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The Amazing Race 10, October 22nd – Phil, How Do We Get To Kuwait

Karlyn finishes the puzzle, and she and Lyn ask two local men walking by for help reading the clue. After they get the help they need, they see Dustin and Kandice finished, and coming up to ask the same man the same thing. The two moms tell the locals not to help the beauty queens out, then run away quickly so the beauty queens can’t follow them. The beauty queens instead get a local to come ride with them to help them find the bead shop. Dustin says the “Sistahs are being big pigs,” as they’re taking all the help when they already have an answer. Hey Dustin? They weren’t the ones that started playing dirty in this game. If it’s good enought to keep you guys in the lead, then it’s good enough to help out others when they need it as well.

Erwin and Godwin finish their puzzle and ask a police offer to take them to the correct location. As he helps them, they decide they have newfound respect for police officers. Peter says, “We’re lost on this,” but Sarah then jumps out of the car and runs, looking for the shop. Yet, they’re not in the right spot. Tyler and James are the first to find the bead shop, and find a Detour – Manual or Automatic. In Manual, teams will drive themselves to an area known as Souk Sulaibiyah, and find the feel lot. They’ll then fill ten 110 pound bags with camel feed, and transport them to a waiting pallet. In Automatic, teams will drive to the Kuwait Camel Racing Club, choose a robotic jockey, and attach it to a camel. A remote they hold will cause the robotic jockey to whip the camel and cause him to race. As the camels finish, they’ll get the next clue. Tyler and James take the obvious choice for them, Manual.

David and Mary reach the pit stop, and of course arrive in first place, meaning they won’t incur the thirty minute penalty. Phil gives them the good new, that they have won a trip for two to South Jamaica, where they’ll go tubing and have massages. Phil reminds Kentucky that they had promised him they’d come in first this leg, and mentions the FF. Mary says it’s all thanks to the Chos. She says they are awesome people like you’ve never met in your life. The Chos are the reason they’re here. You can’t help but admire everyone in this alliance, the way they put their necks on the line to help each other out. The Chos put themselves in last place knowing Kentucky couldn’t afford to fall behind, and Mary gives them credit where it’s due. Both of these teams, along with Alabama, deserve to go far.

Dustin/Kandice and Rob/Kimberly are all wandering around lost, looking for the bead shop. Rob and Kimberly then find it, and decide to duck in quickly, to not let “the girls” see that they found it. As they walk out of the bead shop, they hide the clue. Peter and Sarah finally find the bead shop, and decide to do Automatic. Dustin and Kandice still can’t find it, and Peter and Sarah also hide the clue when walking out. Erwin and Godwin find it, and lie to Dustin and Kandice, saying they are only moving their car because they are illegally parked.

Lyn and Karlyn have now joined in the search for the bead shop, and Dustin and Kandice are told by one of the merchants that they need to look upstairs, so do, yet still find nothing. They eventually find it, and decide to do Manual. Lyn and Karlyn are the last to find the bead shop, and decide to do Automatic. Erwin and Godwin have found their cop friend, and ask him for help getting to Souk Sulaibiyah, but the cop doesn’t know where it is. Peter and Sarah, while driving, come up on a sign that says “Detour Ahead”, the regular traffic sign type, not game type, and think it’s pretty funny. They won’t be laughing long.

Tyler and James stop and ask for directions, as do Rob and Kimberly. Dustin and Kandice use the map they have, yet not finding it, they too ask for directions, and find a local that agrees to let them follow him there. Tyler and James stop and ask for directions a second time, yet James says he didn’t understand what the man was saying, mocking his accent. Tyler thinks he did understand this time.. Rob and Kimberly arrive at the feed lot first, with Dustin and Kandice arriving shortly after. Dustin and Kandice decide they don’t need to fill up the bags as much as Rob and Kimberly are, but it’s unclear whether one team is filling it too full, or another is not filling it enough.

The Chos are following Alabama, and decide Alabama isn’t going in the right direction, so they stop and ask. Guess who else is asking for directions again? That’s right. Tyler and James, who are now at a grocery store, calling this a nightmare that they can’t find the place. Sarah says it’s freaking her out that there are no roads to tell them how to get to the camel racing. Filling their feed bags still, Rob complains that the beauty queens’ bags aren’t as full as theirs, and Kimberly tells him not to yell at her like that. One of their bags then falls off the pallet and opens up, spilling all the feed. Kimberly yells at Rob to scoop it up. What’s good for the gander apparently isn’t good for the goose.

Lyn and Karlyn realize they lost the Cho brothers, and don’t see any other teams either. They hope the other teams are all riding around Kuwait lost, as they are. Well, pretty close, at least. The Chos reach the feed lot, and do what they can to catch up to the others. Tyler and James are … asking for directions again, except are now asking for the camel racing club, apparently giving up on finding the feed lot. As Peter and Sara continue to drive around, she says she doesn’t know how she would have played this differently. She doesn’t know how to get there. Peter cracks, “No kidding, you don’t know.” Several people on message boards have mentioned they’d like to see Sarah take off her leg and slap Peter with it. I’m not sure how politically correct that is, but it’s sounding better and better.

Rob and Kimberly finish with their feed bags and receive a clue telling them to drive to the pit stop, Al-Sadiq Water Towers. Dustin and Kandice finish shortly after, and Lyn and Karlyn finally find the camel racing. As the camel … what the heck do camels do? They don’t bark, meow or moo, they bray? The camel does whatever it does, and Lyn and Karlyn tell him “gotta stop with that attitude.” My son editorializes that sounds like a mom. Lyn and Karlyn he means, not the camel.


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