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The Amazing Race 10, November 12th – No Right on Red, and No Wooden Shoes

The models and beauty queens find the mine, but not the marked door. The models eventually find it while the beauty queens continue to look. They get into the mine and ride down before the girls have a chance to catch the same ride. Alabama get off the train and take off without helping the Chos, with the brothers saying their style would have been to wait for them. After riding down in the mine, Tyler and James find a roadblock. One person from each team will immerse himself in the Finnish mining industry by riding a bik down a steep incline. there they’ll find a piece of limestone, attach it to their bike, then ride back up. Reaching the beginning again, they’ll use the special tools to break open the limestone to find their clue. James does this one, and says he is looking forward to finally doing his part.

As Dustin and Kandice ride down, they talk about the similarity of this and what David does. It will be Kandice doing the roadblock. James says it’s not a problem riding down, but “coming up’s a bitch” with the limstone attached to the bike. Back at the top, their clue tells them too drive back to Helsinki and find the Olympic Stadium. As Kandice makes it back, Dustin tells her all the tools she needs are right there, so she needs to “grab a pokey thing” to get started. Yeah, it’s right next to the thingamabob, and behind the whatchacallit.

Alabama talk about the crazy way that Rob and Kimberly are driving, and it’s Alabama that reaches the mine first, with the Chos following. Finally finding the mine, rob tries driving into the actual mind itself, and it’s Kimberly that tells him he can’t do that. David would be having a field day with this one. Alabama and the Chos ride the same lift down together, and Rob gets upset, thinking they are out of it now. Possibly, but you’ll be in time to get the Pessimist of the Year Award.

The Chos reach the roadblock in third place, followed by Alabama in fourth. It’s Godwin and Karlyn doing the task, and Rob drives his bike like a maniac trying to catch up. Karlyn touches Dave’s hat and calls out for him to help them on this one, to help the remaining 4-Pack. Karlyn has to push her bikek uphill, as there’s no way she can ride it. Tyler and James have reached the Olympic Stadium, and run in, but can’t find Phil or the mat. As the beauty queens say they’re within a minute of the pit stop, Dustin says she kind of hopes it’s the Bama girls that leave today.

And it’s not looking very good for those Bama girls as Karlyn is still pushing the bike uphill, yet manic rider Rob passes her. Godwin is walking up as well, and apologizes to Karlyn as he passes her. Somehow, though, all three teams get their clues, and ride back up on the same lift together, equalling them out again.

Tyler and James still can’t find where they’re supposed to go inside the stadium, and Dustin and Kandice have stopped for directions, despite the fact they thought they were one minute out. Tyler and James finally find a marker telling them to make their way to the top of the 236 foot Olympic tower. At t he top, they will perform one last task. Still trying to get there, the beauty queens complain that Finland doesn’t turn on red. This brings up a question … before a team is allowed in a marked rental car, do they have to over the rules of the road? And if so, is it taught by the guy from the driving school in India?

At the tope of the tower, Tyler and James find they have to rappel down, face first. Tyler says thank God he’s rock climbed before, as he feels like Spider Man, but James it intensely scared with a fear of heights. Dustin and Kandice arrive and see the flag, running up right away. Alabama, Chos, and Rob and Kimberly all are arriving at close to the same time, and are all getting ready for a foot race to the mat. James makes down to read a clue that says this leg is not over.

Argh! It’s one of those! So who’s to say after another hour of racing, who will be in the lead and who behind the pack. At least this time football didn’t delay the game, so I don’t have to get caught up wathcing Cold Case when the Race is over, trying to catch all of the show off my TIVO. Which brings to mind an interesting point my mom made recently. The three shows on Sunday night … Amazing RACE, Cold CASE, Without a TRACE. Do you think they planned that all to rhyme like that?

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