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The Amazing Race 10, November 26th – Just Like Cockroaches

Tyler and James are content to sit behind the blondes and wait while the beauty queens do all the work. Too bad they don’t have enough respect for Lyn and Karlyn to realize they used a map and know exactly where they are going. Dustin and Karlyn end up asking yet another person to come with them and show them where this studio backlot is. Alabama passes them, on their way to the studio, but Tyler and James laugh, thinking they’re only on their way to the antiques store. Rob/Kimberly and Tyler/James follow someone else, deciding not to wait any longer to follow the beauty queens.

Once Rob and Kimberly arrive at the antique store, and see a clue already gone, they figure that it’s the blondes that have already been there. Everyone is underestimating Lyn and Karlyn. Tyler and James arrive at the store, and seeing the Yield clue, say they want to Yield the Barbies. If they pull up and see their faces plastered on the sign, though, they’ll have to kill somebody. Dustin and Kandice are still searching for the store, and go back to where they picked up the local and head out again, finally getting there. They realize they are in bad shape, as they are in last place with Yield ahead.

Karlyn and Lyn arrive at Atlas Studios in first place, only to see that it won’t open until 8:00 AM the next day. It just goes to figure, they say, the one time they get somewhere first, they can’t get a Yield or anything out of it. Rob and Kimberly arrive, followed by Tyler and James and the blondes. No one can believe Alabama beat everyone else there. Once the doors open at 8:00 AM, there’s a mad rush to the Yield sign. Tyler and James get there first and choose to Yield no one, as do Rob and Kimberly. Dustin and Kandice, however, choose to Yield Alabama, feeling if they didn’t do it right then, they wouldn’t be playing the game. Maybe the beauty queens are the only ones not underestimating them.

Past the Yield sign, there is a Roadblock that promises the chills and thrills of being a gladiator. One person from each team will join professional race charioteers, and as they ride around, they will pull two separate flags that match the plume of their horse. Rob does it for his team, remembering how petrified Kim was to be on a horse, earlier in the game. I’d call that a complete understatement. Dustin will be driving the chariot for her team, and James for his. Alabama isn’t too happy about being Yielded, and says the Barbies Yielding them is typical of what they do. They already hated Dustin and Kandice, and they see this as very typical of what they do. Karlyn says for her, though, she goes home and goes right to sleep, meaning she’s not doing anything bad to keep her up at night.

Riding around in the chariots, Dustin gets her first flag, as does Rob. James misses his first one, however. Dustin gets her second, Rob does too, and James gets his first as well, calling it a “freaking” flag. Finishing, Dustin and Kandice want to get out of there before they have to see Alabama again. It’s too late, though, as Karlyn flips off the beauty queens, which Lyn tells her is “ugly” and advises her not to do it. I’ll agree wit her on that. Rob and Kimberly also finish, and the two teams receive clues telling them to drive themselves to Idelssan Morocco, to Cafe Pirgola. They decide to work together for the time being, even though Rob acknowledges he doesn’t trust them, but still uses them from time to time. He can’t believe they Yielded Alabama, calling it kind of crappy.

James finally gets his second flag, and he and Tyler take off for the Cafe Pirgola. Lyn wonders why they were Yielded, as you would think one of the physically stronger teams would want to take each other out. It will be Karlyn doing the Roadblock once the Yield is over, as she admits it will be good for her, since she is pissed off at the beauty queens. She gets her flags quickly, and they know they aren’t that far behind the rest of the teams.

Rob and Kimberly stop to ask someone for directions, and while Dustin and Kandice wait for them, Tyler and James blow past them both. Dustin and Kandice then decide not to keep following Rob and Kimberly, and to take off after the guys. Looking at Rob and Kimberly’s car, you can see they’re getting a flat, and Dustin and Kandice notice, but decide initially not to tell them. Lyn and Karlyn pick up a local to help them get to the cafe, and Kimberly is noting that Alabama is good with directions, as far as where they stand in the race. This leads to even more questions on why they spent so much time chasing the Chos last week, as they probably could have fared better either on their own, or with the Chos following them.

The blondes mention again about not telling Rob and Kimberly about the flat tire, and at the same time Rob is noticing something funny about the way the car is handling, wondering if he’s getting a flat. Dustin and Kandice eventually come clean and tell Rob and Kimberly, who get out to change the tire, yet Rob can’t find a jack. Lyn and Karlyn note they have never come in number one, but still keep hanging in there. They figure there must be a higher power that wants them to be there. As far as Rob and Kimberly, looking at them changing a flat tire, Alabama says if you have trouble every time you get in the car, maybe it’s you, and not the cars. It’s always something else, though, so I think it’s just bad luck, as Kimberly pleads with Rob not to give up again, as he does every week when they have a car problem.

Dustin/Kandice and Tyler/James find the cafe and a Detour – Throw It or Grind It. In Throw It, the teams will drive to a marked pottery shop and use pottery wheels to throw two properly made pots. Once approved, they’ll get their next clue. In Grind It, teams will drive to the North Africa Horse Ranch and Olive Farm. They’ll find the olive mill and grind seventy-seven pounds of olives, then fill the pressing sleeves. Once approved by the olive miller, they’ll receive their next clue.


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