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The Amazing Race 10, November 26th – Just Like Cockroaches

We’re down to the nitty gritty here. It’s the final four on The Amazing Race 10. We’ve lost two-thirds of the 6-Pack and much of the great diversity we started with this season. We are left with the traditional fighting couple that can’t decide whether they should stay together, the traditional all alpha male team, and the very un-traditional two all-female teams, and even more untraditionally two beauty queens and two moms. The last moms that made it this far with the Bowling Moms. No all-female team has ever won the Race, yet it seems there’s a 50/50 chance of that happening right now.

Tonight we take off from our pit stop at the Patriotic War Museum in Kiev, Ukraine, and it’s Tyler and James that are in the lead, leaving at 7:33 AM. Their pick to go to final three with them is anyone but the beauty queens. The starting clue is sending them to Ouarzazate, Morocco where they will need to drive to an antique shop, find a good luck charm, and hopefully have it bring them good fortune at the pit stop. The models get into the car they drove around Kiev on the last leg, and decide it’s “whacked.”

As Dustin and Kandice take off at 7:41 AM, Dustin says she’s going to pay for her college in Morocco. I’m thinking she must be planning on doing some gambling. But they are receiving 0 dollars for this leg of the race, so I’m not sure what she plans on gambling with. She and Kandice want us to know that the million isn’t what’s driving them; it’s the spirit of the competition. Right. This beauty queen that just admitted she has outstanding college loans is playing for the spirit of the competition. I didn’t just start watching reality shows yesterday. You and every other person out there wants the cash. It’s like saying the people on Deal or No Deal only go on there to exchange germs with Howie.

I don’t remember a race where every team seemed to be so unsure about themselves and their direction abilities, as Tyler stops to find directions to the airport. Rob and Kimberly are leaving at 8:19, and Rob admits the Race is definitely helping him grow. He now realizes when sometimes he just needs to breathe and calm down. Kimberly recognizes he’s starting to learn that sometimes he can’t control everything. However, as we say this, he’s complaining again about the gear shift not working in what was their replacement car from last week.

Dustin and Kandice arrive at the airport ahead of the models, and the ticketing agent says they can fly to Casablanca with a connecting flight in Milan, arriving at 3:00 PM. From there, they would then travel to Ouarzazate. Tyler and James arrive, and figure if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, as they join up with the blondes to get information. The flight to Milan is now booked, so they need to keep looking for a connecting flight to get them into Casablanca to catch the flight to get into Ouarzazate at 10:55 like the models.

Lyn and Karlyn are finally leaving at 9:08 AM, and as they leave, they wonder what language Morocco speaks. Kimberlyn decides Moroccan, but doesn’t think that’s really a language. I researched just now, as I didn’t know either, and I found Arabic is their main language, although some also speak English and/or French, and a few also still speak Berber. Just an FYI for ya. Alabama notes they’re the last surviving members of the 6-Pack and will now have to race by themselves, although that’s how they started, as they “acquired” the others.

Rob and Kimberly arrive at the airport and hook up with Tyler and James. Finding that the flight Dustin and Kandice are on booked, they find an alternate flight through Paris. Either way, they’ll still be getting on the same flight in Casablanca, to get them to Ouarzazate. Although, Rob plays a trick on the beauty queens, and as they’re eavesdropping, he allows them to think they will be arriving on a different flight that will get them there at 1:00. They asked why they weren’t told about this other flight, and Rob admits it doesn’t exist and that he was bluffing them. Lynn and Karlyn arrive in time to catch the same flight to Paris as the other two teams, but have to take a later flight that doesn’t land in Casablanca until 10:00 PM.

Dustin and Kandice miss their connecting flight to Casablanca in Milan. The flight is closed, causing them to call the ticketing agent unhelpful and unkind. Lyn and Karlyn spend their extra time in Paris perusing a map of Ouarzazate, to get a little ahead of the game. They know people underestimate their strength in these type of areas. They make it to Casablance just in time, and the beauty queens make it as well, sneaking on the plane, surprising the others that think they missed a flight somewhere along the way. Rob was hoping that the way they played the game in taking a different flight than the others, when they were all connecting at the same place, would have been more of a fatal mistake.

With the blondes following a taxi to get to the antique store in Ouarzazate, Tyler and James follow them, upset that the blondes snuck out ahead of everyone else. Dustin and Kandice would like to lose the models from following them, but don’t have a lot of luck, as the driver they’re following has to stop for directions. Lyn and Karlyn know exactly where they’re going after their map studies. They walk into the antique store and ask if anyone is home. They pick up their good luck charm, and get a clue telling them to drive to Atlas Studios, to a Moroccan studio backlot that was used to film Cleopatra and Gladiator. Alabama drives away quickly, hoping no one will see them. There will also be a Yield marker at Atlas Studios, and they say it’s not if they will Yield, but more who will they Yield.


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