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The Amazing Race 10, November 19th – Nice Guys Finish Last

Alabama talks themselves into taking off without the Chos, citing a need to be more independent and venture out. Witnessing this, the Chos say they are disappointed, since they have been working with them the whole way. Regardless, they now view their alliance with Alabama as being over. Luck finds them following the white car they believe is Alabama, and it is indeed them. Maybe it’s just me, but no one’s panties would be in a bunch over any of this had Alabama just said to the Chos, hey, we normally don’t have so much of a hard time finding a place. Why don’t you let us lead to see if we can find this apartment number 33. No one would be upset, and the alliance would be intact. Something tells me Mama Mary isn’t going to be too happy at the remaining 4-Pack breaking up in this manner.

Tyler and James are still looking through the piles of sheet music, looking for the desired piece. Finding it, they wander through the private rooms in the conservatory, and eventually find a pianist. Dustin and Kandice are heading out to do their rap, and I can only think the locals here are going to love these two blonde beauty queens. One of their lines was, ” … cracked the limestone, and all I heard her say was moan, moan, moan.” Huh? Who was moaning last week? As they finish their rap, Tyler and James finish listening to Chaicovsky on piano, and both teams get a clue telling them to go to the Great Patriotic War Museum. The models are hoping they can beat the beauty queens since they had done the rapping. As Rob and Kimberly are driving to the rap task, she sits in the back seat composing her rap. Very smart, to get the jump on it now.

The Chos are still following Alabama, saying Lyn and Karlyn usually have good intuition. Again, then why not let them lead to begin with? Alabama is getting irritated, saying the brothers need to learn how to run their own race. Rob and Kimberly find the studio as Alabama and the Chose are pulling up in front of the apartment building, and taking different entranceways up the stairs. Alabama beats the Chos up the stairs, and that right there is telling me the rest of this isn’t going to go so well for the brothers. As Alabama takes off, the brothers decide to go get directions on their own, citing the fact that they have too much pride to keep following Alabama.

Rob and Kimberly finish their rap, and find the same people that had given them directions before. They ask where the War Memorial is, and the locals agree to ride with them. Approaching the war memorial, Dustin says, “What’s that, that huge thing?” Tyler and James are approaching as well, and both teams make a break for it to reach the mat first, but it’s Tyler and James that take the title of team number one for this double long leg of the race. Phil’s good news for them is that they have won a Travelocity trip for two to Mexico. Great. I was trying to forget the fact that the rest of my family is vacationing without us in Acapulco this week. Thanks, Phil. They say nothing feels better than to be back on top and to knock the blondes off.

As Kimberly did, Karlyn sits in the back of the car, composing the rap song. She thinks she remembers all the countries and it rhymes, so they won’t look like complete idiots. The Chos are … stopping to ask for directions. Dustin and Kandice run in to take second place, with Phil reminding them that no all female team has ever won the Race. Dustin says nothing is going to stop them now, but I think the models have other plans.

The Chos can’t find the dance studio to do the rap music, so decide just to do the conservatory. Rob and Kimberly run onto the mat for third place, as Erwin and Godwin walk into the conservatory saying it would have been too hard to rhyme Mongolia. You’re right. Try orange. That’s why I write recaps and not rap music. As Alabama performs their rap, the Chos are searching through the sheet music. The Chos find the music and the pianist with Alabama is still rapping, saying the want to win money to buy a new car. Knowing they’re in close to last place, the Chos stop to properly clap for the pianist.

Alabama is praying they’re not last, assuming it’s between them and the Chos for fourth and last place. Karlyn is hoping the Chos are lost. The Chos are driving and asking why everyone is in the street. They wonder if this is the day the street is closed off for traffic. Just then, they get pulled over by the police, and asked to show all their documents. As Lynn and Karlyn say this is the closest they ever got to a million dollars, they arrive on the mat to take fourth place, and both hug Phil.

As we watch the sky growing darker, the Cho brothers are finally cleared to leave by the police. Now, just how did this happen? Figure the irony, that the one time they don’t stop to check today to make sure they’re going the right way, they’re pulled over for not being where they should. In total darkness, the Cho brothers, Erwin and Godwin, arrive on the mat for fifth place, and are sent home by Phil. He notes how the brothers decided they wanted to run it differently. Erwin says for that it was for as many personal reasons as it was race reasons. The one thing that is surprising to them is how deep their friendship was with David and Mary, as well as Lyn and Karlyn. They tried everythng they could to keep them in the race as long as possible.

Godwin, through tears, says they wanted to run the race the way they were raised. No one’s perfect, and they probably made a lot of mistakes, but they wanted to do it the way they thought was right. Edwin sums it up by saying they wanted to play the race where they could wake up in the morning and feel good about what they took to the very end.

If that’s the case, if that was their true goal, then Erwin and Godwin Cho have just won and not lost.

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