s skirt.” “How’s it smell in there?” Karlyn and Lynn argue in the tomatoes, with Karlyn wanting to quit and Lyn wanting to finish it out. They find the clue, and driving to the pit stop, Karlyn admits she doesn’t handle a lot of stress well, and she apologizes.

Rob and Kimberly run onto the mat to take first place. They win a Travelocity trip for two to the Gold Coast of Barbados. Phil asks them if they think the other teams are as hungry as them, and they say everyone else has a friendship, but they have a relationship to go for as well, meaning they have more to gain in the end. Phil mentions them being a few hours away from a life changing moment. Rob starts crying, and says it would meant a lot to him to win it. Hugging Kimberly, he says he wants to win the million dollars to start a family with “this amazing woman.” He wants to marry her. He loves her so much and wants to start a life together. Again, I’m not sure why you need the million for that. That’s one helluva wedding dress for that money.

The beauty queens sand models split apart in their search for the square in the sidewalk and the giant lady. It appears to pay off for the models as they get there first, just before the beauty queens. They figure they have time, as it looked like Alabama was way behind. However, Alabama is playing the hurry up and wait game stuck in traffic. Dustin/Kandace and Tyler/James both arrive around the same time at the pits top, but can’t find the right place to go. Dustin and Kandace ask the tourists. Lyn and Karlyn have gotten out of their traffic jam, and arrive on the steps looking for the correct place to run in as well. They figure it out right away, and take the escalator up. They run onto the mat in second place, becoming the first all female team to make it to final three of the Race. They say they need to seal the deal and be the first female team to win the million.

The only hope and prayer the beauty queens have is if it takes the models more than thirty minutes to find Phil and his mat. Editing sets us up, as they always do, so we don’t know who’s running in, but it’s Tyler and James taking third place. Phil notes how they overtook the girls, and they add in how close it was. But again, close doesn’t matter with a thirty minute penalty.

Dustin and Kandace arrive in last place and are eliminated, with Phil adding everyone was trying to get rid of them. They answer they felt it. Kandace says they really thought they could go all the way, as they worked so hard and pushed themselves. They knew they wouldn’t be happy unless they won, as they don’t know how to do anything halfway. There’s a stereotype of them playing with their tiaras on all day, but they hope it’s broken. Yes, is. They played a great game, no matter how you look at it.

Tyler and James call it every man for himself and every team for themselves, while Rob says he now feels a confidence level of a 10. Lyn says what propels them past the others is their ability to stay calm, as they others are very emotional. They argued the whole way this leg, so I’m not sure where she’s getting that. If they can pull it out next week, it will truly be something, but my money is on the models.

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