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The Amazing Race 10, October 15th – Shady Stuff Going On

I’m thinking the teams on The Amazing Race have to leave Hanoi, Viet Nam finally after having two pit stops there. I’m hoping, too, that they’ll leave Asia. Not that I have anything against Asia, but it’s just time to see a different corner of the world, I think. However, Rob said last week he was done talking to “foreigners,” so I’m still trying to figure out how he’s going to accomplish this on a race around the world.

Rob and Kimberly leave at 1:47 AM, and Rob is feeling that running the Race is a metaphor for their life together. They understand they share a common goal, and to accomplish it, he’s going to have to chill out. Well, I’m not sure how he’s going to accomplish that short of Prozac and wiring his mouth shut. Their clue has them taking a train back to the city of Hanoi, then booking a flight to Chennai, India. Okay, so they’re not leaving Asia quite yet, but it’s at least a very different corner of the continent. They have to buy the tickets from a travel agency, and not at the airport because of Viet Namese law. As they take off, Rob asks Kimberly if she’s ready for some curry.

Leaving a half hour later, it’s Peter and Sarah. She tells us yet again that her feelings for Peter have changed. She doesn’t hold him on such as pedestal as she did before. It’s definitely a different feeling she has for him. I still get a really weird vibe. There’s something with those two that makes me think they’re setting us up. All her confessionals seem way too contrived and planned. Tyler and James leave at 2:21 AM and are again talking about being recovering addicts. Tyler says on the race they are feeling powerful over many situations, and it brings him back to how he felt powerless in his life against drugs and alcohol before. Trying to tell the taxi driver he’s looking for the train station, he makes ch-ch-ch-ch noises. Thanks, Choo Choo Charlie.

Edwin and Godwin leave at 2:18, and say the first thing they’re on the race for is the adventure. If they were there for the money, they’d be lying, cheating, and stealing. Over a half hour later David and Mary leave at 2:49 AM, with David saying he wants to win the race to get out of the coal mine. He doesn’t want to work there for the rest of his life. He wants to take his kids to places like Disney Land and the Grand Canyon.

Leaving four minutes later at 2:53 AM, Lynn says this is the most time, short of college, that she and Karlyn have spent together. Even in college they didn’t room together, so it was never 24/7 before. Karlyn says it’s been a long time, and she’s getting sick of looking at her. You have to love that honesty. Dustin and Kandice leave at 3:46 AM, in last place, and know it’s do or die for them. They have to be on top of everything, and can’t let people get in front of them, as they aren’t aggressive enough. They’re hoping that the train schedule will have them catching up with the others.

The luck is with the beauty queens today, as the train station doesn’t open until 5:00 AM, and they are able to get caught up. As they all travel on the same train together, Tyler looks at the drug addicts on the side of the train tracks, and says that wasn’t a good time for him and Tyler. He remembers sitting in an alley shooting up heroin. He lost his father in a car accident when he was 15 and looked to drugs to fill that void for him. Drugs took him to a place where he didn’t need to think about reality.

Erwin isn’t sure about the dynamics of some of the other teams, but Alabama (Lynn and Karlyn), Kentucky (David and Mary) and he and his brother are good about sharing information and sticking together. The brothers work up a plan with Lynn and Karlyn and decide to share the information with Mary as well. Peter seems to be listening in, and tells Sarah he’s going to use the restroom. As he passes Lynn and Karlyn he says he’ll tell them where the closest travel agency is to the train station. Instead, he goes back to the beauty queens and offers to share his map if they’ll remember him and Sarah down the road. Dustin and Kandice wonder why he’s being so nice and decide he “likes” them. They don’t trust him, but if they make sure they only work together when they’re it’s in their best interest, they figure they’ll be okay.

As Peter walks back from the “restroom,” he again tells Lynn and Karlyn he’ll let them know where the closest travel agency is. Karlyn gets upset and says, “So tell me, and quit telling me you’ll tell me.” She says it’s not going to be for anything, as she doesn’t need him for anything. “Don’t play me for stupid, because I’m not.” Godwin brandishes a cell phone and asks Alabama if they want to use it. It turns out it’s a fake one, since they’re not allowed to have them, and he makes sure Peter hears him saying he’s looking for the fastest flight to India. As they all laugh, Peter decides they need to get a phone and make arrangements too. Except the phone he borrows is a real one, and he really does make arrangements for tickets. Perhaps this will backfire on the brothers.

Peter shares his flight knowledge with Dustin and Kandice, and Rob and Kimberly are working with Tyler and James. Everyone takes taxis to nearby travel agencies, and as the beauty queens arrive before the others at a travel agency, they tell the agent to help them before they help Peter and Sarah. Peter advises them they better not be screwing him and Sarah over, and they say they’re not. The Alabama/Kentucky/Cho alliance gets split up, and as David/Mary and Erwin/Godwin arrive at an agency, they find it moved. The brothers realize they’re blowing time.

Everyone seems to be finding the same flight that will get them to India tomorrow around noon, and Mary is a little paranoid wanting to be sure this is the only flight available. She even tells the ticketing agent that she needs to be there quick, and asks what he’s going to do about it if he’s wrong. You go, Girl. Rob and Kimberly and Tyler and James check into flights, and find one that gets them in India by 9:20 AM. The problem is that they have to sit and wait at the travel agency for the tickets to arrive, the flight leaves in two hours, and it takes at least an hour to get to the airport from where they are.

At the airport, Alabama meets up with Kentucky, and Mary and Karlyn hug when they find out they’re on the same flight. Peter lies to Lynn and Karlyn and tells them they’re taking the Tahiti airlines. They know there’s some “shady stuff” going on with him. When the Cho brothers arrive, they tell the others about the 9:20 flight. Alabama and Kentucky can’t switch flights at the ticket counter, though, because of the Viet Nam ticketing restrictions. They try and figure a way around it. They keep the first flight and decide to try and switch at the stopover in Delhi to get on that 9:40 flight.


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