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The Amazing Race 10, November 5th – Kentucky Is Who We Are

With the other two teams teaming up with each other, that leaves Dustin and Kandice to wait for another team, but they wonder if they are last. Ummm, let’s see 6 teams divided by 2 for the pairs, means this gets divided up equally, so there has to be at least one other team out there. Duh. Tyler, James, Rob, and Kimberly don’t waste any time in taking off for the Fast Forward. After driving around in circles, Alabama and Kentucky decide to stop at the white angel, and the Chos are a little ways behind them. Dustin and Kandice, seeing Alabama and Kentucky coming in, decide that neither would want to work with them, knowing “they hate us.” Well, for good reason.

Kentucky and Alabama team up together, and Dustin and Kandice wonder if it could be the end of it for them. I kept thinking any team would be smart to pair up with David and Mary. With their thirty minute penalty, it keeps any team with them safe, as it means if they come in last, Kentucky would be eliminated, and they’d be kept safe. The Chos show up and, of course, are left to pair up with the beauty queens. If they don’t choose the FF, they will be met by a Detour – Long Sleep or Short Letter. In Long Sleep the teams of four will need to choose eight foam mattresses, wrap in covers, and run through the confusing streets to deliver them. In Short Letter, teams will choose a paper-making station to produce and decorate twenty-eight sheets of handcrafted paper.

The team of Queens/Chos takes off before the KY/AL team. As Tyler, James, Rob, and Kimberly ride to the FF, they say they want to force one of the 6-Pack to be eliminated. Mary would like to try the FF, but Karlyn talks her out of it, saying if the other teams had gotten there first, they’ll waste a lot of time driving to the FF, only to come back. They decide to just do Long Sleep, as it looks the easiest. The Chos tell the beauty queens if they can make it all up to them with the mattress challenge, all will be forgiven. Sure, and the Chos probably mean it, but if it would come from the mouths of Dustin and Kandice, I don’t think they’d follow through. The beauty queens are enjoying it, knowing that the 6-Pack is going to miss the Chos, who the queens figure must be the “ringleaders.”

Tyler, James, Rob, and Kimberly make it to the market, and size up their task of eating the cow lips. Kimberly is disgusted because of the hair, fait, and teeth still connected to it. Tyler isn’t too keen on the idea either, plugging his nose as he eats, just like Kimberly. Rob’s not sure if he can do it, and wants to go over their options, and James tells him they’re committed to this now, otherwise they’d be too far behind. Kim thinks perhaps using a fork and knife will make this all easier.

The other four teams all arrive at the mattresses at the same time, and Mary tells David putting on the covers is like putting on a girl’s pantyhose. So how many times has David done that? She also tells him it doesn’t matter if it’s inside out or not. She calls the race stressful because of the arguments, and says they never had to be together for twenty-four hours a day before. The Chos find working with the blondes very efficient, but being against their friends is tough. Yet they’re both in it to get the million for their kids.

As they finish getting all the covers on, the Chos tell Dustin and Kandice to get the locals to give them directions, figuring being blond and blue-eyed, it will be easier for them. This upsets Kandice a little bit, though, as she thinks it means the Chos think they are only doing well because they are attractive and smile a lot. Lyn and Karlyn get the directions for their team. The problem then becomes how to carry the eight mattresses. While one of the Cho brothers decides it’s a good think he works for a moving company, Mary decides to tie all their mattresses together with the straps from the mattress covers and two fanny packs, with Alabama believing it makes it look like something from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The other four are still working on eating their cow lips. They can’t believe James is actually chewing it and “mowing” these lips. He’s almost done, and the others still have full plates ahead of them. Tyler is taking his time eating the cow lips, figuring they are so ahead of the others that are doing a Detour and a Fast Forward, and he figures they have plenty of time. True, but just a few weeks back, there was no Roadblock. What if that happens again and the Fast Forward doesn’t ‘end up being all that fast?

Dustin and Kandice are following someone showing them where to deliver the mattresses, but lose him. It doesn’t matter, though, as Kandice believes she remembers the directions that had been given to them. She and Dustin tell the Chose to come check out where they believe the address is, and if it’s right, they’ll then go back for the mattresses they ditched. Is this really a good idea? What if someone takes the mattresses? Tying the mattresses worked great for awhile, but now Alabama and Kentucky are struggling to keep it together as it begins to fall apart.

The Chos and Dustin/Kandice find the right address, get the mattresses delivered, and receive a clue saying they are no longer joined together. They no need to go to Tohotohobato Ambondrona Analakely. I would love to tell you what that is, but I was concentrating too much on getting the spelling correct to listen to what Phil was saying about it. Once there, they’ll find the next clue, and perhaps an explanation about what it is. There is only one taxi to be found to get there, and the beauty queens grab it, saying it’s a win win situation for them, and a lose lose situation for the Chos, and that’s the way they like it. They Chos eventually get a taxi, and say it’s tough to compete with the others from the 6-Pack.

Kimberly is complaining that her stomach hurts, but the guys tell her it’s all mental. It makes her more anxious about it when they talk about it, she says, and she follows this with puking. Just in case the cow lips, hair, fat, and teeth weren’t already appetizing enough. As she chokes it down, Rob high fives the other guys. They won’t let her give up, saying if they go back now to the Detour, someone is definitely going home.

Each of the rest of the 6-Pack is now carrying two mattresses apiece. As Mary struggles, Karlyn yells out, “Dave, come help Mary. Don’t just stand right there.” The Chos and beauty queens find the clue at that place they went with the horrendously long name, and find a Roadblock. One member from each of the two person teams will need to search among the dozens of vendors to find four different rubber stamp vendors whose stamps match a plane, train, car, and boat. Their clue will be stamped with it, and when they receive all four stamps, they will make their way to the pit stop, Cathedral Amdohalo, where they will meet up with their teammate who has traveled there without them. Dustin looks for stamps while Kandice waits for her at the cathedral, and does some ceremonial dancing while she waits.


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