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The Amazing Race 10, November 5th – Kentucky Is Who We Are

As Dustin gets her first stamp, Kimberly apologizes as she throws up again. James is completely done, and seems to be glad he’s “good at something in this damn race.” Dustin gets her second stamp, a boat. The Cho brothers arrive, Godwin does the Roadblock while Erwin leaves for the pit stop. Alabama and Kentucky finish delivering their mattresses and search for taxis separately. Kandice hopes it’s Dustin coming in to the pit stop in the taxi, but instead it’s Erwin. They decide the FF must be horrible for none of those four to be there yet. Kimberly is afraid she won’t be able to do it, and is reminded by the other three about Kentucky being marked for elimination, and are told no team will finish a detour and roadblock ahead of them. They figure the other four teams are plowing a field somewhere and sweating.

Dustin gets all her stamps and leaves for the pit stop, while Mary prays in the taxi that one of the other teams mess up, for her and David to arrive, and not have their thirty minute penalty matter. Godwin gets his boat stamp while Kimberly takes a breather, with the three guys telling her they’re “golden”, and that it’s okay.

On the way to the pit stop, Dustin wonders if the FF people are already at the pit stop, and says there are just so many unknowns with this situation. What is not known, is that Kimberly is still working on eating her cow lips. Rob is told his woman is a machine, and that she is the only woman there that could do it. I’m betting Mary could chug down a cow lip or two though. Kimberly finishes, they all receive a clue saying they can work separately again, and to proceed directly to the pit stop. Rob and Kimberly kiss, and all I can think of is “Eeeeeww!” being that they just got done eating that disgusting mess. They all figure no one else can be ahead unless they ran a miracle. Miracle? Nah.

Godwin finishes, as Dustin’s cab needs to stop for gas. She pleads with the driver to just get a little bit. David and Mary don’t see Lyn and Karlyn at that place with the horrendously long name. It will be Mary searching for stamps, while David travels to the pit stop to wait for her. Rob and Kimberly’s cab pulls over for gas, as does Godwin’s. He says, “you gotta be kidding me!” Dustin runs in to join Kandice, and they are officially in first place for the second time in a row. They have won a Travelocity trip for two to the Hawaiian Big Islands. Beating the people that had done the FF, they feel like they’re on a roll and gained momentum. It’s a “stamp of validation,” Kandice says.

Mary gets her plane stamp, as Tyler and James run in to the pit stop to pick up second place. As Alabama arrives, Lyn does the Roadblock, while Karlyn heads for the pit stop. Mary tells Lyn where she got her stamp, saying she doesn’t want to become the devil just for money. It’s not worth it. Amen. Preaching to the choir. Rob and Kimberly run in for third place, as Mary gets her second stamp, the train. Godwin runs in, bringing him and his brother a fourth place finish.

Lyn gets her car stamp, while David talks about being marked for elimination. He figures if they go home, it was meant to be, although he hopes it’s not. Mary gets her train stamp, as Karlyn talks about the 6-Pack knowing they couldn’t stay together forever. Mary gets her fourth stamp, and as she’s in the taxi on the way to the pit stop, she cries and says she misses her kids so much, yet they are the reason she is here. She has to keep on. Lyn finds more stamps, but they don’t match the ones she needs.

As Lyn gets her boat stamp, Mary arrives at the pit stop, making her and David unofficially in fifth place, yet they have to wait out those thirty minutes. She seems to be having a hard time deciding what to wish for, as either she and David will be eliminated or Alabama will be. She says it’s hard that it’s the Alabama girls, as they’re their best friends. As she looks for her last stamp, Lyn tells the dealer, “I need Choochoo!” and finds it. With all her stamps, and now on the way to the pit stop, the taxi stops for gas, and she tells him if he didn’t have gas, he should have told her.

As David and Mary still wait, Lyn comes running in, with her and Karlyn being told they’re in fifth place. David and Mary are told to step forward by Phil, who tells them they still had twenty minutes remaining from their penalty for not coming in first, so are both eliminated. David says he really wanted to win a million dollars for his kids, but no matter what, when they go home, their life will have changed. Their kids will be proud. He couldn’t have done anything on the race without Mary. She helped him, and he’s proud of her.

Mary says it’s the hardest thing in world to do this race, and the Alabama girls are some good women. Lyn says she formed a good lasting friendship with Kentucky, and she hates to see her friends go, but she relishes in their spunk and spirit. She appreciates the spirit of who they are. Mary says the race is what made her appreciate where she’s from. “Kentucky is who we are.” It made her appreciate she doesn’t have to be stuck in one place. She needs to get out and take her kids to see the world. She doesn’t want her kids to be like her. She wants them to experience life, because she never did. It’s a whole new book, not just a new chapter.

David and Mary hug Lyn and Karlyn goodbye, and David takes off his ever-present blue baseball cap, and places it on Karlyn’s head. I know it sounds trite, but Kentucky definitely won this race regardless. They became better parents, partners, friends, and people. They had never met gay people before and had never befriended black people before, but they leave the race having experienced so much, and not only meeting these people, but befriending them. They’ll go home to Kentucky with a great gift for their children, but I don’t think their kids will recognize it year for years to come. And I bet on the way home, David finally got his window seat.

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