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The Six Pack Alliance: Bound To Crumble Or Bound For Glory? – Amazing Race 10 Commentary

With only 6 teams left in this season of The Amazing Race, how much longer can the “Six Pack” alliance remain intact? We’ve already seen Team Kentucky (David/Mary) come in last place twice but they were lucky enough that both times it was a non-elimination leg. For the second time now, they must come in first place in the next leg or they will incur a 30 minute penalty.

The first time Team Kentucky came in last place and were marked for elimination, they managed to come in first place in the following leg by winning the Fast Forward. This time, they will have to come in first place without the help of a Fast Forward since each team is only allowed to claim a Fast Forward once during the entire race. If a Fast Forward comes into play on the next leg and one of the other teams gets it, Team Kentucky will undoubtedly be getting the 30 minute penalty. Besides the Fast Forward, Team Kentucky has their alliance members that they can rely on for some help … or do they?

The only other team in the alliance that is completely devoted to it are the Cho brothers. They have sacrificed a Fast Forward for Team Kentucky and they have even waited for Team Kentucky and Team Alabama (Lyn/Karlyn) to catch up to them several times putting themselves at a potential risk of being eliminated. How far are they willing to go though? I think, when it comes down to it, they will not sacrifice their spot in the race for neither Team Kentucky nor Team Alabama. After all, they’re in the race to win a million dollars, aren’t they?

Then there’s Team Alabama – the team least devoted to the “Six Pack” alliance. They have said that they would save themselves before saving any of the other teams. While that does make perfect sense, it basically shows that they are just using the alliance to get themselves further in the race. Strategically it’s a great move, however I don’t think they will get very far anyway. We have seen them clash with the beauty queens (Dustin/Kandice) and the models (Tyler/James) thereby alienating themselves from everyone other than the “Six Pack” alliance.

So, which team in the alliance will be the first one to fall? Looking at the three teams, it’s obvious that the Cho brothers are physically the strongest. However, strategically, the Cho brothers are not very bright. They tend to put themselves at risk too much for the sake of the alliance. While that may be admirable, it’s not a very smart thing to do in a race. I’m hoping the Cho brothers aren’t the first team in the alliance to be eliminated mainly because they are the only team I like of the teams that are left.

Team Kentucky also puts themselves at risk like the Cho brothers do. They were even going to wait for Team Alabama at the pit stop if they got there first in the last episode! If you’re at the point in a leg of the race where you’re heading for the pit stop, alliance or not, your only priority should be to get yourself to the mat. I don’t know what Team Kentucky could be thinking to even consider something like that. I could easily see Team Kentucky be the ones eliminated first by making stupid decisions.

Personally, I think Team Alabama will be the first team in the alliance to get eliminated. I suppose that might be wishful thinking on my part but they are arguably the weakest team remaining. If it’s not them, I expect it to be Team Kentucky as they could also be considered the weakest of the remaining teams. Then again, there is going to be a new twist introduced to the race in the next leg. Perhaps the new twist will completely shake things up and end up causing a strong team to be eliminated instead.

The Six Pack Alliance – is it bound to crumble or bound for glory?

What do you think?

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