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The Amazing Race 10, October 15th – Shady Stuff Going On

Peter and Sarah run to make the bus, and he yells at her to speed it up, she complains she can’t, and he says he just needs her to make the bus. Again, the editors are working over time, as we see the bus pull away just after Peter says this. He then sits back eating something, and tells Sarah to get it together. He tells her if she wants, he’ll completely downshift and not be aggressive anymore. She says that’s not what he wants, but he says there’s no in between for him. She tries to explain the whole team thing, and he says they’re in first place sitting there waiting for the bus, and it’s just a game. They’re having fun. She says, “I’m not really having fun with you, Peter.” So first he was livid with her for going slow, and now he can’t understand why she’s upset because he’s just there to have fun. Am I missing something?

The beauty queens call the crocodile like a puppy, and tell him they’re taking him to a new home. I wonder if they’ll give him some croc kibble too. They start to freak out a little, but complete it just in time to sit and wait for the bus with Peter and Sarah. Lynn and Karlyn reach the Detour and originally decide on the wild rice task, along with the Chos. They have a hard time walking on the hot tile floor in their bare feet. With the sun then beating down on them, both teams decide to switch to the crocodiles. Rob and Kimberly decide to do the crocodiles as well, and as they’re driving there, they see a cow along the side of the road. Kimberly wonders if it’s a homeless cow. Yes, it is. I see a bottle of whiskey in a paper bag next to him along with the want ads.

Rob and Kimberly get done with the crocodiles fairly quickly, and as they finish and wait for the bus, Lynn and Karlyn walk through. The Cho Brothers follow shortly after, and they joke that Tyler and James wrestle these crocs every Tuesday. Tyler and James are still on the bus, wearing their ‘do rags on their faces because of the smell. The Chos finish with the crocs first, because Lynn is having a hard time getting over the fence. Again, I don’t understand this. Are there no doors in Chennai? She eventually gets over, she and Karlyn finish, and join the others waiting for the bus.

Tyler and James decide to try the Wild Rice task because it’s right there, and they’re hoping to make up some time. They’re having a hard time matching the design to the rice powder colors, though, not sure of the difference between yellow and beige. Mary and David decide to do this task as well, as she does not want any part of those crocodiles. As they enter and get their instructions, she informs Tyler and James they should have the special clothes on to do this. This buys David and Mary a little more time, and has one of the models saying he feels like a “retarded kid.” David is still trying to talk Mary into doing the crocodiles, and she says,” What in the world makes you think I want to go and wrestle a crocodile?

Peter and Sarah reach the temple and find a Roadblock. One member from each team will need to be schooled in local driving laws, then go through the proper process of obtaining an Indian drivers license. After they complete the class, they’ll then navigate through the busy streets to pass the driving test (on the left side of the road!), and will receive the license and their next clue. I’m kind of thinking I don’t want to be driving on those streets if people can obtain a license there that quickly. Of course, my driving instructor took me to a drivers license facility in a neighboring town as he knew I’d have an easier time obtaining one there than my own town, but that’s a different story for another day and involves driving through a garage door or two.

The man teaching the class gets out a bicycle horn and tells Peter he must :honk: :honk: to animals and children. Peter sails through his exam, and says maybe he should move to India and drive. Not me … I won’t even driving into the city of Chicago as the traffic wigs me out. Finishing, he receive a clue telling him he and Sarah must drive the car they tested in, along with the instructor, to the next pit stop, the Chettinad House, a royal palace. Okay. I guess maybe they will finish a complete leg in this hour. As the beauty queens are driving, their instructor tells them they “cannot drive a car just like that.” Yet, at the end, he gives them a license and says “very good.” Great!

Tyler and james are still working on their design, and Mary encourages David to work faster. Tyler and James don’t get the design right, and have to figure out where they went wrong. Peter and Sarah arrive at the pit stop in first place and are tol they each won a home gym system. Dustin and Kandice arrive shortly after to talk second place. Alabama, the Chos, and Rob/Kimberly reach the driving school, and as the instructor tells them not to drink and drive, Rob asks, “Drink what?” I don’t see myself climbing into a car with Rob anytime soon.

Ron is doing the driving, as is Lyn, as she asks what side of the road she is to be driving on. She decides they drive like a “bunch of jackasses” around here. Godwin is in the driver’s seat for the Cho brothers. As these teams all finish, Tyler and James are finally finishing the Wild Rice. Rob/Kimberly run in for third place, the Cho brothers for fourth place, and Lyn and Karlyn for fifth place. Phil notices that the brothers has shirts on that say “Lost,” have a picture of him, then say, “Reward: Bush of Kiwis.”Phil thinks it’s an ugly shot of him. Knowing Kentucky aren’t anywhere in sight, Lyn and Karlyn hope it’s a non-elimination leg. Same with me!

Tyler and James complete the driving task very quickly, then run in for sixth place on Phil’s mat, which they call a very humbling experience, and James thinks maybe it was something they needed. David and Mary finish their design, and find the last clue at the driving school, so know they are in last place. At least they know now. David does the driving, and she says she’s so proud of him. He’s strong, stubborn and doesn’t want to quit. She loves him even more than the day she came on the race with him. Uh-oh. Sounds like a setup for them about to be told they’re being eliminated. They finish and run in in last place, but are saved by a non-elimination leg.

Since the show no longer allows to teams to sell personal property or beg for money, they can’t take away their personal possessions and money anymore. There is a new penalty for being last on a new elimination leg. Instead, if they don’t come in first on the next leg, they incur a thirty minute penalty. It can be hours between the first team and last team to arrive, or it can be fifteen minutes between first and last.

At the last pit stop in Viet Nam, it was two hours between first and second to last team (going by when the teams left Viet Nam last night), and nearly an hour between the third to last team and second to last team. They could have come in third to last and still stayed in the game following a 30 minute penalty. However, the week before Tom and Terry were penalized 30 mins. for not following the rules, and had came in second, but the 30 mins. pushed them to second to last. Mary says the race is ridiculously hard with the competition they have, but every time she thinks about giving up, she thinks about her kids, and how all of this is for them.

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