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The Amazing Race 10, October 29th – Pickled Fingers and a 6-Pack in Marutius

I hope that while they are comfortably in first place at the pit stop in Kuwait, that David and Mary are very grateful to the rest of their alliance, especially the Cho brothers. The Cho brothers moved themselves to the back of the pack voluntarily during part of the race last week, just to help Team Kentucky out, to be sure they didn’t come in at the pit stop in any place other than first, saving them from a thirty minute penalty. David and Mary should at least be buying the others in their alliance a round of drinks or something.

David and Mary leave the pit stop at 12:37 in the morning, and say they came in first because of the Cho brothers. Mary says she has made friends here, that are worth the million dollars and more. In a heartbeat she would sacrifice the race for the friends. She has decided that along with the Chos and Alabama, they are the “6-pack”, not “Backpack.” “Backpack” sounds like they’re losers. Then again, maybe the name is derived from how Kentucky is planning to pay back the others, buy buying them a 6-pack. The clue tells them to drive to the island of Marutius in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. They’ll find a marked car waiting for them. Mary says she doesn’t even know where this island is. That makes two of us. They get to the airport, and arrange to arrive in Mauritius at 6:50 the following morning. They’re assured nobody could offer them a faster time, so snatch up the tickets right away.

Dustin and Kandice leave just over three hours later at 3:40 AM, calling this race dog eat dog. Dustin believes each team is out for themselves, and when it comes down to it, only one team can step onto the mat at a time. she believes other teams will do what’s best for them, so she and Kandice will too, thinking they have to to stay in the race. Rob and Kimberly leave at 3:53 AM, as Kimberly is believing it’s time for her to take charge of the team, if she can be assertive about it. She believes he does trust her and will take her word for it. Rob thinks she’s in survival mode, and when she’s in that, he says she’s thriving. He also says he hasn’t heard of Mauritius. That makes three of us.

Dustin and Kandice arrange for a flight leaving at 8:00 in the morning, but we can’t tell yet whether it’s the same flight David and Mary found. The ticketing agent is telling them they will connect through London. They ask him where that is. He says England, and they ask India? He says no, London, England. It’s a very funny exchange, but I think they didn’t realize he was saying London. They go retrieve an atlas, and look at where they are now in Kuwait, and compare it to London and Mauritius, not being able to figure out why the quickest flight would be one connecting this way.

Rob and Kimberly arrive at the airport and ask David and Mary for some help on which flight to take. They say they don’t know, and as they walk away, David asks Mary if she heard Rob get mad at them for not helping them. Rob believes Kentucky were lying and says if they want to segregate themselves, that’s fine. David and Mary are saying they wouldn’t help them, as the only time Rob and Kimberly would talk to them is if they’re in dire need of help. Eventually arranging for the same flight as Dustin and Kandice, Rob and Kimberly ask the same thing, why there are no other flights available other than this one connecting through London.

Lyn and Karlyn leave at 4:10, and say as far as the alliance goes, they have to draw a line between the race and friendship. Karlyn tells them not to put themselves out for her or Lyn, because she’s not going to do the same for you. They don’t seem to be as solidly in this alliance as the Chos and Kentucky. Erwin and Godwin leave eight minutes later and say the alliance is working for them right now. It was a sacrifice last week when they gave the Fast Forward to Kentucky, but they believe the more they can help them now, the more they can have help when they need it later on. I love this alliance, but editing is giving me some real nasty vibes about it possibly coming to an end.

Dustin and Kandice still aren’t quite so sure about the flight through London, and calling the ticketing agent “not the brightest bulb,” they go inside to talk to somene else. Meanwhile Alabama and the Chos arrive at the airport, and David and Mary send them in the right direction to get their tickets, and tell them which flight to get. Tyler and James are just leaving, in last place, at 4:55 AM. They think the “6-pack” alliance is similar to a house of cards, as everyone needs to go at some point, and alliances can only last so long.

Dustin and Kandice work with this different agent, asking if the connection through London is really the quickest way to Mauritius. As they are assured that it is, Tyler and James arrive in line, behind Alabama, who are standing behind the beauty queens. Dustin tells the ticketing agent to get some tickets for Tyler and James as well, because they’re with them. Karlyn takes exception to this, and says they can’t do that. Kandice knows it’s not in their best interest to help Tyler and James, but she would like Alabama to leave today. Dustin adds that Alabama doesn’t give anyone on the race the warm fuzzies. Dustin tells the agent that Alabama is being really pushy right now, prompting Karlyn to say, “I’m being pushy? Y’all just pushed someone in front of us. You can’t do that.”

Erwin and Godwin avoid this mess altogether, and arrange for their tickets at a separate agent. After Dustin and Kandice get their tickets, they walk away, saying they aren’t going to miss Alabama’s friendship, as there never was one anyway. Karlyn tells the agent if he thinks it’s right for the guys to get tickets ahead of them, to go ahead and do it, and live with that on his conscience. When Tyler takes it up with her, she says if it was reverse they’d feel differently. This ends up in a whole verbal assault between the two of them, ending in Karlyn saying, “Don’t tell me to shut up. I’ll say what I want to say.” Tyler answers, “Then say something smart.” After the guys get their tickets while Alabama continues to wait, Tyler says Lyn and Karlyn are bitching about them not playing by the rules, but they’re just jealous. What is he, 12?

All of this is for naught anyway, as all teams end up on that same flight connecting through London to Mauritius. Landing on the island, Tyler says it’s nice weather there, reminding him of home. Inside each of the marked cars, there is a model boat. It’s representative of a real schooner that is anchored in the waters of Grand Baie. The teams need to drive there, find the boat, swim to it, and retrieve their next clue. Tyler initially got in on the wrong side of the car, not realizing the island drives on the others side of the road. The guys that always either get lost or get cab drivers that get lost, suddenly realize maybe they shouldn’t have been the first to take off from the airport since they don’t know where they’re going. Ya think? They decide to stop and ask at a hotel.

Lyn and Karlyn are waiting for the rest of the 6-Pack, and think maybe they should drive out to the street to ask someone where it is while they wait. They don’t think it makes sense for all of the alliance to be behind. Why can’t one car be out in front? Yet, there they sit, waiting on the Chos. The beauty queens stopped for directions, prompting Rob and Kimberly to follow them. Mary says she’s kind of afraid to swim in the Baie, because she’s afraid of fish. I hear ya on that one. I don’t eat any seafood, and it weirds me out to swim among the fish. Brushing up against dead floating ones is really disgusting. David is also afraid, as when he was around 5, he was at the lake with his cousins and was thrown in. Mary says where they live people do that as a rite of passage, throwing kids out and making them swim. And what is it doing for them if people grow up afraid to swim?


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