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The Amazing Race 10, November 12th – No Right on Red, and No Wooden Shoes

It’s Tyler/James and Dustin/Kandice that are first to arrive at the coffee shop, and sign into AOL. Tyler sees a message from his mom, and he says she’s the most important person in his life, with their relationship grown so much since he stopped using drugs. James’ sister pops onto the screen greeting him. Kandice receives a message from her mom, and Dustin from her family, as she says she is really close to her family, and it meant so much to see them there, knowing they are supporting her. Wouldn’t it be funny if for once someone on one of these shows actually said they aren’t close to their family at all, so they don’t care one way or another. The family members have an additional message for the racers, telling them that the cafe owner has their next clue. They will make their way by train and taxi to Soppeenharjun Koulu (could these locations be any harder to spell?), a school, and follow the marked path, searching the grounds for the next clue.

As the Chos arrive at the coffee shop, Erwin sees a message from his girlfriend, and there is another from his and Godwin’s mother and sister. Lyn and Karlyn’s messages make me cry, as they hear from their kids that they are glad their moms got the opportunity to do this, and that they love them. “Yea Mommy!” Karlyn is uncontrollably crying, and says it feels good to see her babies, but it made it hurt more. She and Lyn never expected to see them like this, and they miss them so much. I think in the same situation, I would be a similar puddle of goo at that point. Rob and Kimberly arrive last, and find messages from Rob’s their mothers. Kimberly also gets to see her dog.

Dustin and Kandice get to the train station and get their tickets, as do Tyler and James, but the Chos had the wrong directions and have to double back. Rob and Kimberly ask someone to allow them to follow behind, and Lyn and Karlyn ask for directions. As much as the first on the train were hoping to be separated, everyone makes the same train. Karlyn, obviously still thinking about the messages from the kids, says she made a lot of sacrifices to do this. She left her daughter. Tyler’s only concern at t he time is moisturizing his face, saying he likes it, and wants to keep it for a year or two. Kandice says she goes to him for all her beauty needs she forgot, like nail clippers and conditioner. Kind of funny, isn’t it, that the beauty queens go to the guys to borrow their beauty products.

Everyone looks to catch cabs as they exit the train, but the blondes and models catch the only two. Rob and Kimberly jump ahead of everyone waiting in line, including the locals to get a cab, and Lyn and Karlyn follow. The Chos decide to wait, and decide they are stuck because of being polite. As they continue to wait, they say that being polite sucks sometimes. Sounds like a country song.

Dustin and Kandice get to the school first, just ahead of Tyler and James. They find a Detour – Swamp This or Swamp That. In Swamp This, the teams will strap on cross country skis, and make their way through a muddy field, using skill and finesse. In Swamp That, teams will slog through an obstacle course in the mud, and jump, crawl, and carry each other to reach the next clue. As the blondes decides to do Swamp This, and the models decide to do Swamp That, the Chos are still waiting to get a cab. Rob and Kimberly initially get dropped off at the wrong school, causing me to think they have the same cab driver the models had most of the way through Asia. Lyn and Karlyn arrive at the Detour in third place, and decide to do Swamp This, although they have never been on skis before in their life. Apparently skiing isn’t real big in Alabama.

The Chos finally arrive at the Detour, just before Rob and Kimberly. Both of them decide to do Swamp That. James gets stuck in the mud, and Tyler has to pull him out. As Dustin falls in as well, she says she’s going to look like she pooped her pants. As it seems they have done most of the race, Tyler carries James, until they switch up. It’s Rob carrying Kimberly, naturally, and Godwin carries Erwin. The first to finish are Dustin and Kandice, as they find a clue telling them to take a train to the city of Turku, then drive to the town of Lohja Tytyrin Limestone Mine. This show is murder on my spellchecker. They’ll take c train into the mine for their next clue. Tyler and James arrive just the beauty queens, yet the beauty queens get a big jump on them as they didn’t stop to change, but the models did.

Rob/Kimberly finish the Detour in third, Alabama in fourth, and the Chos in last place. In the car on the way to the train, Rob says he didn’t think he’d be able to carry Kimberly as easily as he did. Rob, Rob, Rob. You don’t say stuff like that to a woman! She, as we all would, asks if this means he thinks she’s fat. The beauty queens arrange for a train leaving at 3:11, realizing the other teams only have five minutes to catch the same one. The models make it, but Rob and Kimberly just miss it, as it pulls away from them standing on the platform. Hey why don’t these two have a catchy team name like everyone else. Models, Beauty queens, Blondies, Moms, Bama Girls, Alabama, Chos, Cho brothers, but who the heck are they other than Rob and Kimberly?

Rob and Kimberly catch the next train, an hour later, as do the other teams. Dustin and Kandice study the map on the train while Tyler and James ask the locals for directions. The Chos find a guy that works for a mining company, and wonder if it’s Kentucky helping them out in spirit. When Rob and Kimberly walk through the car carrying the Chos and Bama Girls, the Chos ask Alabama if they felt the cold air when the other two walked by. Karlyn decides there needs to be an announcement on the party train, that those are not their friends. Meanwhile, Rob and Kimberly sit saying that Alabama is racing with a chip on their shoulder, and say they have been judged by them since the beginning. From where I sit, it looks like the only ones not judging anyone have been the Chos and Kentucky.


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