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The Amazing Race 10, November 12th – No Right on Red, and No Wooden Shoes

I’m finding my way out of mourning for Kentucky, and trying to get excited about watching the show without them. I know they weren’t everyone’s favorites, but they just always had so much heart. They just made the show fun to watch. Kind of like the Hippies last season. They were just fun to root for. I’ll have to root for the rest of the 6-pack to do well.

The first team to leave Madagascar are Dustin and Kandice, at 2:56 AM. They know people think things are handed to them, but that’s just not the case. Dustin says they scratch, and fight to win. Yeah, and that’s all just with their rented cars they use, like the previously cute little green one. Their clue tells them to fly to Helskinki, Finland, and find a coffeehouse, Kappeli. There they will log on to a computer to find a surprise in their AOL email. I don’t think I could stop there. I’d pull up a chair and check out all my email. I wouldn’t be able to be out of touch that long. Dustin asks if Finland is the place where they where wooden shoes. She’s not doing a whole lot for the reputation of blondes here.

Tyler and James leave at 3:08 AM, with Tyler saying he thinks James appreciates the type of friend he is to him. He’s sure he understands he gets on his case sometimes about issues he thinks James needs to handle. It’s clear Tyler is the dominant one here, but it just gets … weird in a way. Tyler finally stopped obsessing about not doing drugs anymore, and is now obsessing about his and James’ relationship. It’s a little odd.

Rob tells Kimberly as they leave at 3:14 AM, “We’re going to Europe, Baby!” Every night they says they are looking at what they need to do to get to the pit stop as fast as possible. And this separates you from the rest of the racers how? They want to stay in their alliance with Tyler and James, and don’t want to break it. They blondes, they figure, are “not super trustworthy.” Erwin and Godwin, the Cho brothers, leave at 3:24 AM, and say they’re really going to miss David and Mary. Me too! They’re going to run this leg of the race in memory of them, figuring once a member of the 6-Pack, always a member of the 6-Pack.

Dustin and Kandice arrive at the airport. The show has already arranged for plane tickets for the teams out of Madagascar, since they’re limited. They have flights leaving at 9:40 PM and taking them to Paris, France. From there, they are on their own to get to Helsinki. However, they are under no obligation to use the pre-arranged tickets, if they think they can find something better. The beauty queens question the ticket agents, looking for something earlier. Tyler and James arrive and wait behind to find out what answers the beauty queens get.

Rob and Kimberly arrive and find the other four arranging the flights, and ask for the same. They succeed, as the six end up on a succession of flights that gets them arriving at 10:20 AM, way before the flight to Paris will leave at 9:40 PM. Considering the new flight out of Madagascar leaves at 5:00 AM, everyone figures Alabama is screwed. It’s too bad Lyn and Karlyn don’t know all this as they leave at 3:55 AM. They still feel Kentucky is here with them, especially in spirit, as Karlyn is wearing Dave’s hat that he left her.

The Chos arrive at the airport, and get the same tickets as the others. When Alabama arrives, the Chos share their itinerary with them. As they try to get the same flight, they’re told check-in for that flight is closed. Alabama begs, but is told the flight is … the ticketing agent at that time pantomimes an airplane flying away, and tells Alabama they would have to add meals and things, and don’t have time. Alabama replies they don’t care about meals. They get their flight, and say it’s amazing, as they really didn’t have to go through a lot to make it happen. A lesson to all of us. When traveling, demand it. You’ll get it. They get on the flight, and make note to the others not to count them out. The flight takes them to Johannesburg, South Africa, then Addis Abiba, Ethiopsa, then Frankfurt, Germany, and finally to Finland.

As they all catch cabs, landing in Finland, Kimberly needs to tell Rob to stop repeating directions to the driver, as he’s just on a treadmill, repeating it over and over. Karlyn asks somewhat to herself, somewhat to Lyn, if they still have an alliance with the Chos. Lyn says it’s supposed to be pretty cut throat at this point, and they just want to catch up with the models and the Barbies. the Barbies disgust them, though, as they usage their image to get ahead, coming out all the time with boobs and arms hanging out all over. Karlyn says it upsets here that they get an advantage because of their looks. It’s all kind of funny as the beauty queens were just saying that type of opinion upsets them. Right now, though, they are seeing Tyler and James as their main competition, and want to eliminate them.


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