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The Amazing Race 10, November 26th – Just Like Cockroaches

Dustin and Kandice wisely decide to try Grind It, since that’s heading back to the city where they just were. Tyler and James initially think they will Throw It. Tyler and James wait for the approaching car, but it’s not Rob and Kimberly as they assumed, it’s Lyn and Karlyn. Having been an art major, Karlyn wants to do the olives, not the pots. In other words, she’s wisely being realistic about the time involvement. Rob and Kimberly are changing their tire, and it looks like they are getting local help.

Tyler and James ultimately decide to do Grind It, and while driving back to town, pass by Rob and Kimberly changing their tire, and tell them how far away the cafe is. Lyn and Karlyn feel like they’re moving up in the race, and declare themselves like cockroaches. They just won’t die. Dustin and Kandice wonder if they have driven too far, and stop to ask. They were right; they went too far, passing the olive farm. They’re glad they stop and asked, and hope they will be the first teams there, since there are only three stations at each Detour, and it’s first come, first served. Instead, Tyler and James reach the olive farm first and start grinding, as do Lyn and Karlyn.

Rob and Kimberly arrive, and start grinding, followed by Dustin and Kandice who now must wait. They can’t figure out how everyone else got there so fast, and mostly they can’t get over the fact they Yielded Alabama, but are now behind them. Rob spins the olive grinder, while Kimberly pushes the olives around with her hands. The other two teams are working together to spin the olive grinder. Tyler and James finish quickly, and put the mash into sleeves, with Lynn and Karlyn doing the same shortly after. While Lynn and Karlyn talk about being Yielded, but now ahead, Dustin gets upset and says they just talk, “Smack, smack, smack.”

Tyler and James are asked to put more olives in their sleeve, and then are cleared to receive their next clue. Dustin and Kandice move quickly into their spot. The models’ clue tells them to drive to the Nomadic Berber camp, the pit stop near Marrakech. They will need to search for a famed boulder. Lynn and Karlyn finish as well, and decide the Yield must have been good luck for them. They also decide it sucks for the Barbies. Well, that’s an understatement, and something tells me Alabama isn’t feeling all that badly about it.

Tyler says he remembers seeing signs out the way of Marrakech, so he’s thinking that’s where they need to go. James says he trusts Tyler saw it, but he needs to remember Alabama gets places fast. Lyn and Karlyn are happy to be ahead of two other teams, and just want to see the Barbies eliminated, as that’s all they wanted the entire race. Karlyn is wearing the good luck charm from the antique shop, saying she doesn’t know what it is, but she believes in it. Rob and Kimberly finish and take over, and shortly after, Dustin and Kandice are the last ones to finish.

Tyler and James get to the pit stop, but can’t find Phil, saying he ought to be places where he can more easily be found. They forget the good luck charm, however, and need to run back to get it. While running back, they cross paths with Lyn and Karlyn running in. Alabama is no match physically for the models, and the guys pass them up running in once again, as they find the good luck charm, and run onto to the mat for first place. Their good luck charm matches the one the local greeter is wearing, and they win some type of cell phone with a year of service. I would have thought the prize would have been better than that.

Lyn and Karlyn come in on the mat in second place, and Phil notes the fact that they’re second, even though they got Yielded. Kandice says the bad thing about them Yielding Alabama, is now they will say it’s bad karma, since it didn’t turn out so well. Rob and Kimberly stop and ask for directions, and both their team and the beauty queens are traveling through town looking for the pit stop. Dustin puts the lucky charm on, as Rob and Kimberly run in for third place. Dustin and Kandice arrive, and run in, telling each other they love each other.

The beauty queens are told by Phil that they are in last place, but it’s a non-elimination round, meaning they are now marked for elimination. They will need to come in first place next week, or will receive a thirty minute penalty. I see them scratching to get ahead. They note to Phil that the other teams see them as a threat, especially one of the teams. They know they can’t make everyone happy, though. They know the other teams can see how competitive they are, and that they’re still there, despite not playing nice. They didn’t stop when someone’s tire went flat. They want to do it faster, and they want to win.

Out of any of the final four teams, I can see the beauty queens climbing out of being marked for elimination more easily. I think the three teams that have run the race better are Tyler/James, Lyn/Karlyn, and Dustin/Kandice, and I think they should all be in the final three, although we all know that isn’t always how it works. I think they’re the most deserving, though.

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