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The Amazing Race 10, October 29th – Pickled Fingers and a 6-Pack in Marutius

Rob and Kimberly argue on their way into the post office, and they’re actually arguing about who has the right to be stressed out. The answer is me, for having to listen to them. After their receive their clue, Rob falls as they run back to the car, the throws the clue in the open window. Kimberly asks if he just threw the clue at her, and she says no. She just put it in the window. They drive to the salt bath to join the others, as Dustin and Kandice are on land searching for the mast and sail. Arriving at Salt, and realizing it could take forever to find the shaker, especially with the other teams there, already searching and not finding it yet. They decide to go back and try Sea instead, but she forces him to make the decision.

Tyler and James discuss leaving Salt as well. Back on the small island, the beauty queens are thinking of switching to salt. The guys eventually leave, maybe it’s not over the difficult level but that pickled finger thing, but dustin and Kandice stay put. The Chos and Alabama leave Salt as well, leaving Davi and Mary the lone salt searchers. David doesn’t want to leave, as he’s no quitter, but Mary worries they’re being stupid to stay, and fears they’ll get eliminated over it. I think either they’re definitely in last place, or possibly can pull Salt off sooner before they can drive and finish the next challenge, so they may as well stay put.

Just as Dustin and Kandice find the masts and sails, one of the them falls into a trap, what looks to be a large hole covered with dry grass, and says she feels like Indiana Jones. Their clue tells them to drive 12 miles to the next pit stop, Chateau Bel Ombre. Hey, wait a minute. There wasn’t any Roadblocks on this leg of the race. What’s up with that? I wonder if this is one of those shows where they trick the racers into thinking it’s a pit stop, but it isn’t. It’s making Dustin and Kandice nervous just knowing no one else ever showed up for this task. So for all they know, they could be in last place.

Just as Tyler/James and Rob/Kimberlyarrive on the island, David and Mary quit looking for the salt shaker, figuring they’re in last place anyway. The Chos see the beauty queens coming back from the task as they’re arriving, and realize Dustin and Kandice are now team number one. The beauty queens wave to Lynn and Karlyn saying, “Hi Bama! They discuss that Karlyn need sto take her happy pills in the mornings, as they’re not a friendly bone in her. Others have said that about Alabama, but I just don’t see it.

Rob and Kimberly find the mast and sail, and it’s Kimberly that falls into the trap this time. Tyler and James are starting to second guess this decision, thinking maybe they should have stayed with Salt. Dustin and Kansas seem a little worried about Kentucky, saying they’re their favorite part of the 6-Palliance. They get in their reuined car and are thrilled it still starts. They decide not to say negative things about the car and to only encourage it the whole way. It’s not like it’s Christine, but that would be kind of funny if it was. At the pit stop, it will sure have some good self esteem.

Tyler and James find the mast and sail, and as they leave on their way to the pit stop, they decide their pack is going to finish in the top three, but the 6-Pack is the backpack, with someone going home. David and Mary reach the island and catch up with the rest of the 6-Pack looking for the mast and sail, and seem to find it fairly quickly. Rob and Kimberly mention they hope they’re going the right way, and that’s just never a good thing. They stop for directions, and realize instead of making a left, they should have kept going.

Dustin and Kandice arrive on Phil’s mat in first place, and Phil informs them as the winners of this leg, they have each won a motor scooter where they can carry a passenger, meaning they could take a date with them if they with. Dustin asks if they can take Phil, and it doesn’t seem like he ever answers. Tyler and James arrive in second place as the 6-Pack is receiving their clue to go to the pit stop. Rob and Kimberly arrive on the mat in third place.

The Cho brothers say when they get to the Chateau, they’re just going to run, and they hope no one else takes it personally. David and Mary are saying at the same time that they are behind the Chose, and in front of Alabama, but when they get there, they will wait on the Alabama girls. Karlyn says she doesn’t expect the others to wait for them, as she and Lyn wouldn’t if they were the ones in the lead. Alabama pretty much tells the others this as they pass them on the way to the pit stop. David and Mary choose the wrong Chateau, meaning the Chos win the foot race for fourth place, and Alabama run in for fifth place, sad, as Karlyn says she knows who number six is.

David and Mary are indeed the last team to arrive, but Phil is pleased to tell them once again they came in last on a non-elimination leg. Mary proclaims, “Lord have mercy!” She didn’t think it would happen to them again. They will once again need to come in first, or will incur a thirty minute penalty. I’m guessing there won’t be the second Fast Forward on the next leg, meaning they’ll just have to have some good racing and help from their friends.

Mary says she understands that the Alabama and the Chos are good people, and there is no doubt in her mind the alliance will go to final three. The show ends showing the alliance reunited once again, crying and hugging. Next week could test this, though, as a new factor in the race is revealed, the Intersection, and one of the three teams in the alliance will be teaming up with the beauty queens. It’s almost too obvious to choose Alabama as that team since they are setting the pace to not stay completely together the whole time, plus their obvious dislike for the beauty queens, making it seem an even better story. But I don’t think it will be the obvious choice. It could be either Kentucky, since the beauty queens like them the most, or it could be the Chos, as another athletic teams that does well. At least we’re finally out of Asia.

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