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The Amazing Race 10, November 5th – Kentucky Is Who We Are

I was hoping Phil was leading up to something tonight when he told us that the seventh pit stop, the island of Mauritius, was formed by volcanic eruptions. I hoped that meant something really big was going to happen on tonight’s show. No such luck.

Dustin and Kandice are the first to leave the pit stop, at 3:00 AM. They crashed their cute little green car on the previous leg, and don’t want to take that one, so they hop in a cute little red one and take off, wondering who will be stuck with their pancaked green car. Why do they not just have the keys to their own car? Are all these cars sitting outside with the keys in them? Granted, there’s probably enough film crews and security around so nothing would happen, but still … The beauty queens know they’re probably turning people off with their game play, but they’re in it to win, not make friends. They don’t need an alliance, and figure if they are kind to everyone in the process of the competition, they’re okay. Their dented up car is what they figure you get for checking in at the pit stop in last place. So where does that fit in with their plan of being kind?

The clue Dustin and Kandice receive tells them to fly to the capitol city of Madigascar, Antananarivo (is there enough As and Ns in there? I got lost typing it.), and search for the Black Angel, a local landmark. What the clue doesn’t say is that it was recently painted white. I love it when they make them have to work for a clue. I want them to have to figure things out occasionally, rather than just go here, go there, etc.

Tyler and James leave at 3:05 AM, with Tyler saying there are certain times when James is more passive in their relationship and their team. He feels a need to step it up and take responsibility with a more dominant role in their team. As they check over the map to find the way to the airport, James, who is often wrong with directions, going the wrong way (oh, I’m sorry … he told us last time they weren’t going the wrong way, they just chose the wrong turn), says it’s easy to get there. Tyler asks him if he’s sure, as he doesn’t see a little airplane on the map, and this causes James to correct himself, and apologize. James admits to some disappointment to not giving enough as far as a team effort. He would like an opportunity to prove himself. Yet, despite his newfound independence, they decide to wait for their new alliance members, Rob and Kimberly.

Rob and Kimberly leave at 3:09 AM, and do not want to get stuck with the car the beauty queens smashed up. Kimberly says they are still trying to communicate without arguing, and they may do well with it some days, but on others it’s argument after argument after argument. Tyler asks Rob his opinion on how to get to the airport, and the two of them argue some, with Tyler and James eventually following Rob and Kimberly. Probably a good idea with James not being able to find the little airplane on the map on his own. He says he and Tyler weren’t looking for an alliance, but felt forced into to making one because of the 6-Pack. They’re hoping to force them to dwindle down to a 4-Pack. That’s real easy. Just drink two really quick.

Erwin and Godwin leave nearly an hour later at 4:04 AM and decide to wait for Kentucky and Alabama. Lyn and Karlyn leave one minute later and wait for David and Mary. While they wait, they try to figure out what happened to their little red car. David and Mary leave at 4:08 AM and wait for Erwin to come back around for them. Erwin says if it was a choice between them coming in first and being eliminated, they’d give up first in a heartbeat. To them what’s important is to stay together as long as possible and to stay in the race as long as possible.

Lyn and Karlyn take a different route than the rest of the 6-Pack, but Lyn knows they’ll all be friends in the end, regardless of the outcome. Hmmm. Something about that sounds too ominous. David and Mary follow the Cho brothers with Mary noting it’s their second time to be marked for elimination. In this game thirty minutes can mean you’re gone, but they’re not giving up. She’s excited to go to Madagascar, as the only thing she knows about the country is the animals from seeing the animated movie. She’s been wanting her kids to be proud of her this whole time, and I think this just might do it for her.

Dustin and Kandice arrive at the airport in the red car, while Karlyn is still complaining about it being stolen from them, and says it ticks her off. As Rob/Kimberly and Tyler/James arrive at the airport, they’re all still bitching about the car switch as well. All three teams get the same tickets. The 6-Pack arrives at the airport, and all end up on the same flight as the first three teams. Sitting on the airplane, David says, “I ain’t never sit in a window seat yet. It’s my turn.” Mary just says, “Whatever, yeah.” Well, he’s not the most outspoken guy, but he is picking a strange time to speak up for himself.

Once in Antananarivo, David and Mary are first to hit the taxis and take off. They hope to stay in first place as long as they have a really fast driver. Looking for the Black Angel, Karlyn quips, “… which is me. I don’t know why we’re looking for it, because I’m right here.” Some people don’t like Lynn and Karlyn, but I do. The Cho brothers are hoping with the former backpack now the front pack, that they can create some distance, and Dustin can tell the 6-Pack are stepping it up, making her aware they have to be on their A game. Rob and Kimberly enter into some discussion in the cab about people in third world countries dying younger than Americans do, and Rob thinks it’s because they don’t eat enough protein and their brains don’t fully develop. So explain vegetarians. They don’t have fully developed brains?

David and Mary arrive at the lake, but can’t find the Black Angel, or as she calls it, “Black Lady.” They only see a white one. They keep driving, as do Alabama and the Chos. Tyler and James pass up the beauty queens, and Dustin and Kandice say it’s okay, as they’ll beat them at their own game. Instead of passing it up the look for the right one, Tyler/James, Dustin/Kandice, and Rob/Kimberly get out to investigate the white statue and find an “Intersection.” This is something new for the Race, where teams will need to join forces with another team, and perform all tasks together and make decisions together as well. This is until further notice. Tyler and James knew right away they will be merging with Rob and Kimberly, because those “damn blondes; you cannot trust them.” I wonder if this means all blondes are just the two on this race.

And the first decision they’ll need to make is whether or not to go for the Fast Forward, the second of only two on the race. Joined together, both teams would both have to decide to do it, and would have to perform it together. In this fast forward, the two teams need to make their way to market, and find a certain stall to indulge in a local “gastronomical delight.” When Phil says this, it can’t be good. Each of the four people will need to eat cow lips that have been cooked, but still include hair and some teeth. Honestly, it is seeing the teeth on the plate that does me in. I don’t think I could do it with or without the teeth, but with the teeth. Oh … my … God.


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