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The Amazing Race 10, November 19th – Nice Guys Finish Last

The Amazing Race played a trick on us … and the racers … last week, by not having a pit stop in Helsinki, Finland. Tyler and James had received a clue saying it wasn’t over yet, and the show ended. Being that they have sixty minutes to fill tonight, it’s pretty much assured that they’ll travel to another country. Sometimes they spend two weeks in one country, but Finland just doesn’t seem big enough to fulfill two shows. Of course, I’m leaving myself open here, to Finnish travel agents emailing me to tell me of all the wonderful things to see and do in their country.

Picking up where we left off, Tyler is not a happy camper to find that they don’t get that twenty-four hour mandatory rest right now. He and James also find in this clue that they need to travel to the capitol of the country with Chernobyl, the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident. The question is whether they will know that Chernobyl is in what is now the Ukraine, and the capitol is Kiev. Once they arrive in Kiev, they will get in marked cars that are holding another clue. As they show the empty marked cars, all I can think is that they look like something The Honeymooners would be driving. Maybe the clue will send them to the moon. The models wonder if traveling there isn’t just a little dangerous, as they don’t want to be getting a third eye. Of course not; that would ruin their career.

Dustin and Kandice are just arriving at what they thought was the pit stop, and are preparing to rappel down the 236 foot tower of the Olympic Stadium. They need to go face first, which Phil explains is sometimes called “Angel Dart.” Because if you don’t make it, you die and see angels darting in front of you? That would scare me to have it called that. This is a first come, first serve challenge. While there are three lines available, only one team member from each team may descend at a time.

Kandice is rappelling first, and falls with her butt on the side of the tower wall. Karlyn and Lyn and the Chos are still wandering around looking for the clue, as are Rob and Kimberly. As Kandice finishes, and Dustin prepares to head down the tower, she says nothing she has ever done in her life prepared her for what she is about to do. It’s out of her comfort zone. Karlyn and Lyn begin to wander around inside the stadium, looking for whatever is next, but leave quickly, saying it doesn’t seem right. Rob and Kimberly finally see the blondes on the tower, and run into the tower to look for the clue. Godwin calls out to Erwin to follow Rob and Kimberly, but there’s only room for two in the elevator at a time. Lynn and Karlyn catch up to them as well.

Dustin and Kandice finish rappelling the tower, and reading the clue, they just know that Chernobyl is the place where the atomic bond went off. Oh boy. They wonder how far ahead the models are, and believe they have a love-hate relationship with the guys. They can’t afford to spend time with them on the race, as ultimately they have to breakaway. If the beauty queens stick with the models, they know the guys will outkick them in end.

Kimberly starts rappelling, and Godwin prepares to do the same, but then makes Erwin switch with him, which confuses Erwin, as he says he’s more afraid of heights than his brother. Either way, neither of them would ever choose to do something like this. Tyler and James are already arriving at the airport, and the beauty queens are well on their way as well. Kimberly is taking her time rappelling, and Erwin finally starts as well. Kimberly makes it down, and ask she waits for Rob, both Lyn and Karlyn have already made it down. As they take off for the airport, they decide not to wait for the Chos. They believe they still have an alliance as far as sharing information, but they’re in a race. However it works out is how it works out. That’s fine, but the problem is that the Chos don’t see it that way.

Rob finishes the rappelling quickly, and Rob is just shocked, by the time he has a chance to reflect and think about all this, that it wasn’t a pit stop. Driving to the airport, Rob is equally shocked that Kimberly didn’t know Chernobyl was in Russia, and she tells him she’s tried to tell him before that she’s geographically challenged. The Chos finish, and looking around, realize Alabama left with them. They are quite upset.

Tyler and James approach a ticketing agent in the airport at 9:17 PM, and ask for a flight to “Chernobyl.” When she asks, “Chernobyl?” they reply they need to go to capitol city, and kind of trail off a little, assumably because they’re embarrassed they don’t know exactly which country they need to go to. She replies they need to go to Kiev, Ukraine, but the next flight isn’t until the following morning at 8:25. She says it’s the next and best. James gets very upset about it, and Tyler tells him just to let it go.

Dustin and Kandice arrive, and the models fill them in, telling them there isn’t any flights until 8:25 AM, which will have them arriving in Kiev at 1:35, and Dustin and Kandice have no other choice but to take that flight. As Lyn and Karlyn are stopping for directions to the airport, Rob and Kimberly arrive, and find all the ticketing agents closing for the night. They convince the same agent that the earlier two teams used to stay open to help them, but while she’ll give them information, she won’t sell to them until 6:00 the following morning. Rob asks if Chernobyl is in Russia or Ukraine. He is told it’s in Ukraine, and that the earliest flight out is now 9:25 AM, as the 8:25 is now full. The Chos and Alabama arrive and can’t even get information at the ticketing window. The next morning the last three teams arrange tickets right away, and find that while they are leaving an hour later than the first two, and connecting in different cities, they are all scheduled to land at 1:35. Dustin tries working her voodoo, hoping the other flight will be delayed.

Dustin’s voodoo works, as the other flight ends up having a half hour delay. Surveying their choices of Honeymooner cars, the models decide they’re very old school. One of the beauty queens wants to grab the white one, as it looks like her first car, a ’64 Falcon. The clue inside the cars is written with Russian characters, but it translates to telling them to drive to Oster Tank School, a Ukranian military training facility. The two teams follow a local, and split the cost of paying for the help. Tyler remarks he doesn’t even know what car he’s driving, yet he’s still looking to do what they did yesterday, and arrive in first place.


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