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The Amazing Race 10, October 22nd – Phil, How Do We Get To Kuwait

Rob/Kimberly and Tyler/James arrive at Kuwait Towers and have to take the elevator up to the top where they pick a number 1 through 7. Dustin/Kandice and Peter/Sarah arrive as well and get the numbers 3 and 4. The other three teams arrive, too, before they’re all let in on why they’re holding numbers. Being that they’re up on a tower, Erwin and Godwin are already nervous, as neither are comfortable with heights.

As they all get their clues, their find the first of two Fast Forwards on the race, and also a Roadblock. On the Fast Forward, one of the teams will drive eighteen miles to an oil field, don protective gear and carry a flame retardant shield. They’ll approach a simulated oil fire, and once they reach the fire, they’ll get the clue. For the Roadblock, one person on teach team will climb the outside of the tower, which is similar to a geodesic dome, and retrieve a satchel with puzzles pieces. Once back on the ground, they’ll find additional pieces to the puzzle, and will need to put it together. The completed puzzle will reveal the place they need to go to for their next clue.

Rob and Kimberly don’t even consider doing the Fast Forward since they’re already in first place. As Sarah and Peter discuss it, she tells him to make the decision on whether to do the Fast Forward or the Roadblock. He decides she’s doing the Roadblock. Why is the person that is missing a leg always doing the climbing on this race? Again, here’s that setup feeling I always feel with these two.

Dustin and Kandice decide to go for the Fast Forward, and seeing this, Erwin and Godwin jump in front of them at the doorway, saying they’re going for it. The beauty queens back off and go back to the Roadblock, once they realize if they don’t beat the Chos there, then they’ll have to drive all the way back here. The Chos ride the elevator down with Kentucky, and tell them they aren’t doing the FF; they were only blocking it off for them. Mary appreciates this, and hugs the Chos before her and David drive off. She realizes that they just put the race on the line for them. Riding down in the elevator, and now going back up, has put them squarely in last place. If they end up in last place, Mary say it will break her heart. You know what? I believe her.

Once Edwin prepares himself for the climb along with everyone else, he is asked by the others why he isn’t on the Fast Forward. He explains they gave it up, and Kandice suddenly realizes they were tricked out of it. Paybacks, honey. Paybacks. David and Mary are driving to the Fast Forward, and getting lost, David gets out to ask for directions. She yells at him, “C’mon, we ain’t got all day!” Kimberly is the first to attempt the climb as Rob says she’s fearless. As Tyler climbs, Sarah thinks he’s showing off. Because he’s … doing the task well? As Kimberly starts putting the puzzle together, and she’s putting the right pieces on the outside, he tells her the pieces go on the outside. Umm, Slick? She’s got it. She doesn’t need ya on this this one.

As Sarah starts the climb, Kandice says to Karlyn that she wouldn’t have wanted her to do the climbing, and says that it just isn’t right. She refers to Sarah as strong, and Peter yells up, calling her the Bionic Spider Woman. As she reaches the top, Sarah says it was amazing and something she’ll never forget. Meanwhile Erwin says he can’t breathe. Tyler starts to work on the puzzle, and James says he should have done it. Because … Tyler’s doing too well on it? What do these people have against Tyler today? Even his own partner seems against him. As Dustin looks on, she says the puzzle looks really difficult. As Sarah starts the puzzle, Peter tells her it’s really complicated, but she’s going to rock it.

As Kandice climbs up the tower, Erwin says he wouldn’t have had to do this climb if they had gone with the FF. This is one of his biggest fears. As Mary and David arrive at the FF, a man greets them and welcomes them to Kuwait, then asks them to follow him. Erwin keeps editorializing as the others climb. Watching Karlyn he says his chest is getting tight, and his heart is beating really fast. Erwin finally makes the climb himself and says it feels nice to be able to confront a fear. It looks likes Mary is confronting a fear or two as well. She and David are donning their fire suits, and she says she is nervous and scared to death. She wonders if Steven Segal will see her and want her for one of his movies. Honestly, how cute is she with her comments sometimes?

Kandice is having a hard time putting the puzzle together and says, “Am I just stupid?” … I’m thinking she set blondes back thirty years with that comment. David and Mary approach the fire to get their clue, with her saying, “Lord have mercy!” David says he always wanted to be a firefighter when he was younger, so this is taking his childhood dream and turing it into a reality. They reach the fire and get the clue telling them to drive to the next pit stop. You just have to root for Kentucky. It’s so hard not to.

Tyler finishes the puzzle, and he and James try to figure it out, knowing it’s supposed to reveal the location for them to go to, but it’s in Arabic, and Tyler says it doesn’t reveal crap to him. They pick up the whole puzzle and run with it to ask a local working nearby. They find that it says to travel to the market and find a bead shop on Al-Gharabelly Street. Threre they’ll find their next clue. Sarah finishes her puzzle, and she and Peter go ask the same guy to help them interpret it, as do Rob and Kimberly. He loses his temper with her when she thinks they’re looking for Mask Street, telling her they’re looking for a mosque, not a street.


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