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The Amazing Race 10, November 19th – Nice Guys Finish Last

Dustin says the only thing she knows about the Ukraine is the Ukrainian Bell Carol, and proceeds to do a few bars of the melody which is good. I know the song, but had no idea that’s what it was called. The melody, however, is nonetheless stuck in my head. The other flight lands, and Rob and Kimberly get a local guy to drive to the school while they follow. The Chos stop by a cop to ask for directions, and Lyn and Karlyn decide to follow them, since they have this new knowledge and a map. Once on the road, the Chos slow down, then get out and ask for directions again, and Alabama says it’s ridiculous because of the waste of time. The Chos believe it’s better to do this than to go in the wrong direction.

The blondes and models arrive at the school and find a roadblock. One person from each team will take command of a tank and drive it through an obstacle course. Finishing, they’ll receive the next clue from an officer. Dustn and James are doing it for their teams, and James gets ahead of Dustin, despite the fact he got a late start. He then gets stuck in the mud, gets a mud bath trying to get out, and as they drive neck and neck, Tyler wonders why he’s driving like a girl. It’s Dustin that comes in first. Tyler reminds him he got beat by a girl. That’s right, and in a tank yet. The clue they receive has them driving back to Kiev and looking for Apartment #33, where they need to knock on the door to get the clue. Can you imagine knocking on the wrong person’s door, as they wonder why there’s a camera crew and two mud-dripping models on their doorstep, or better yet two blonde beauty queens?

As Tyler and James drive away, they pass Rob and Kimberly arriving, and tell them where they need to go. The beauty queens observe this and wonder why they’re helping them, and realize not only because they are all friends, but that they have no friends. Kind of sad, actually. As proof of this, Rob says he hates being behind the blondes, but they caught up to them, and that’s the good thing. What is especially amusing to him is that the “so-called genius Cho brothers” haven’t made it there yet. He believe that proves that book smarts don’t get you through. Maybe so, but I’d take the heart and book-smarts they have any day.

Lyn and Karlyn are still traveling behind the Chos and yell at them to hurry up. The Chos are driving too slow for Alabama, and also continue to stop, seemingly every few minutes, to get directions. At the Roadblock, Kimberly drives the tank. Rob says he is finding out on the race that she is a “superhuman creature from outer space, wowing me left and right.” Sure, you say that now, until you’re upset with her again. They leave to find apartment #33, with a good lead on the last two teams, and hoping to catch up with the first two.

Alabama and the Chos finally arrive at the Roadblock, and it will be Godwin and Lyn driving the tanks. It’s Godwin that gets the muddy water dumped on him, while Lyn is saying, “Help. Help. Help.” The Chos finish and wait for Alabama, despite the fact that Alabama didn’t wait for them after rappelling the Olympic Stadium tower. Erwin says some people might see it as a risk to wait for the other team, and Alabama is saying, “Who knows why they wait for us. I wouldn’t expect them to.” They continue to get irritated driving behind the slow-moving Chos, as Lyn says she feels like a “blue-haired lady on a Sunday drive.” This alliance just isn’t the same without Dave and Mary. I think they were the cornerstone.

As Rob is happily driving along trying to catch up to the first two teams and lose the last two, “something” happens to their car, and causes them to pull off to side of the road. The cabbie that they were following stops as well to help them. The Chos say they are praying for a miracle, because anything can happen. Lyn says it ain’t over til the fat lady sings, and she hasn’t seen the fat lady yet. Rob stands next to his failing car, and says “This blows. We’re done.” Apparently, he’s seem the fat lady and she’s singing his song. Yet, he says this every episode, and somehow they always make it through.

While waiting for their miracle, the Chos just keep driving along, apparently viewing themselves in the role of the tortoise from that famous fable. Alabama just gets more and more annoyed. The Chos decide that a highway might be faster than the country road they’re on, so … they stop and ask. Lynn gets out and asks, thinking she could get this whole thing accomplished a heck of a lot quicker. Rob and Kimberly are waiting for a replacement car. The Chos have determined they were going the wrong way, and Lyn asks Godwin why Erwin is driving so slow. He doesn’t appear to have an answer. Getting in their new car, Rob says it appears the clutch is broken. Is the fat lady getting ready for her encore?

The beauty queens and models both arrive at apartment # 33 at the same time. it’s Dustin and Kandice that are the first to knock on the door, and a woman, that I’m not sure, but could be the one that was singing for Rob and Kimberly before, appears at the door and gives them their clue, receiving a hug from the beauty queens. Tyler and James are right behind them. The clue they receive is a Detour – Make the Music or Find the Music. Both are in reference to the diverse musical heritage of The Ukraine. In Make the Music, teams will travel to a hip hop club, join the underground rap movement, and write a rap song to perform that includes the names of all the countries they visited on the race. They’ll be judged by Kiev’s top rap artist. In Find the Music, the teams will go to the national Music Academy of the Ukraine and search for a select Chaikovsky piano pice out of stacks and stacks of sheet music. They will then deliver the sheet music, searching the private rooms in the conservatory for a pianist waiting for the piece. After listening to it played, they will receive their clue.

Chos have made it back to Kiev, but wanting help with the local address, stop at a gas station. Lyn is about to explode. Karlyn is equally upset. Dustin and Candice get to Dance ‘n Groove, and are asked to don costumes and write their rap. They wonder how to be a rapper, and one of them, I’m not sure as we can only hear the voice, saying you just need to stick your hands in your pants. Something tells me the local Ukranian men would love to see these two blonde beauty queens shoving their hands in their pants. Tyler and James really want to come in first, and say they’ll be disappointed if the girls arrive first, being that they’ve already done that the past three times. They arrive at the conservatory, and dress in fancy tails, which is fitting because the sheet music they are searching for is called “Concert Fancy.”

Rob and Kimberly arrive at apartment #33 and decide they will do Make the Music. They ask some people waiting outside how to get there, and I’m not sure, but I think it could be the same people Dustin and Kandice asked for help earlier. Meanwhile, the Chos are stopping again, as they think they need “better directions.” Karlyn says, “Oh my God, are you kidding me?” Lyn retorts, asking if it bothers her, then why isn’t Karlyn navigating. Karlyn doesn’t think it’s a good idea to follow them, but says she’s said that several times already.


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