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The Amazing Race 10, October 29th – Pickled Fingers and a 6-Pack in Marutius

Despite leaving together, the 6-Pack has now become separated. Lyn and Karlyn took off a different way, and Lyn wishes there was a way to tell the rest of them. Karlyn asks why, with Lyn saying it’s just courtesy. While Dustin and Kandice wish that Kimberly and Rob weren’t following them, Kim is wondering how much the blondes are willing to help other teams out. Rob is thinking everyone is pretty much in it for themselves at this point. The Chos are be hind Rob and Kimberly, and Kentucky is behind the Chos. Tyler and James find a hotel to stop and ask directions. James figures they’re now way behind everyone else, but Tyler tells him not to assume that.

The beauty queens and Rob/Kimberly arrive at the Baie the same time, and decide just to change into their suits right there. The rest of them, save for Tyler and James, are falling in behind. They all need to don life vests and special shoes before jumping in. Rob and Kimberly get in first, followed by Dustin and Kandice and the rest. Tyler and James are stuck in traffic, and figure it’s just their luck. They really do have the worst luck. Well, not the worst, otherwise they would have already been eliminated.

Kimberly is the first to arrive onboard the schooner, but has to wait for Rob to get there. In the meantime, both of the beauty queens arrive on the schooner, meaning they get the first clue. Their clue has them driving forty-nine miles to Case Noyale post office to get yet another clue. Are we going to do any actual challenges on this race? Everyone else arrives as well, and most of them want to stop for a few minutes and rest before swimming back out to their waiting cars. Mary says this isn’t fun, and David tells her it’s not supposed to be. Well, there should be some fun involved, shouldn’t there? It can’t be just for the million. Well, maybe it can.

Dustin and Kandice take off for the post office, and Kimberly and Robert once again follow them. Tyler and James finally reach the boat as the Cho brothers are done, but wait for Alabama and Kentucky to return back to shore. James thinks the Chos are aligning with the weaker teams to take out the stronger ones, so that they’ll be left with just the weaker ones in the final three. After the producers obviously ask the Chos what they think of James’ assertion, we hear a sound bite from Godwin saying he knows a cynical person might think they’re keeping the others in their alliance because they’re stronger than the rest in the alliance, but he believes if they stick together, they can all be stronger than those that tend to fend for themselves only.

Very shortly after Alabama and Kentucky return to shore and take off with the Chos, Tyler and James arrive back on the shore, pretty proud of themselves for the way they made up ground. As Dustin and Kandice drive to the post office, they try to think of ways to lose Rob and Kimberly. Realizing there are two ways to get to the post office, they decide to trick Rob and Kimberly into thinking they are going one way, but veer off to the other side of the Y in the road at the last minute. Rob and Kimberly seem to think it was accidental, but the beauty queens are happy to no longer be followed.

Guess who’s lost again? Go ahead, guess. That’s right. Tyler and James. They ask some bus drivers for the correct directions, and Tyler blames navigator James for telling him to go the wrong way. James gets up set and says they didn’t go the wrong way; they just missed their turn. Tyler tells him that’s the same thing. Maybe if they’re always getting lost they should switch up and have Tyler navigate for a change, because this clearly isn’t working well this way. Rob and Kimberly are having car troubles of their own. He can’t get the car into gear, and she sweetly tells him he has a green light, which launches them into yet another argument. Rob finally has had enough, and just walks off, saying he’s done. I’m probably not the only person thinking, “Good.” He comes back later only to tell her she never calms him down, only revs him up.

Car troubles abound today. While driving, Dustin rams her cute little sporty green car into the back of a truck. She backs the car back up, and the front end now resembles a cartoon of a car in an accident where it looks like an accordion. Surveying the damage, Dustin says, “Oh, it’s bad! Darn it. Darn it. Darn it.” I’m thinking I would have been saying something a little stronger than Darn it. But, that’s just me. Somehow they don’t need to sign anything or do anything, and are on the road again, praying that the car will continue to work. This is Dustin’s first accident. She’s never even gotten a speeding ticket before. Hmm. Something for the scrapbook.

Rob and Kimberly still can’t get their car going, so need to wait to get a replacement. The 6-Pack drives by them while they wait. Dustin and Kandice get to the post office, and find a Detour – Salt or Sink. In Salt, teams need to drive themselves to a salt bath, a linchpin in the country’s economy. Once here, they will search among three enormous piles of salt for a salt shaker with a clue. In Sea, the teams walk to dock and choose a boat captain. They’ll be taken to a small island and use a treasure map to find a mast and sail which they’ll carry back to the boat. After attaching them, the captain will hand them their next clue.

The beauty queens decide on doing Sea, and while in the boat, they decide to look at the map to help them when they get to the shore, then spend the rest of the time laying back in the boat relaxing. this is contrast to Rob and Kimberly. He says it’s hard to enjoy the scenery when you’re stressed out. Kimberly tells him this isn’t a “vaca;” it’s a competition.

Erwin and Godwin arrive at the post office, followed by Alabama and Kentucky. All three teams decide to do the Salt. On their way out to the Detour, they see Tyler and James just arriving in. They also choose to do the Salt. All four of those teams are searching the salt for a salt shaker, and Tyler worries if going through all the salt is going to make his fingers pickle. Why is he worried about that out here? Mary calls David over to show him a shaker, only to find it just filled with paper. She shouts out to the rest that the clue isn’t in ever shaker. Some are filled with salt or pepper as well.


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