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The Amazing Race 10, October 15th – Shady Stuff Going On

Peter/Sarah and Dustin/Kandice (I’m not sure why, but when watching the show and talking about them, I always call them Dustin and Kansas. Do you think it’s because Kansas sung Dust In the Wind?) are sitting around eating and talking, waiting for their flight. They complain about Kentucky with Peter rudely mocking Mary in an annoying, screeching voice. “David, my ankle’s hurting.” “You see a Burger King around here?” It’s just very rude. The Cho brothers walk in, but don’t want to lie to the others, so when asked, they are honest, saying Kentucky and Alabama don’t have confirmed flights and are gambling on getting the 9:20 flight. Peter says they’re going to do their own gambling with the flights, and just stay where they’re at, and have confirmed flights, where they’ll arrive at noon.

Tyler/James and Rob/Kimberly take off on the that first flight, and then all others take the flight into Delhi. It’s hard to tell how far into the show it is, as once again, being that it’s football Sunday, we’re delayed, but it’s probably a half hour in, and we haven’t even had a Detour or Roadblock yet. It makes me wonder if this is one of those legs of the race that takes two episodes to complete.

Once the flight lands in Delhi, Dustin and Kandice/Kansas check to see if they can get on an earlier flight. Peter and Sarah do the same, yet separately. The beauty queens are told it leaves in forty minutes and they will land at 7:50, and make the switch. Peter and Sarah do the same, yet when Peter asks the beauty queens what they’re doing, they say they aren’t sure yet. He peeks over her shoulder to see they are doing the same thing, and declares all bets off since they weren’t willing to give up some information on it.

Kentucky and Alabama try to make this switch as well, yet are told the flight is booked and are placed on standby. Lyn and Karlyn get in, yet Mary and David aren’t able to get on. David says, “Looks like we’re done.” They’re able to find a flight that will have them arriving 10, forty minutes past the others. Yet, for all they know some of the others are still on the flight landing at noon, so they don’t realize that this is putting them in last place.

The beauty queens and Peter and Sara land at 7:50 and must find a bus station, then travel to the town of Mamallapuram. There they’ll find Vallivar Arts sand Crafts to get their next clue. Peter remarks they have gone from one polluted city to the next. When his and Sarah’s taxi pulls up aside the one carrying Dustin and Kandice, the driver for Peter and Sarah wants to know where the other driver is headed, but the beauty queens cover up his mouth so he can’t say. That’s awfully presumptuous. If they were a man doing that in this country, it would be seen as violence. Sarah points out that when you’re a beauty queen, you have to be competitive, and she thinks they’re definitely showing that side of them here.

Dustin and Kandice/Kansas make it on the bus and note they’re the first ones in a sing song little voice. Peter and Sarah make it on the next bus, as the others teams arrive on the 9:20 flight. As they all get in cabs, Tyler and James’ driver gets out of the cab, wanders around looking for directions, and they begin to wonder if he’s ever coming back. He gets back in and shows them the direction they’ll be going, but they think that’s the way they came. They don’t have very good luck with cab drivers, do they?

David and Mary arrive on their 10:00 flight and still believe Peter/Sarah and the beauty queens are coming in at noon. Editing makes a funny as they show Mary say, “We do not think we’re in last place,” as the graphic shows, “David and Mary, Currently in Last Place.” Dustin and Kansas arrive at the arts and crafts place, only to find a sign that says “back at 11:30” This allows Peter and Sarah time to arrive, but no one else. On the bus still, Karlyn says she feels more relaxed in India. She felt a lot of points and stares in Viet Nam, like they’re never seen anyone with a little body fat, where in India, she thinks the body shapes are more the same.

Kimberly tells Rob to not let anyone touch her, then says they all small like fish. She declares she wants to be the with the rich folk. Great. She wants to be with rich folk and Rob doesn’t want to talk to foreigners. Why did these two leaves the US?

When the arts and crafts place opens at 11:30, they find a Detour – Wild Things or Wild Rice. In Wild things, they’ll travel nine miles to a crocodile bank, locate pit 16, and help the wrangles secure and transport a crocodile. Just because it ran through my mind at this point, RIP Steve Irwin. In Wild Rice, teams will only have to travel 200 yards to Sthala Sayava Perumal Temple. They’ll choose a traditional design, then finding a matching outline on the ground, will gather specially colored powders made from rice, and fill the outlined design to match the design on the printed picture. Both teams decide to do the crocodiles.

Tyler and James had ended up at the wrong place, and board a bus there to take them to the arts and crafts place. I’d be questioning their fate, if I were them, how they keep ending up with wrong directions and bad drivers. If they were a less fast team, they’d be done for. They just always seem to make up for it. Dustin and Kandice/Kansas are worried about having to touch the snouts of the crocs, and their driver has a flat. Peter and Sarah drive by, with Peter demanding to his driver that he not stop to help. See? All the teams do this, but for some reason Lynn and Karlyn were taking crap a few weeks ago for doing it.

Peter and Sarah are running to the crocodiles, but it’s hard for her right now as she tells us once again about the leaking hydraulic fluid in her knee. They have to bound a crocodile’s mouth with a rubber band, and she likens it to pulling her hair back. Okay, but I don’t worry about my hair biting back, yet I do think the croc would look cute with with of my black scrunchees. Peter gets mad at her when she struggles, and tells her it’s simple stuff. Sure. Let’s see you pull your hair back. After they transport the crocodile (climbing over a stone wall yet … for reasons unknown), the get a clue telling them to travel by bus to Chennai to look for the Karthik Driving School. As they are leaving, they see Dustin and Kandice running in.


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