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The Amazing Race 10, December 3rd – Hey, I'm Up a Giant Chick's Skirt.

Rob and Kimberly are still wandering around aimlessly, saying they have no idea where they are, and they proceed to get into fight with Rob shouting he needs the clue, and Kimberly telling him not to yell at her. Yep, he’s changed alright. Lyn and Karlyn run into them, and they all exchange notes. Kandace is still eating the camel meat, and she and Dustin decide it sure beats the fish eyeballs. As Kandace finishes, and they’re leaving, they see Alabama and Rob and Kimberly coming, and they decide to hide the clue, so it looks like they haven’t found it yet either. This makes Rob and Kimberly follow them. Rob gets upset, then, finding out they’re being fooled, and the beauty queens say they think he has a little bit of an anger management problem.

The last two teams finally find the clue box, and Rob refuses to do the Roadblock, leaving Kinberly to do it, and Lynn will do it for her team. Driving to the airport, Tyler and James decide the Blondes looked desperate. They say again how they’d love for Alabama to be in the final three as they’re the least physically fit. The beauty queens are rushing to the airport as well, and are hoping to get on a plane and leave before Alabama and Rob and Kimberly get there. Dustin says she’d trade Christmas presents for five years to have that happen, but all Kandace will agree to is no camel meat for five years. Gee, way to sacrifice.

Lynn gets her camel meat first, and says she’s the mother of three, and every time she goes to buy meat, there’s some dead animals there, so this doesn’t bother her at all. Karlyn gets upset she’s not going quicker, and Lyn tells her to lay off. Kimberlyn tells her she can’t be chewing and contemplating, and Lyn says she let Kimberlyn do hers, not she needs to let her do hers, too. Kimberly is gagging and choking on the camel meat, despite everyone else saying it tastes like hamburger. I recall her struggling with the cow lips much more than he did, so why again is she the one doing this?

Tyler and James arrive at the airport, looking for the soonest flight to Barelona. Lyn finishes her meat, and she and Karlyn are still arguing back and forth. Kimberly still has half a plate left, and she and Rob can’t figure out how Lynn ate so fat. Lyn tells Karlyn as they’re driving away that to berate her wasn’t going to do any good, as the meat had just come right off the fire. It was hot. Karlyn says she’s not going to change. Okay. That clears that up. Kimberly finishes, the last of everyone.

Dustin and Kandace can’t stop kissing the local that helped them as they bid adieu at the airport. They catch up to the models just as they have arranged a flight leaving at 4:30 PM, and they ask the models if they’d let them jump on the mat before them, if it was a neck and neck situation. They were hoping maybe in a foot race, the guys could maybe trip and fall. Tyler and James seem almost pleased with themselves, saying this is the first time the Blondes have wanted to be a part of a team with them. Huh? By allowing them on the mat first? No matter, as they’d rather be teamed with Rob and Kimberly anyway.

Dustin and Kandice are able to get in on the same flight with Tyler and James, as are the last two teams. Tyler and James are still stewing, saying getting fourth would “suck so bad,” They want the Blondes out so bad, they can’t even articulate it. Dustin and Kandace sit by loving every minute of this, knowing everyone is plotting against them. Regardless of the plotting, everyone is on the same flight to Barcelona.

In Barcelona, the teams need to take a taxi to the Parc de la Labyrinthe, and search inside the maze to find the next clue. The models and beauty queens jockey for position in the cabs, trying to pass each other. Tyler and James plan to tail them to the very end, since the beauty queens are holding on to the thirty minute penalty. Walking onto the mat either right before or after the beauty queens assures the models final three. I was wondering why no one ever did that with Kentucky, instead of trying to beat them to get them out. Just tail them. As long as you’re not thirty minutes behind them, they’re gone, and you’re in.

At the Labyrinthe, the sign says it doesn’t open until 10:00, leaving everyone to catch up with each other. While waiting in the daylight for the gates to open, the Blondes ask some locals to use their cell phone and call a cab for them, telling them to be sure and tell the cab to only let the blonde girls get in. Witnessing this, Rob has Kimberly do the same thing, to which Dustin and Kandace call them copycats. Tyler and James tell Rob and Kimberly to call one for them as well. Lyn and Karlyn don’t notice any of this, as they sit around and talk about Karlyn’s temper.

The four teams are let into the maze, and Tyler/James and Rob/Kimberly find the clue first. Dustin and Kandice hear them, and follow the voices, and Lyn and Karlyn find it last, but somehow make it back out of the maze first. This next clue ends up being a Detour – Lug It or Lob It. In Lug It, the teams will travel by taxi to a city street, then travel by foot to a bridge. They’ll slip on the costume of a giant from the Annual Festival of Giants, and walk more than a mile to find a certain square in the road where a female giant will be waiting to give them the next clue. I know it sounded okay on TV, but looking at it here in black and white, it sounds like a bad trip Tyler and James were on before they went sober. In Lob It, teams need to travel to the Town Square, where they’ll need to find the next clue hidden in a huge pile of tomatoes, but the whole while, they’ll be engaged in a tomato fight with the locals. So do you look for the Giant Lady or get involved in a tomato fight?

The Blondes and Rob and Kimberly catch their taxis, but something has happened to the taxi for the models, as it’s not there. They and Alabama are forced to run down the road, calling for taxis. Tyler and James take the first one, and Lynn and Karlyn take one shortly after. Tyler and James believe they know which one the Blondes are taking, as they still intend on following them to the mat. Lyn and Karlyn are deciding on throwing the tomatoes, as they aren’t sure how heavy the Giant Lady costumes are. Okay, I’m still giggling. It’s still funny. Now I have images of tomatoes being thrown at the Giant Ladies.


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