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The Amazing Race 10, December 3rd – Hey, I'm Up a Giant Chick's Skirt.

It can’t be argued that it wasn’t an exciting race to the pit stop last week on The Amazing Race. In a very unexpected finish, beauty queens Dustin and Kandice came in last after getting lost on the way to the Detour. Luckily for them, it was a non-elimination round, but they wll incur a thirty minute penalty if they don’t come in first on this next leg, just as Kentucky did in their last time being marked for elimination. It’s going to be tougher for them than it was for Kentucky, though, as there’s only four teams left, and it will be harder to squeeze into the middle somewhere. In addition, they have no alliance waiting to help them.

None of this is lost on Tyler and James as they leave at 5:30 AM from the pit stop. James says there’s a million dollars on the line, and they’re going to do whatever it takes to make it all the way. They don’t care what place they’re in as long as they knock the Blondes out. Tyler would rather have Alabama in the final three than the Blondes, as they’re less competition. Don’t let Karlyn hear you saying that. As they leave, saying there’s nothing like a good Moroccan sunrise, they receive a clue, saying they need to make their way to an area known as Cartia Dehabut.

Lyn and Karlyn leave one minute later at 5:31, saying it’s the first time they have been this close, and it feels great. With the Barbies marked for elimination, they have a plan to get them out, since the Barbies tried to get them out the last time on the Yield. As they drive way, Lyn says she used to love road trips, but is now growing weary of them. I think that’s understandable. But you can’t tell me that if they had been tapped for The Amazing Race All-Stars next time around they would have turned it down.

Rob and Kimberly leave at 5:47 AM, and she says Rob just continues to keep going for it, and he hasn’t quit. Huh? Is she kidding me? Who is that has been saying every week, every time his team reaches a setback that it’s “over?” I’m pretty certain it’s Rob. Kimberly continues, saying he used to need a little need a little push, and it was something she was worried about going into this race. Color me confused. Or her. One or the two. To his credit, though, he does say he just wants to make it to final three, as he has a really certain belief that they will win a million dollars and get married, riding off into the Moroccan sunset. I never can figure out why getting married is contingent on winning the Race. All I can think is it would be one helluva reception.

The teams aren’t real thrilled driving themselves down the mountain, with no guardrail, and call it nerve-wracking. Kimberly says she hates how there is so many dogs out there. When Rob questions her, she corrects herself to lambs, then changes her mind again, and says they’re goats. I’m hoping they were really, really far away when she was confused like this, and they weren’t just on the side of the road by the missing guardrail.

Dustin and Kandice leave at 6:16 AM, 29 minutes after Rob and Kimberly, the team in third place, ready for the long task ahead of them. They’re just as bubbly as ever, saying this wakes them up, and it’s definitely an interesting move between them and the other teams. They feel their coldness. The beauty queens are glad they have each other, as it’s all they really need to catch the others. They won’t even know what hit them, as they’ll come in like a little whirlwind. I don’t care whether you like this team or not, you have to be impressed with the enthusiasm. It’s catchy.

Tyler and James stop and ask for directions, with Lyn and Karlyn having similar problems, saying none of these people speak English. Actually last week we found out a certain part of the population does, but it must not be the part along the main drag. Rob and Kimberly stop and ask for directions in the middle of an intersection, and Dustin and Kandace seem to have found the only English speaking person along the road, bringing him with, hoping the other teams are having a hard time finding the place.

Tyler and James hit the clue first, and find a Roadblock where they will need to get in touch with their “inner chef and adventurous appetite.” One person from each team will indulge in a traditional Moroccan meal by entering a busy market, finding a certain stall where they will get over a pound of camel meat. They’ll find Cafe 11, prepare, cook, and eat the meat. Once they clear their plate, they’ll receive their next clue. With the ease James had ingesting those cow lips a few weeks back, the honor goes to him.

James purchases the meat, and sets himself up with some shish kabobs after hand grinding and seasoning the meat. While Rob/Kimberly and Lyn/Karlyn are still out asking for directions, Dustin and Kandace, with their local in tow, arrive for the Roadblock, with Kandace deciding to do it. They can tell the “boys” are shocked to see them, and Dustin says, “Awesome. Awesome.” James wants to confirm that she actually said, “Awesome. Awesome.” Maybe the bubbliness has its limits. With a camel head with its tongue hanging out nearby, James finishes eating the meat, saying it was like a big hamburger.

Tyler and James next clue sends them to the airport to catch a flight to Barcelona, Spain. As they’re leaving, they find Rob and Kimberly driving into the general direction, and tell them the blondes arrived, beating everyone, and advise them to run back to where they came from, to which they answer, “Where’s that?” After this, Rob and Kimberly seem to run around aimlessly looking for the clue box. At Cafe 11, Kandace is deciding this is the protein that has been missing from her diet. As she hands her kabobs to the chef, she tells him she likes it medium well and giggles.


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