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The Amazing Race 10, October 22nd – Phil, How Do We Get To Kuwait

Peter remarks how lost they are, but says he doesn’t think they’re totally out of it. Off to the side he notices one of their yellow and red flags, then drives back around, and enters, pumping his chest out, and says, “I’m so glad he found that.” As we see a fire, we know he’s way off. He’s at the Fast Forward. Sarah informs him this is the FF. Back to the drawing board for them.

James says he and Tyler are just going in big circles around Kuwait City. They thought they had a good jump on the day at the beginning, but are now seeing it all go down the toilet. They thought they were the only ones on that early flight, and were, until the connection in Bombay. They had started this leg in sixth place, and have no idea where they are right now, but it’s not looking good. Erwin and Godwin finish filling their feed bags and take off for the pit stop. Rob and Kimberly have to stop and ask for directions now for the pit stop. Lyn and Karlyn tell the camel he has to run fast, and cheer him on as he races, with, “Go, Camel, Go!” They thank the Lord when he finishes, but have to run to catch up to him, saying apparently they don’t run as fast as a camel. They, too, are now on their way to the pit stop, figuring it can’t be that far.

Peter and Sarah are still driving around, and looking at the map, she says they should have gone this way, then that way, etc. Peter says they should have done a lot of things. They look up, only to find Kuwait Towers in the foreground, and are back at the Roadblock. Peter walks in, and says, “Hello, we’re back. We need some help.” He tells her she has to be reading these clues and maps better, and she says she tried, but it didn’t make sense to her. He sets out to figure it out himself.

Tyler and James finally arrive at the camel racing, and as James tells the camel they’ve been looking for him for four hours, Tyler tells him he sucks. This brings up a question. They were only given $31 for this leg of the race. Airline tickets are paid for with a special credit card they aren’t allowed to use for anything else, but do they pay for their own gas? Surely they haven’t been driving all day on the same tank of gas. Tyler and James finish, and set off for the pit stop.

Dustin and Kandice arrive at the pit stop in second place, with Rob and Kimberly right behind them for third place. The difference there was that Rob and Kimberly stopped for directions along the way, but Dustin and Kandice found it on their own. Peter and Sarah stop for directions again, and get someone to agree to let them follow him there. While driving, Peter tells Sarah that if this guy takes them to the right place, she needs to get her head together. She says it’s amazing how she feels right back in it. I’m glad you’re okay with it, Sarah, as the rest of us just want to smack the crap out of Peter.

Tyler and James are now having problems finding the pit stop. What is it with these two? They have a habit of picking cab drivers that get them lost, and when they drive themselves they also get lost? They’ve got some bad luck following them around. Lyn and Karlyn arrive in fourth place with big hugs for Phil. Erwin and Godwin arrive in fifth place. No Phil t-shirts, this time, but Godwin is wearing a shirt that says, “Will Flex for Food.” Peter and Sarah follow the local to … a supermarket. Back to the drawing board for them again. Tyler and James arrive at the pit stop in sixth place. They’re ecstatic to find they’re not being eliminated, saying they’re alive and that anything can happen.

Peter and Sarah finally arrive at the feed lot and begin filling feed bags in the dark. As they finish and drive to the pit stop, they are keeping their hopes up, hoping that it’s not an elimination round. Kind of doubtful since last week was non-elimination. As they arrive on the mat, Phil tells them they are both eliminated from the race, and asks Peter about the situation with his and Sarah’s relationship. Peter says they both realize they are good friends, and while he is proud of her and loves her to death, they don’t balance each other out, both being too hard-headed. Sarah says she’s learned a lot about him in stressful situations. He’s a real go-getter, but isn’t the kind, nurturing, caring, and compassionate type, and that’s what she needs. She doesn’t think he’s the guy for her. I think everyone in the listening audience will agree with that, but it’s interesting that he didn’t take the opportunity here to cut her down at all, yet she did.

Hopefully if Peter learned anything on this race, it’s not to get ahead of yourself. At the beginning of this leg they were in first place, and he was boldly announcing that even on their worst day, they were still better than some of the other teams. Suddenly that’s seeming very short-sighted. It takes one bad decision or misstep on this race to eliminate you, and that’s what happened to them today. They just couldn’t find the Detour, and unlike Tyler and James, never stopped to ask for help until it was too late. Tyler and James had their usual bad direction/driver luck, but were smart enough to keep asking for help often. That was the difference in the game.

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